285 Sign of the Times

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The intelligence variant presented a very intriguing and cunning proposition that left me pondering. It was a plan so clever that I had never considered it before. Typically, when an army returns to their city, the king enters the city first, but the intelligence variant raised a crucial point- what happens when the king is not present? How will they allow the army to enter? It was a significant flaw in my plan, and the intelligence variant was quick to point it out.

As we discussed further, he proposed another idea that could help us enter the city undetected. Chloe, who was present with us, was having difficulty comprehending it, so I elaborated. The plan was to disguise a small group of our soldiers as their men and send them towards the city. We would then follow them from a distance. The aim was to create the illusion that their army was attacked on their way back, and they had returned, but the enemy was still in pursuit of them. It was a perfect ploy to enter the city without being detected.

Chloe was quick to agree, "This is a brilliant plan. It's the most effective way to enter the city. The variant is correct."

The plan seemed foolproof, but we needed to act quickly. We had to attack the city the next day as we could not enter the twin cities using this strategy if we waited. We planned to do this early in the morning when the sun was just starting to illuminate the sky. It was the perfect time to strike, with the enemy being drowsy and unaware.

The excitement of the plan was palpable, but we knew we had to rest and be prepared. We would have to execute the plan early in the morning when the light was dim, and people could not identify faces from a distance. We had to rest, prepare, and be ready for anything that came our way.

I gave orders to the intelligence variant to ready the army and choose a small group of brute force minions to wear enemy clothing. Brute force minions stage 1 were the same size as the enemy soldiers, so they had a chance of deceiving the enemy in the castle.

We knew that the key to success was in the execution of our plan. We had to be cautious, but we had to move fast. It was a delicate balance between executing the plan and making sure no one got hurt.

As we prepared for the mission, the excitement grew, and so did the tension. We had to execute the plan to perfection if we wanted to succeed, and we knew that nothing could be left to chance. Every detail had to be carefully planned and thought out. We knew that the success of the mission depended on it.

In the end, we knew that we had a tough road ahead of us, but we were ready to take on the challenge. The intelligence variant's brilliant plan gave us a chance to enter the city undetected, and we were determined to make it work. We knew that the fate of our kingdom depended on it.

"We have captured several cities before, and you were never stressed about the method of entering the cities. Why are you worried now?" Chloe asked me after the intelligence variant left. He had gone to fulfill his orders and get the army ready for the battle tomorrow.

The weight of her question hung heavy in the air, and I knew I couldn't dismiss her concerns so easily. I sat up and sighed, rubbing my hands over my face. "I have to be, because you don't know about their defense systems. You weren't there when the spies told me about the security of the cities. They have ballistae and everything. They can deal huge damage to my army, so I cannot risk it this time."

Chloe's eyes narrowed, and I knew she wasn't convinced. "You are also risking it this way because the enemy is unpredictable, and if they can defeat our men inside, what will we do if that happens?"

I stood up, feeling restless. "This won't happen because they aren't expecting an attack. At the time when we will do this, the enemy soldiers will be in barracks. The job for the small group will be as easy as taking candy from a kid. They will have to get in and just open the door. The intelligence variant knows how to open the door. So, it won't take much at their behalf."

We were having a very awkward conversation because we never had a conversation like this before where we weren't even facing each other. The tent was dimly lit by the flickering light of a single candle, casting shadows that danced across the walls.lightsnovel

After assuring her that this won't be a problem, I laid down on the bed to rest. I had a battle today and was going into battle tomorrow. Rest was vital for me to keep my health stable. I had to get up early, so I went to sleep early. The sounds of the camp slowly faded into the background, and I drifted off into a deep slumber.

Chloe went out when I laid down, and I could hear the sound of her footsteps crunching on the gravel outside. I ignored it and closed my eyes, trying to focus on getting some much-needed rest.

I woke up early, the first rays of sunlight barely creeping over the horizon. The sky was still dark, the stars twinkling above like a thousand tiny diamonds. I woke up at the perfect time. My army was ready for battle, so I went back inside and put my armor on, feeling the weight of the metal settling onto my shoulders.

Chloe was nowhere to be seen, and I felt a pang of unease. She had always been by my side during battles, a fierce warrior in her own right. I asked about her, and a minion told me that she is on her horse and waiting for me outside the forest. I nodded, feeling relieved that she was okay.

As I climbed onto my horse, the familiar weight of my sword at my side, I couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement. Battles were always chaotic, but there was also a strange sort of order to them. A sense of purpose that was hard to find anywhere else.

I ordered the first group to march toward the cities, my eyes scanning the horizon for any sign of movement. The air was heavy with anticipation, and I knew that whatever happened today, it would be a battle to remember.

This was the moment we had been anticipating for days. Finally, my army was marching towards the twin cities, the strongest cities in the world. It was my dream to see them on their knees, and it would soon become a reality.

As the army set out, the intelligence variant led the way. The twin cities were at a considerable distance from us, so it would take a while to reach them. We followed closely, our bows and arrows at the ready, wary of causing any unnecessary damage.

The sky was still dark when we set out, but as we marched, the sun slowly began to creep up over the horizon. The first group of soldiers reached the gates of the twin cities just as the first rays of sunlight shone down upon us. It was the perfect timing, and we knew it.

The gates creaked open, and the first group of soldiers was permitted entry. It was a small victory, but it was a start. As our soldiers made their way into the city, the enemy began to climb the walls, readying their ballistae to defend against us. Bells rang out in panic, and we could feel the fear gripping the city.

As we approached, I remained at the back of my army, watching as our soldiers moved through the city, taking control of strategic points. The chaos of the battle reminded me of when Oliver and Noah had attacked my city, and I could feel the same fear and panic that I had experienced then.

But this time, I was not the one running for my life. This time, I was the one in control, and my army was succeeding in conquering the twin cities. With each passing moment, I could see my dream becoming a reality, and it was a moment of triumph that I would never forget.