286 Enemy Fortress

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We advanced towards the enemy fortress, our catapults and ballistae at the ready. Our forces were comprised of a diverse group of soldiers, from heavily armored knights to nimble archers, each with their own unique skills and weapons. Meanwhile, the enemy remained oblivious to our presence.

As we closed in on the fortress, I gave the signal for the attack to begin. Our machines hurled fiery projectiles towards the enemy, causing chaos and panic within the walls. Flames erupted all around us as the projectiles found their targets, setting buildings and defenses ablaze.

Our machines were a spectacle to behold, their mechanisms whirring and clanking as they launched their deadly payloads. The enemy was clearly taken by surprise, unable to effectively retaliate against our onslaught. As the smoke cleared, we could see the destruction we had wrought, leaving the enemy with no choice but to defend themselves against our relentless assault.

I watched from atop my horse as the sounds of battle echoed through the air. The ringing of bells mixed with the screams of the wounded and dying, creating a haunting melody that chilled me to the bone. Despite the chaos, I felt a sense of exhilaration as my plan came to fruition.

As we waited for our opportunity to enter the fortress, I could hear the sounds of battle growing louder. The clash of swords and the thud of arrows hitting their marks filled my ears, and I knew that my forces were engaged in fierce combat with the enemy.

At that moment, I saw the front gate slowly begin to open. It creaked and groaned with each inch, revealing a glimpse of the chaos within. I signaled for our machines to cease their fire, and for our troops to prepare for the final push.

As we marched forward, our forces clashed with the enemy in a brutal struggle for control of the fortress. Our swords clashed against their shields, our arrows flew true, and our machines rained destruction from above. The battle raged on, but we knew that victory was within our grasp.

Finally, the enemy's defenses crumbled, and we stood victorious within the fortress walls. Our forces had emerged victorious, and the once-proud enemy had been vanquished. The music of war had come to an end, and the silence was almost deafening.

Intelligence variants, warrior minions, and magic minions were left outside with me. They stood at attention, awaiting my command as the stage 2 intelligence variants guided the army inside. I selected only the most ruthless and dangerous flamethrower minions to accompany them, instructing them to destroy everything that lay in their path.

I stood outside the city walls on my horse, watching with a sense of satisfaction as flames engulfed every corner of the city. The neighboring city wasn't safe either, for once the first city fell, the second would automatically follow suit. Both cities had several gates, but my minions passed through them with ease, showing no mercy to those who opposed them.

Despite being outside the city walls, I could hear the sounds of destruction and feel the tremors of battle as the clash of steel echoed through the air. The sky was filled with smoke, and the smell of burning flesh permeated the air.lightsnovel

I had attacked the twin cities with such ferocity and determination that even the sun emerged from its hiding place to witness the carnage below. The once-great empire that had ruled these lands for centuries was now crumbling to the ground.

As I stood there with only the warrior minions to protect me, I suddenly saw several enemy beasts charging towards me with great speed. They marched forward aggressively, their eyes fixed on me. I knew that my warriors alone would not be enough to stop them.

But before panic could set in, I saw the brute force minions stage 2 charging after the enemy warriors. Despite their massive size, the brute force minions were incredibly fast, and within seconds they had caught up to their prey.

Although some of my warrior minions fell during the ensuing battle, the enemy soldiers were eventually killed. It was the first time I had witnessed the full brutality of the Brute force minions stage 2. They ripped apart the bodies of the enemy warriors with ease, and I couldn't help but feel a sense of dark satisfaction as I watched them do so.

As the battle raged on, I knew that victory was within my grasp. And with my minions at my side, I would continue to conquer all those who dared to oppose me.

Chloe stood silently by my side, her watchful eyes fixed on me, studying my every move. She could sense how much I was relishing the brutality of the fight, the way we were dispatching the enemy soldiers with such savage force. As one of the soldiers fell to the ground, the brute force minion unsheathed his sword and plunged it deep into his stomach. He twisted the blade until it pierced the soldier's chest, slicing his way through to the neck and then wrenching it out with a violent yank. Blood gushed out, spilling onto the ground in a sickening pool. But the minion wasn't done yet. With a fierce cry, he raised his sword high and brought it down in a sharp arc, cleaving the soldier in two. The sickening sound of flesh tearing and bones crunching echoed through the battlefield, sending shivers down my spine.

I couldn't help but be transfixed by the scene unfolding before me. The minions were like unstoppable killing machines, crushing their enemies with their mallets and cutting their bodies to ribbons with their swords. It was a sight to behold, and my desire for more was growing by the minute. With a quick nod to Chloe, I urged the remaining army to follow me inside the twin cities. I rode ahead, leading the charge, and soon we were amidst the ruins of the once-great metropolis. The stench of death hung heavy in the air, and the ground was littered with the broken, twisted bodies of fallen warriors.

Despite my reservations, I couldn't help but feel a sense of exhilaration coursing through my veins. The chaos and carnage had stirred something within me, a desire for power and destruction that I had never known before. But as much as I craved it, I knew that my newfound love for chaos had to remain hidden from the rest of the world. I had confided in my closest friends, hoping for support, but instead, they had turned on me, branding me a monster. Their judgment stung, but it only fueled the fire within me.

If they wanted a monster, then a monster they would get. I no longer had anything to fear. The power was mine, and I intended to use it to bring all kinds of chaos to this world.