287 Corruption

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As I passed through the ruins and the bodies of fallen soldiers, my heart ached for the devastation that had been wrought upon this once-thriving city. Amidst the rubble, I saw some enemy soldiers who were crying out in agony, their wounds too painful to bear.

Despite the horrors I had witnessed, I pressed on towards the city center, drawn by a strange sense of curiosity. As I emerged into the open space, the sight before me was both mesmerizing and terrifying. The city's once-bustling shops and stalls lay in ruins, reduced to nothing but rubble and ash.

The air was thick with the stench of death and decay, and the sounds of battle still echoed in the distance. I stood there with my minions, waiting for the army to return to me. The cacophony of clanging metal and the dull thud of mallets against flesh was enough to make my blood boil.

As time dragged on, the noise began to wane, and I knew that the battle was coming to an end. I waited patiently, my eyes fixed on the horizon, until I saw an intelligence variant approaching me. Behind him, a few technique variants trailed, their faces grim and weary.

As the intelligence variant drew closer, he turned to the side, and I saw a man on his knees, being dragged towards me. His body was limp, and his clothes were torn, revealing a trail of blood that stained the ground behind him. The man's knees were covered in blood, and it was clear that they were the source of his wounds.

Despite his injuries, the man wore a suit of armor that was both fine and exclusive. His face was smeared with blood, and there were several deep cuts on his body, inflicted by sword strikes.

My heart quickened as I realized that this man was the king, the one for whom we had fought this bloody battle. I dismounted my horse, my eyes fixed on the wounded king, and extended my hand in welcome. As our hands met, I couldn't help but feel a sense of both triumph and sorrow for the terrible loss of life that had brought us to this moment.

There was a deep, unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach as I looked down at the unconscious king before me. I couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction at the sight of him, knowing that he had been moments away from taking my life.

My gaze drifted to the dark clouds that hovered above us, the sky seemingly matching the ominous aura that surrounded the slaughterhouse. It was a desolate place, filled with death and decay. The air was thick with the stench of blood and rotting flesh, and the ground was stained with crimson pools.

I dismounted my horse, my sword drawn and ready for any possible threat. The ground beneath my feet was slick with blood, making my footing unsteady. Despite the unease that settled in my chest, I stood tall, a man of God, and yet, in this moment, looking more like a man of Satan.

The magic minion that I had pointed to earlier approached, his power emanating from his fingertips. I instructed him to use his water magic to cover the king's face, but to prevent any water from entering his body. The minion did as I commanded, and the water glistened as it cascaded down the king's features.

As I watched, the enemy king's eyes snapped open, filled with confusion and terror. He struggled to breathe and coughed violently, but the water refused to budge. It was as if he was drowning, and yet he wasn't even submerged.

I gave the magic minion orders to release him, and he did so immediately. The king stumbled, gasping for air, as he tried to comprehend what had just happened. He looked around, his eyes darting back and forth in a panic, unable to find a source for his torment.

I smirked at his confusion, my lips curling into a sinister smile. I could feel the power surging through my veins, and it was exhilarating. I instructed the magic minion to stop, and the water fell from the king's face, causing him to collapse onto the ground.

I strode over to him, my eyes locking onto his. "So, you're the third king of these twin cities," I said, my voice laced with contempt. "I know you're not actually the king, but when Oliver and Noah aren't present, they leave you in charge. So, to me, you're the third king."lightsnovel

The king's eyes widened in recognition as he looked up at me. "Who are you? Why did you attack us, and why such a brutal attack?"

I leaned down, my face inches from his. "I am Williams," I said, my voice low and dangerous. "Someone you and your kings know so well that you marched toward my city. Your plan was to kill me and capture my city, but to your surprise, I came here to destroy you."

The king's face paled, and he looked at me with a mixture of fear and disbelief. "You're insane," he muttered, his voice barely above a whisper.

I stood up, my sword at the ready. "Insanity is a matter of perspective," I replied, my eyes gleaming with a dangerous intensity. "And in this world, sanity is a luxury that none of us can afford."

"Yes, I am William," I said, my voice dripping with malice, "and I know who you are. You are Alexander, the loyal servant of your kings. You know I have a surprise for you."

I could see the fear in Alexander's eyes as I took a bag from my horse. It had been hanging there ever since we left our city, its contents a constant reminder of what was to come. I emptied the bag in front of Alexander, revealing the severed heads of Oliver and Noah. Blood dripped from their necks, staining the ground beneath them.

Alexander's eyes opened wide in horror, and I burst out laughing, relishing in his fear. I kicked one head, which was near my feet, towards him. It rolled to a stop by his feet, its empty eyes staring up at him accusingly.

"See, your kings fell in front of me," I said triumphantly. "So, you didn't do anything wrong. You just followed your kings into ultimate defeat. You will soon join your kings, but before that, all the people of your city will go. They will be waiting for you on the other side."

Alexander pleaded with me, his voice thick with emotion. "Please leave the people alone. They haven't done anything. Don't kill innocent people."

I looked at him disdainfully. "Sorry, I have no choice. My city doesn't have enough space to accommodate all of these people, and I cannot let them escape so they can come for revenge. So, the final option I am left with is their death. Let me do my work, and you do yours. Watch them die on my blade."

As I turned away from Alexander, I could hear the cries of the people growing fainter. My minions were doing their work, fulfilling my thirst for blood. Chloe, who was always by my side, was nowhere to be seen. Under normal circumstances, I would have been worried, but right now, I didn't care about anyone. I was in a frenzy, a man possessed by the thirst for power and domination.

After some time, my army returned, their clothes and armor stained with blood. Not a single soul was left alive in the city. The streets were littered with corpses, and the air was thick with the stench of death. The once-vibrant city was now a ghost town, a testament to my power and my will.

As I walked away from the city, I could still hear the slow and excruciating sound of Alexander, the third king of the twin cities. It was a sound that would haunt me for the rest of my days, a constant reminder of the price I paid for my ambition