1933 Lord Zhu

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To exchange them for money, he had to find a market to sell them.

The market in Holy Region was indeed not small. An ordinary small market definitely could not afford to buy these ores, so he could only look for a larger-scale market.

However, the larger markets in Holy Region were basically controlled by the nine aristocratic families. Qin Yu definitely could not go to any market related to the Si family.

"Fortunately, this place isn't too far away from the Yao family," Qin Yu thought to himself.

Since the Yao family's people had just appeared, it meant the aristocratic family was nearby.

Therefore, Qin Yu began to explore the nearby free markets.

After many inquiries, he found out the biggest market here was in Luminous City, which was also closely related to the Yao family.

Qin Yu didn't waste time and immediately rushed to Luminous City.

Fortunately, this place was not far away from Luminous City. It only took Qin Yu a day to get to the vicinity of Luminous City.

When Qin Yu arrived at the market, it was already evening. He took his ores, found an open area, and sat down cross-legged.

Qin Yu looked around and found the people in the market were all quite powerful. Everyone was dressed in extraordinary clothes, and some even made bracelets out of the bones of the Reversion Void Stage cultivators.

Qin Yu placed everything he didn't need in front of him. The most eye-catching item was the ores.

Then, Qin Yu closed his eyes slightly and waited for the destined person to come.

Shortly, someone had his eyes on Qin Yu's ores.

It was an old man who dressed up nobly. He picked up the ores in front of Qin Yu and carefully examined them. He held the ores in his hand and groped them carefully. Then, he looked at Qin Yu and said with a smile, "Young friend, how much are these ores?"

Qin Yu opened his eyes and said blandly, "Give me whatever amount you wish, Sir. Of course, you can also exchange it with items."

As this was the first time Qin Yu sold things in Holy Region, he had no idea how much to price the ores. Instead of being seen through, it was better to let the other party bid.

"How about 10 million spirit coins?" the old man asked after some thought.

Qin Yu frowned slightly and seemed unable to decide.

"Please don't make fun of me, Sir," Qin Yu said with a smile. "It isn't a cabbage you can find on the street."

"Hahaha!" Seeing this, the elderly man couldn't help but burst into laughter.

He looked around and asked softly, "How many do you have? If the quantity is large, we can discuss the price."

"Sir, it sounds like you want a lot?" Qin Yu frowned and asked.

"That depends on the quantity you have. Who would mind having many of this?" the elderly man said in a low voice.

"I have ten," Qin Yu said after some thought.

"I'll take all. Give me a price," the elderly man said without the slightest hesitation.

"You bid a price, but I hope you won't make fun of me again. Otherwise, I'd rather not sell them to you," Qin Yu said with a serious look.

The old man seemed to think that Qin Yu was not easy to fool. He thought for a while and said, "How about this? I'll give you 500 million spirit coins for ten. What do you think? "

Upon hearing his words, Qin Yu sneered in his heart.

This old fellow had just asked for ten million a piece. But in the blink of an eye, he had increased the price by five times. From this, it seemed that this old man was here to pick some cheap stuff.

In that case, Qin Yu didn't have to be polite. He waved his hand and said, "Five billion, not a single cent less!"

"Okay, I agree!" the old man nodded without thinking.

"You agree?" Qin Yu was stunned, and his face turned a little ugly.lightsnovel

D*mn it! Did I ask for too little? This old man actually agreed so readily!

However, it didn't seem appropriate for him to change his mind now. Qin Yu thought for a while and said with a smile, "Actually, I have 20 in my hands. I wanted to keep 10 for myself, but I'm short of money. So I can only sell them. I don't know if you can take them all."


"Twenty?" The old man's eyes lit up, and he said without thinking, "I'll give you 10 billion. I want all of them!"

"Twenty pieces isn't this price," Qin Yu shook his head.

"Then how much do you want? just be straightforward." The old man was straightforward.

"50 billion!" Qin Yu mustered up his courage and said.

"50 billion?" The old man touched his chin. After thinking for a moment, he said, "Deal! But I don't have that much money on hand right now. I'm afraid I'll have to trouble you to come with me."

"D*mn it! 50 billion is fine!" Qin Yu was dumbfounded.

Was money in Holy Region so worthless? Or were the ores in his hands really precious enough?

"Young man, this price is already at its peak. Other than me, I'm afraid no one else can afford this price," the old man said with a faint smile when he saw Qin Yu hesitating.

Qin Yu thought for a while and felt the price reasonable. She still had a lot in his hands anyway.

"Then I wish us a happy collaboration," he said as he stood up.

"Hahaha! Okay, come with me to take the money. I'm afraid I'll have to apply from the sect for such a large sum of money," the old man said with a smile.

Qin Yu agreed. He put away the ores and followed the old man to get the money.

The two left the market and sped off into the distance.

On the way, the old man didn't say anything and just hurried on with Qin Yu.

Halfway, Qin Yu saw a huge statue in the center of Luminous City.

The statue was exquisitely carved. Even from a distance, one could feel the might and aura of his body. It was lifelike in appearance.

Seeing Qin Yu sizing up the statue, the elderly man said, "That is Lord Zhu."

"Lord Zhu? Who is he? The city lord?" Qin Yu asked.

The elderly man laughed and said, "Young man, you don't even know who Lord Zhu is? He's the famous Tribulation Stage great cultivator of the Yao family. He once fought an Immortal Emperor without being at a disadvantage when he was at the Tribulation Stage. He's one of the most powerful Tribulation Stage cultivators in history."

Qin Yu was instantly shocked!

A Tribulation Stage cultivator fought against an Immortal Emperor? This was simply unheard of!

The Tribulation Stage and Immortal Emperor were two completely different cultivation realms. There was a world of difference between the two!

Immortal Emperors comprehended their own dao and even formed their own dao techniques!

Although the Tribulation Stage was powerful, it couldn't jump out of the Great Dao of heaven and earth!

It was no exaggeration to say that a single thought from an Immortal Emperor could turn countless cultivators at the Tribulation Stage into ashes in an instant!

"It looks like that you really don't know about Lord Zhu," the old man said meaningfully.

"The history of the Holy Region is indeed brilliant and wonderful," Qin Yu said with some emotion.

"Certainly," the elderly man said with a smile. "Holy Region once produced several people who were in high spirits."

"If Lord Zhu is already so powerful at the Tribulation Stage, how terrifying will he be once he steps into the Immortal Emperor stage?" Qin Yu asked in a deep voice.

When the elderly man heard this, he couldn't help but sigh and say, "it's a pity that Lord Zhu stopped at the Tribulation Stage and couldn't take the last step even at his death."