943 Chapter 942: Preparations

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"What kind of style should we be going for, Kat? I don't... really know what to look for at the moment..."

Leone was in a constant state of blushing as she looked around the boutique, the Vampire trying to determine which dress would look best on her and which one Jahi would like the best, which was leading her then to the actions that would follow us acquiring those dresses...

She had always been such a cutie in regards to these sorts of things, her embarrassment never fading even as Jahi introduced her to more and more types of play and simply laid with her more often than she could have likely ever imagined.

Somehow, someway, Leone was still relatively 'pure' in this regard, unable to take this blatant display of lust without being somewhat embarrassed about it, though I knew she would toss away her embarrassment without any hesitation when she actually got into the mood, but that was only ever when she was in bed or about to be bedded.

So I just smiled softly at her and replied "Whichever style you want, Leone. Do you want to be really fancy and dolled up, or do you want it to be a bit more subdued and formal? Trust me, Jahi will love either one very, very much, and she will definitely make sure to create some form of play for whatever~ you choose here, my love... believe me on that."

Her cheeks reddened even more as she peeked at me, ogling my features as I appraised the various dresses around us and placed myself within each, trying to figure out what I wanted to wear as well.

Unlike Leone, I had a very clear style that I wanted to go for, and it would elicit my desired reaction from Jahi, meaning the problem now was finding the dress that suited my tastes... and I was going to be really picky with this, since I can make use of this dress many times over.

"May I be of help to the Princess? I overheard a smidgen of your conversation - my apologies for that - but it appears that you require a dress for a play of some sort..?"

An older white haired man approached us out of the blue, his wrinkled face showing his age and his wisdom as he looked between us, his back completely straight whilst his butler suit hugged his surprisingly muscular frame quite well.

It was always a joy to see a proper butler no matter how many times I saw one, so I gave the older man a small smile and a nod before I returned to my own viewing, leaving Leone to blush as she hesitantly nodded and said "I... Yes, for a play. It's... not too rich of an event, but..."

Her voice trailed off as the Vampire entered the unfamiliar grounds of spinning a web of white lies to get what she wanted, and it was far too amusing to me to witness, so I remained quiet and simply smiled as she looked between the butler and I, who also glanced at me for a very brief moment.

"A play... Ah, it's not too rich, but you still have appearances to upkeep, yes? Something elegant and refined, something with class, but not something flashy or gaudy... Hmm... yes, we have a few dresses that fit those requirements, Princess. If you would, please follow me; I shall guide you over to those dresses. And Miss..?"

"Katherine Zara. A pleasure~!"

Giving him a curtsy, I maintained my calm smile even as he nodded and gave me a bow back, his eyes shining with understanding as he said "Ah, Baroness Zara! I knew I recognized you, but I didn't want to be rude... Are you attending the same event as the Princess?"

Hearing the butler say my new title out loud was weird, and I almost shivered as I had to refrain from telling him to drop it and just treat me like a servant, which I no longer was... it was my first time really experiencing this with someone I wasn't close too already, so I just kept smiling as I shook my head.

"I am attending the same event, yes, but I have a style in mind for myself. Please, give Leone your undivided attention. I'm more than accustomed to finding dresses for myself and for others."

The butler gave me a small nod, his eyes holding some confusion for a brief moment before he did as I asked after giving me another bow, turning back to Leone and leading the confused Vampire away.

My lips twitched into a smirk as I watched the Vampire hesitantly follow the butler along, though she quickly donned her own mask as she slid back into the regal attitude that was expected of a Princess, though I could tell from afar that she didn't really know what to think of the dresses presented to her.

But, now it wasn't my problem, though I kept my eyes and nose trained on her as I walked around on my own, looking at the various dresses on display and giving each a grade in my mind based on the criteria I wanted.

A long, flowing red dress that was strapless with golden accents along the collarbone, down the middle and down each side of the legs clung tightly to the mannequin, accentuating the soft curves of the wooden figure and making it hard for me to really figure out if that dress would even work on my body.lightsnovel

My chest alone would be rather troublesome... for more reasons than one.

It would definitely be too tight, meaning my breasts would probably spill out of the dress, while it was also too low cut for my figure as well, meaning a mountainous amount of cleavage would be on display...

Which wasn't what I wanted, surprisingly enough.

Next, an emerald green velvet dress entered my vision, and I approached it curiously as I took in the frills around the neck, waist and ankles, which were stitched with silver to add an intriguing shimmer to the entire thing; that silver thread was also used to form floral patterns across the torso, breaking up the monotony of the green and giving people something to look at.

The chest was completely covered, and the bottom portion seemed to have a small hoop to ensure it didn't cling to your figure at all, which was... also not what I wanted.

I wanted an in between of racy and formal, something that showed off my curves but did so in a tasteful way, while also wanting something that would look a bit elegant and refined; something worthy of a Baroness.

Not too rich, but not too simple either; like porridge, it needed to be just~ right for me, and that was a mark that was becoming increasingly rare it seemed...

The next dress was a beautiful dark purple that had an opaque black lace boob window and a thigh to ankle slit of a more transparent black lace, revealing some of your leg and emphasizing your chest whilst still keeping it covered.

The neckline was a similar black lace - almost like a collar - while the dress revealed a good portion of your shoulders, a 'n' of sorts hooking up around the front of your neck and revealing a good portion of your upper back as well; it was interesting, and certainly a dress to keep in mind, but-

"Oh~? I think that would look downright ravishing on you, my Lady~!"

A voice sounded out beside me, and I frowned as I glanced to the side, my eyes landing on the smooth olive skin of a Lioness that stood a head taller than me.

Lithe and looking rather handsome in a full black suit, the Lioness' fluffy golden hair was pulled back into a simple ponytail, while her lips were painted an opaque yellow that matched her hair, which... was an interesting choice.

Golden earrings, a gold necklace with a pendant hidden beneath her collar, golden pocket watch, rings and a bracelet... she wore quite a bit of gold on herself, and the subdued sandalwood cologne that was spritzed across her suit was well thought out, meaning...

"Purple would suit you well, but I do think red fits you best, my Lady... there is a red dress over here that would look perfect on you..."

Smiling at me confidently, the Lioness gestured towards another dress and took this moment to look me over, her green eyes not showing much emotion besides interest and lust as she gave me a one over, though just like her outfit and her style, she wasn't overstaying her welcome with her gaze either, looking back at my face and maintaining her smile.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

"Don't you think so too, my Lady? I noticed you were against that other red dress - far too revealing and unbecoming for someone as elegant as you - and that you seemed interested in the green dress, but..?"

Walking forwards, the Lioness kept herself a pace away from me and used her hands to accentuate her words, though that meant that they strayed too close sometimes, which was very clearly on purpose as she continued to grab my attention and pull me into her flow.

"It was too formal, correct? Hence the next option - that purple dress. It was a suitable in between, but like I said... purple would look wonderful on you, but red... red is truly your color~! So, might I suggest this dress? Ah, and in case you were wondering, yes, I am an employee here, not just a futanari hoping to court you~! Unless..?"

My eyes flickered over to Leone for a moment, but seeing that she was busy with the butler, I mentally shrugged as I decided to have some fun and play along, not giving the Lioness a yes or a no as I simply looked at the dress she picked.