944 Chapter 943: Whispers

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"Now, you clearly didn't want something too over the top, but wanted something that wasn't plain or simple either, so a touch of richness is where we shall start. A tad more subdued, but far more close to what I think you would appreciate from one of our dresses. Red satin with golden threads woven along the edges to give it some of that extra 'oomph', whilst still being rather tame.

Exposed shoulder - either one, depending on preference - with this soft sash that would go up and around the neck like so, holding the dress up and helping to support your chest. This was made for women of all busts in mind, so unlike the prior dresses, this will certainly accommodate a lady like yourself."

The Lioness gave me a small smile as she turned and stood beside the dress, her hand hovering just over the area that she wanted me to pay attention too as she continued to speak, trying to sell me on the dress whilst still being 'nice'.

"Slightly lower cut than normal, but still within reason and able to be adjusted by folding or unfolding the sash as much as you pleased. If you look closely, the torso area of the dress is embroidered with roses in a slightly darker red thread; from afar, the dress is simply this beautiful scarlet, but up close it is clear there are patterns.

The waist is brought in somewhat with the corset that is hidden within the dress, though it is far looser than most corsets, with its sole purpose being to ensure your figure is as you want it to be. Down below, the satin flows like water and comes down towards your ankles, but the design makes it difficult to step onto the dress and cause yourself to stumble. Tighter up top but flowing down below. What do you think, my lady?"

I looked the mannequin up and down a few times before giving her a slight nod, making the Lioness smile softly as she turned and began to appraise the other dresses, finding me another option.

"Was it too tame, or simply not suitable for your tastes?"

"A bit of both."

"A bit of both... something more risqué, or something more elegant? Stick with the red, or shall we begin considering other colors? Purples and blues primarily... perhaps neutrals instead? Blacks, greys, maybe whites?"

"Red, a bit more risqué, but not by a lot. I... want some eyes on me..."

I gave the Lioness a small smile, one she returned as she nodded and gestured for me to follow her again, giving me full view of her tail swishing side to side as her hopeful excitement continued to rise somewhat.

And as I looked her over, I nodded slightly at what I saw, not minding it one bit; she was eye candy, that was for sure, but the actions she was taking and the rather obvious hope to 'court' me was a definite turn off for me now, especially since I could just glance at Leone and reground myself without any issue.

Unlike before, when I thought about what would happen if Leraie pushed me down after confessing that she had lusted after me when we first met, I wasn't really looking at this futanari Lioness with any sort of debauched lust, just amusement and pride at being able to make a relatively attractive and desirable futanari lust after me once more.

It was a petty, stupid thing to be proud of, something that was entirely vain and served no purpose, but the more she looked at me like that, and the more she acted the way she did around me, the more I felt amused and found myself enjoying this shopping trip even more, though when a certain voice rang out in my ear as a seductive whisper, I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes.

"What's wrong with being revered and seen as a gorgeous, sexy woman with an ass so perfect most men, futanari, and even some women want to worship it~? Isn't that what you are owed as a beautiful woman, an icon of what lust represents~? Isn't that your right, my Masque~?"

Cali's voice filled my ears as she floated beside me, completely invisible and unnoticeable to anyone else besides me as she added "Why not tease this futanari some more, Katherine dear~? Flaunt this sexy body of yours, give her some material for tonight... earn yourself a discount for this dress~! What's wrong with that~? It's not cheating, nor is it being disloyal... after all, you're saving your blue hunk some money doing something so harmless~!"

The longer she whispered in my ear, the more I felt like I was listening to a Devil, not a Fiend, though I wasn't really sure there was a distinction between the two; either way, her dark, desire laden voice was so sickly sweet as she dredged up memories of when I used to do just that.

Head into a clothing store and try things on before someone said something about what I looked like, using others to gauge what looked best on me before giving them some 'service' as I posed or winked at them, making many men and women blush...

Disgust warred against lust inside me as I recalled my past self, one that felt like it was from so many years, so many decades ago, and yet something that was actually not even a handful of years in my past.lightsnovel

Maybe a decade most since I was that... vain, but still, it was... hard to believe, what with how long my time has been inside this world, and as I looked at the futanari Lioness again, I was reminded of just how different it was from my old one... how different I was from my old self...

In some ways...

"So, something a bit more risqué but still 'decent' enough to get you into most formal events, save for the more strict, dress code oriented ones. This is made from ruby silk, so it is a bit on the darker side, which would be best complimented by a brighter jacket or a scarf.

Now, the dress itself is more than just ruby silk; as you can see, it has a lace chest and neckline, whilst the back is a bit of a lower cut, ending around the middle of your back. Like the previous, this dress has a corset sewn inside, and there is a slit snaking up from your ankle to the middle of your thigh. No sleeves, slightly revealed shoulders, tight material... It is revealing, but also classy enough to draw eyes, not lust.

Across the torso, cloudy garnets have been used to create this beautiful mystic knot symbol on your left side, whilst the slit on the right thigh balances out the dress and creates a flow up towards the lace, which is also sewn as repeating mystic knots. Transparent, but not entirely see through."

The dress she had in front of me was quite the dress, hitting many of the marks I wanted and even appearing to be quite affordable too at sixty gold...

A large chunk of change for most average families in the Empire, but thankfully I wasn't from an average family, and I had the means to make that much in a few mere hours by selling some enchanted gear, or healing someone of their injuries, or killing a monster...

"Is it at all possible to try it on..? It does look quite beautiful and what I was searching for, but seeing it on a mannequin and seeing it on myself... it could look entirely different!"

Smiling at the Lioness, I watched as she looked between me and the dress a few times to envision what I would look like in it before she said "I would need proof of fund and a small downpayment to ensure you don't attempt to steal the dress, or in the case that you damage it in some way... The downpayment would be returned to you upon the return of the dress, of course. And we have maids on staff to help you in and out of the dress, free of charge."

Taking out the coin purse, I opened it up and showed her the large collection of gold coins, before I fished out ten as she said "The downpayment will be ten gold, my lady. Please make your way over to changing room five please; one of the maids will be joining you in a minute with the dress. Might I have a name..?"

She opened a notepad and began to jot some things down on the paper, nodding to herself as I said "Katherine. Kat works well too.", which made her look up and smile at me as she glanced at my ears.

Smiling back at her, I added "Amusing, isn't it? I don't think my Mother really thought about that when she named me...", earning a chuckle from her as she nodded again.

"It's certainly memorable, Lady Kat. Hard to forget the Dogkin woman named Kat, isn't it~?"

Chuckling softly, I nodded before making my way over to the dressing room, but not before I heard Cali whisper "Why not ask her if she'll let you know how well you look in the dress, hm~? In a slightly shy tone, something to spur her on~? Get her excited and anticipatory..."

The Arch Fiend's whisper was flooded with that sickly sweetness from before, and a shiver went down my spine as she brushed her lips against my ear, clearly enjoying this immensely as she was given such a prime opportunity to try and twist my mind for her own gain.

"Wouldn't it feel so~ good seeing her becoming so~ excited to see what you look like~? I mean, we all know you'll be a knockout, Kat... utterly delectable in a dress like that. Downright seductive in something that many women would struggle to pull off properly... But shouldn't we enjoy ourselves, hm~? Get her riled up thinking about these 'puppies' of yours beneath that lace, or seeing just how slender your waist can be in comparison to your hips~? Mm..."

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

Another shiver traveled down my spine, and I fought the urge to snap at the Fiend as I entered the dressing room, but not before I glanced back at the Lioness and met her gaze, her eyes hungry and utterly delighted as she smiled at me warmly, all while her gaze felt just like the predator she was 'related' to...