5 Berserker Form

"Create a new skill!"

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m

A new system window appeared in front of Nathan.

[Create a New Skill]

[Please describe the general idea of ​​the skill you want to create.]


[Select Tier: _]

[Cost: _]

[Create the Skill!]

"Huh? What is this?"

Luna floated closer to the virtual window.

"This system is really advanced, isn't it Master?" Luna asked as she pointed to several spots in the system window. "All you have to do is type in an idea for the skill you want to create, select the desired tier, and the price will be automatically calculated here."

"Then," Luna continued, "the System will take several considerations into account when adjusting the final skill." She finished her explanation.

"Wait, what kind of considerations will the System use?" Nathan inquired.

"It's like this," Luna began, "Every skill has a balance between benefits and drawbacks. The higher the benefit, the greater the drawback. It all depends on the user's state and the tier of the skill. Let me see if I can explain it in simpler terms..."

Nathan nodded slowly, understanding. "Okay, okay," he said. Crossing his arms, he asked, "So, if the skill I'm creating has an effect that surpasses its tier, then the system will impose a downside to counterbalance its value, correct?"

"Correct!" Luna answered cheerfully. "I hope the explanation isn't too confusing."

"Wait, wait. Please explain to me first about the route quests."

"That's right. I have not explained this part yet. Okay. Can you summon the route quests window, Master?"

"Okay, Route Quests."

[Skill Creation Route Quests]

[Barbarian Champion 1/10]

[Barbarians have insurmountable bravery and an almost inhuman set of abilities derived from rites of passage and special training. Fight fearlessly, face anyone who stands in your way, and make those who see your presence run in fear.]

[Create 2 skills related to this Class.]


[-> 50,000 Skill Points]

[-> 1 New Skill Slot]


[Treasure Hunter 1/10]

[Treasure hunter, someone who specializes in finding and recovering valuable treasures and artifacts. They possess the skills and abilities required to find a treasure of all kinds and exhibit many qualities such as bravery, tracking skills, and extreme luck.]

[Create 2 skills related to this Class.]


[-> 50,000 Skill Points]

[-> 1 New Skill Slot]

Nathan was slightly surprised by the amount of information suddenly appearing in front of him.

"That sounds great!" Nathan said, nodding in agreement. "So, the route quest is like a sequence of quests that I can do to get rewards, including skill slots? That's really interesting!"

"Yes, that's correct. You'll be able to unlock many different route quests in the future. All of them will be fun and exciting to do. All you have to do is complete all the quests and you will be rewarded with a lot of great things. It'll be so much fun!" Luna enthused.

"Okay, Luna." Nathan smiled at Luna's lengthy explanation.

He tried to re-analyze all of the descriptions from the quest.

"It takes two skill slots to complete the first quest that only rewards one skill slot? I guess the next quest will no longer ask me to do the same because if it did, I would run out of skill slots before I could complete all the quests."

"Correct! You could create any skill you want, but it will be better if you follow the given quests. Because it will be more profitable in the long run."

Nathan nodded. "Do you know why it had to be the Barbarian Champion and Treasure Hunter for two first routes, Luna? And do you know how to unlock other routes?"

Luna adjusted the position of the glasses on her face. "The way to open another route is, you only need to create any skills, and if the skill is related to one route, then that route will be unlocked. And why Barbarian and Treasure Hunter… Hmmm," Luna stopped and tapped her lips with her index finger.

"Hmmm... Again, I don't think I have the answer to your question," Luna said, her expression thoughtful.

"That's fine." Nathan smiled. "Okay then, let's try to create our first skill." He stood up and walked to the center of the room. He stood still and seemed to think.

"Yeah." Luna jumped and returned to her original appearance. The AI ​​girl sat on the crescent moon that suddenly appeared nearby and floated to follow where Nathan was standing.

If he really wanted to use the resources he had optimally, he should follow the rules given by the system. He wanted more freedom to create skills, but at the same time, he couldn't be careless. Moreover, he had a limited skill slot for now.

The tier of the skill was obvious as it showed how vital it is. Until he could reach level 50 and finally use tier 2 skills, he could only use tier 1 skills in his current level.

Nathan needed strength to make him able to level up quickly. He had to fight against monsters, and he also had to optimize the abilities he already had up to now.

Nathan had learned some skills with swords, arrows, and basic body combat. He needed skills that could sharpen and increase his fighting potential.

'What do I want in this world?'

Nathan recalled the memory of his mother that he had just gotten. He clenched his fists, and the emotion of anger re-emerged in his heart.

'I have to restrain myself.'

Nathan turned to Luna, "Okay. How do I write in this system, Luna-Sensei?"

"Hmmm. Press here." Luna pointed to a small button on the transparent window.

Nathan followed Luna's orders, and a digital keyboard appeared in front of him. "Huh? Interesting. Why doesn't this system support a voice-to-text feature? Isn't this too traditional?"

"The system wants to ensure that the entire process is as transparent as possible, to avoid any misunderstandings and confusion." Luna smiled, reassuringly, "Don't worry, Master, in an emergency, you can always ask me for help and I can create the skills for you. However, the process is still the same."please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

"Okay, then."

Nathan reached for the digital keyboard in front of him and started to type a few words. He repeatedly erased what he had written. After several tries, he finally stopped and looked back at Luna.

"Is this enough?"

[I want a skill that can increase my fighting potential, giving me a burst of strength, agility, and stamina. Make the increase as a percentage.]

[Select Tier: 1]

[Cost: 25]

"It's amazing that you were able to understand this system so quickly and easily," she said.

Nathan was silent at Luna's question. After some time, he answered her.

"I am trying to consider associating this skill with the Barbarian Champion. And also, I want to get the most optimal outcome with only tier 1 skills I can utilize for now. And this is what I thought as a result."

"You can press the button here, and the skill will be created shortly."

Nathan immediately followed Luna's instructions.

[25 Skill Points spent to create a Tier 1 Skill]

[Analysis in progress...]

[Progress.. 1%]

[Progress.. 45%]

[Progress.. 100%]

[Analysis successful...]

[Route Quests Match: Barbarian Champion]

[You've got 2 Skill Points cashback]

[Skill created successfully]

[Berserker Form Tier 1 - Lv. 1]

[Possess a berserker form, a ferocious and perilous state, become a raging and monstrous creature that embodies rage and bloodlust—nullifying rational restraints. This form will increase one's combat ability by a specific amount.]

[Level 1: Increase Strength by 10%]


[New Barbarian Champion Skill created]

[Barbarian Champion 1/10 progress: 1/2 Skills]

Nathan paid attention to the information about the skill he had just created. He nodded and smiled.

"This is really what I have expected."

"Woah. The 10% increase in Strength for a tier 1 skill is amazing. And the potential of this skill will increase as your total stats increase too." Luna clapped. "Congratulations, Master Nathan."

Nathan shook his head. "Look at this part, Luna. I will lose consciousness if I activate this skill. And I don't have an idea either about what kind of physical changes I will get in return."

Nathan thought it was too risky if he couldn't control the changes that would happen to him.

"Okay, Luna. Can I directly increase the level of this skill? Or do I have to wait for it?"

"You should feel proud because the system gives you the freedom to update the level whenever you want." She grinned.

"Awesome. Okay, raise the level to the max."

"All right…."

[Berserker Form Tier 1 leveled up to Level 2]

[Level 2: Increase Strength and Agility by 10%]

[50 Skill Points spent]

[Berserker Form Tier 1 leveled up to Level 3]

[Level 3: Increase Strength and Agility by 15%]

[100 Skill Points spent]

[Berserker Form Tier 1 leveled up to Level 4]

[Level 4: Increase Strength, Agility, and Stamina by 15%]

[200 Skill Points spent]

[Berserker Form Tier 1 leveled up to Level 5]

[Level 5: Increase Strength, Agility, and Stamina by 20%]

[400 Skill Points spent]

Luna read the description of the skill with her eyes widening in awe. "Twenty percent increase in three types of stats - this skill is equivalent to a tier two. But, how do you manage the downside of this skill, Master?"

Nathan smiled at Luna's question. "I have an idea for it. Okay, Luna, create a new skill."

Nathan re-typed the other skill description he wanted to create. After some time, he finally finished and pressed the button again to execute the skill creation.

[25 Skill Points spent to create a Tier 1 Skill]


[Skill created successfully]