8 The Sword of Disidia

"Konna koto ii na."

"Dekitara ii na."

"Anna yume konna yume ippai aru kedo."

Nathan opened his eyes after hearing the same song sung over and over again by Luna's small yet sonorous voice.

"Luna, enough. I give up."

The first thing he saw was the figure of Luna sitting on her crescent moon. Her legs moved merrily.

"Good morning Master Nathan," Luna chuckled. "Are you starting to have difficulty dealing with your Sloth, Master?"

Nathan slowly lifted himself on his bed and leaned back against the headboard.

The last thing he remembered last night was seeing a dragonkin Edna's form. Then they discussed the plan to hunt monsters for today.

At first, Nathan was so excited that he wanted to get a license from the Hunter Association right away. However, somehow after that, he suddenly felt exhausted and decided to sleep and postponed all their plans to this morning.

"Thanks a lot, Alarm-Senpai. I really like the song you sing."

Nathan tried to get out of bed, looking for the wheelchair that was usually beside his bed.


He closed his eyes, then smiled.

'Old habits die hard.'

Even if he wasn't able to sense the vitality that was bursting through his body, the presence of Luna, who greeted him in the morning, was undeniable evidence that what had happened to him was not just a dream.

Nathan immediately leaped off the bed with a broad smile on his face, and went to the bathroom.

He took off his clothes and immediately splashed his body under the shower. He felt a different sensation as the stream of water washed over his entire body, something he couldn't feel when he was sitting down.

He closed his eyes.

"It seems so refreshing to be able to feel the flow of this water."

Nathan opened his eyes, "Agh!!" he shouted, noticing Luna hovering beside him.

"Luna..." Nathan faced the wall, trying to hide the most important part of his body.

"Can't I have some privacy in this house???!!"

"Huh?? Master Nathan?" Luna was silent at Nathan's response.

"I'm just an AI. And I also always follow you, even in an invisible state. So whether I'm visible or not is just the same."

"Still… I'm not used to bathing, and someone is watching next to me."

"Oops, sorry." Luna chuckled. "Do you feel embarrassed because I saw that cute little cucumber?"

"This is not a cute little cucumber! This… This is a mighty cucumber!"

Nathan continued his shower, scrubbing his body with the soapy liquid, facing the wall, and ignoring Luna floating nearby.

"Is there something important you want to talk about, Luna?"

"Yes, yes. Sorry…." Luna nodded. "I want to talk about your crescent moon pendant. But it seems that I will postpone it for a while. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I will explain it."

"Is this thing that important? Okay then, now, please let me finish my bath."

Luna then disappeared from Nathan's sight.

He hastily finished his shower, grabbed a towel, and covered his lower body. He walked towards the sink and washed his face and teeth.

After a while, he came out of the bathroom and immediately looked for clothes in his wardrobe.

Nathan changed into a black suit with silver decorations in some parts. He looked at his body, standing upright in front of the mirror.

Nathan took the sword he had deliberately kept in the cupboard. The sword had no special features, but he should be able to use it for entry-level dungeons.

"Woah… I love it. You are so cool, Master."

Nathan turned to Luna, smiling. "Thanks, Luna."

Nathan raised the sword and focused his gaze.

He slashed the sword forward and made several moves.

"I haven't used my legs in a long time, but it feels natural. I feel like I can actually use my legs without any trouble. This blessing is a really, really amazing deal."

Nathan quickly jumped and positioned himself around, all the while slashing at the air. It felt good to do that. It was something he couldn't previously do when he was still stuck on a wheelchair.

"Sure... That's the power of the Transcendent Limit Breaker." Luna answered.

Nathan then walked out of the room. He walked down the corridor, down the stairs, and found Edna waiting for him at the dinner table.

In her usual maid outfit, Edna immediately stood up as soon as she was aware of Nathan's presence. There was a large backpack and a suitcase beside her.

"Good morning, young master." The girl smiled at his arrival.

"Are you sure you want to wear a maid outfit to accompany me?"

Edna nodded. "I have many backups of clothes like this, and I like them. If you don't mind."

"Sure, I don't mind."

Nathan walked over. He smiled, then sat at the dining table and grabbed the sandwich in front of him.

"Young master, I'm sorry. I didn't have time to prepare breakfast for you because I have to prepare all our hunting needs."

"It's okay, Edna. This alone will suffice."

Edna stood nearby with a guilty look on her face.

"Would you like to sit down and eat with me?" Nathan turned to her.

"No. I'll just eat later."

"We still have a little bit of time. Here, accompany me to eat." Nathan pulled the chair next to him and asked Edna to sit down.

Edna then hesitantly accepted his offer.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

"Tell me, Edna. How well do you know my mother?"

"Lady Diana?" Edna was silent for a moment, then continued. "She and Master Devon saved me when the Dragonkins came under attack. Lady Diana took care of me and taught me how to fight. Lady Diana also gave me the skill to transform my body into a human. She is very kind."

Edna looked at Nathan. "You have truly inherited Lady Diana's kindness."

"Is that so?" Nathan nodded.

"It is so, young master."

"Do you know about the blessing of the sins? Have you ever known someone who used those blessings?"

Edna seemed to think about Nathan's question. "Master Devon, he once wielded a sword used by the holder of Sloth in the past."

Nathan put the sandwich in his hand. "A sword?" He then turned to Luna.

"The Sword of Disidia." Luna explained as if in a whisper.

"The Sword of Disidia?" Nathan threw the question at Edna.

"That's right. The Sword of Disidia was the sword used by the King of The Kingdom of Disidia in the past. After his death, the Blessing of Sloth disappeared."

The Kingdom of Disidia is the Kingdom where Gardner Corporation and many other companies do most of their activities in Yunatea.

The location of the Kingdom is near the entrance to most of the gates in this world.

"Master Devon and his party had used the sword to carry out their actions in Yunatea. However, the sword suddenly disappeared at one point." Edna continued.

The sword belonged to someone who had previously held the blessing of sin. The sword is certainly not a random sword.

"Are you sure my father is not the holder of the sin, Edna?"

Edna nodded, "At least that's what I know."

"Then what about my mother? Do you know… Ehm… Is my mother also a holder of the sin?"

Edna covered her mouth with the back of her hand, and she chuckled.

"Lady Diana is the kindest person I had ever met. And I'm sure Lady Diana wasn't the holder of the sin either. Because there will only be one in the human race that can have it, right?"

"What do you mean by kindest person? Are the holders of the sins not friendly people?"

"Hmmm..." Edna averted her gaze. "According to the history in Yunatea. The great war and chaos that occurred in that world were caused by the holders of the sins who were trying to become the strongest amongst the others." Edna explained.

Nathan nodded slowly.

"And… Are you sure my mother is… a human?"

Edna couldn't contain her chuckle. "What kind of question are you asking me? I'm sorry, but I find your question rather hilarious."

"I guess my mother is human?"

"I firmly believe that Lady Diana is a human. Because if not, then you will be born as a half-human, right?"

"Yes, of course, I guess," Nathan nodded.

But in reality, Nathan was half-human and half-unidentified.

Luna, who floated between them, also chuckled at Nathan's response.

Nathan turned to Luna as if to question something. 'Do you know something I don't know, Luna?'

Luna merely chuckled cutely at him.

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"Oh, young master. I have something for you." Edna showed him a thin bracelet, dark black.

"Hunter Device?" Nathan immediately recognized the object.

Nathan put the object on his left arm. And the bracelet instantly seemed to stick to his wrist.

There was a digital clock and three unique blue, green, and yellow bars on the bracelet's surface.

The blue bar on the bracelet indicates Mana, green indicates Energy, and yellow indicates the user's Will Power.

[Blue Bar (Mana): 100%]

[Green Bar (Energy): 100%]

[Yellow Bar (Will Power): 100%]

Every hunter has those three attributes based on their stat points value. But, those attributes were not clearly shown in the system. Even so, when one of the attributes runs out, one's fighting ability will decrease drastically.

Some skills require Mana to activate, others require Energy, and others require both. But Mana and Energy will regenerate continuously.

This is not the case with Will Power. Will Power will only regenerate if one takes a break or stops fighting. If one runs out of Will Power, his power will be drastically reduced, even to the point of making him lose consciousness.

Humans make this device one to show indicators of these 3 attributes. With this tool, a Hunter will be more aware of their capacity.

"Thanks, Edna." Nathan smiled.

"Sorry, I immediately bought this thing without asking for your approval. I just wanted to save the time we will use after this."

"That's fine. I'm fine."

"After you get the Hunter license. You can book solo dungeons from the device; you can immediately hunt monsters and level up. Though…"

Nathan nodded. "It doesn't matter. I can handle this."

There are various types of dungeons in this world. And the most used by beginners are solo dungeons. A dungeon that only one person under level 50 can enter. And when someone reaches level 30, they can enter a 3-party member dungeon.

"We can travel to the outside world and hunt wild monsters if you want me to help with the hunting."

Nathan shook his head. "Hunting wild monsters in the outside world is easier because you can help me. But we need more time to reach those areas, and the number of monsters is also not as much as inside the dungeon. Besides, I can use plenty of solo dungeons as practice, right?"

Edna nodded.

"Okay. I am ready. Let's get going."

"Okay, young master."

Today, Nathan's long journey is about to begin. Fighting against monsters, leveling up, and doing other amazing things.