9 First Dungeon

"Young master, we have arrived." Edna sat in the driver's seat, and she immediately woke Nathan from his daydream.

"Ah yes, Edna."

In front of them was a 50-story building. The building was the Hunter Association, where the Hunters in this city carried out their hunting administration.

In this place, there were also auctions, training centers, and shopping centers related to the needs of the Hunters.

"Hmm… I have to buy some hunting supplies. Is it okay if you go alone? I made an appointment on behalf of your name. I'll be back in about 40 minutes."

Nathan nodded. "Okay, thanks, Edna. Don't worry, I can do it myself."

Nathan opened the door of the black jeep and stepped out.

"Bye, young master." Edna waved with a big smile.

"Bye, Edna."

Nathan immediately started walking when Edna went away.

"Status page." Nathan immediately confirmed his final status.


[Name: Nathan Gardner]

[Race: Half Human]

[Level: Unranked Lv. 1]

[Exp: 0/50]


[Strength: 20]

[Dexterity: 17]

[Agility: 18]

[Magic: 21]

[Constitution: 12]

[Stamina: 27]

[Stat Points: 0]

[Skill Points: 448,454]


[Skill Creation System][+]



"Hmmm, I didn't realize my stats got this many upgrades."

"Tada." Luna reappeared, floating and following him.

"Did it happen when my body gets an upgrade?"

Nathan walked to the large glass door that opened automatically when he stepped in.

"That's right, Master Nathan. Do you like it? Your total stats are already on a par with the average Hunter at level 15. This is an amazing start." Luna explained enthusiastically.

Nathan walked past the lobby. Some people were wearing white scientist coats, and others looked like hunters, wearing armor and combat clothes.

Nathan walked to the receptionist's desk. There sat a girl who looked 19 years old with shoulder-length brown hair.

"Hi, is there anything I can help you with?" The girl greeted him with a friendly smile.

The girl's name was Mary. It could be seen from the name card hanging around her neck.

"Please…. take a seat."

Nathan sat down immediately. "Thanks"

"Hi, my name is Mary. May I know your name, please?"

"Ah yes, my name is Nathan."

"Ah… Mr. Nathan." Mary said with a pleasant smile.

She immediately grabbed the keyboard on the table and stared at the monitor screen in front of her.

"Okay, is it true that you want to get a Hunter License?" Mary looked at Nathan with a friendly smile.

"Ah, Ms. Marry, yes, that's what I came here for." Nathan nodded.

"Okay, wait a minute."

Mary walked away from him. A few minutes later, she returned with a transparent sphere-shaped object.

The girl sat back down and placed the glass ball on a table.

"Okay, Mr. Nathan. It's very easy. You just need to channel your energy into this glass ball. And …" Mary rotated the screen monitor toward him. "Information about your awakening will appear here. And if you are already at the awakened stage, your license will be granted immediately."

Nathan nodded, "Understood. Can I do it right now?"

"Of course."

Nathan immediately put his palm down. And just thinking about it, a stream of energy seemed to run through the nerves of his hand and immediately burst out of the pores of his palm.

The graph on the monitor screen showed Nathan's total number of status points.

"Quite a high stat point for someone who just awakened. Ahhh, I really envy people who are born talented like you." Mary smiled at Nathan.

"Okay, can you bring your Hunter Device closer to this one?"

Mary pointed to a scanner.

"Okay." Nathan immediately followed.

"Okay, Mr. Nathan. Your identity has been registered as a Level 1 Hunter. You now have access to the Solo Dungeons. You may get access to one Solo Dungeon every week. Of course, you have to make a reservation because the number of dungeons is limited. But luckily, there are some dungeons available if Mr. Nathan wants to go on a dungeon expedition right away. And if you want to do more Solo Dungeons, there will be an additional fee. Or you can buy someone's slot if you can somehow get someone to sell it to you."please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Nathan nodded. "Okay, Ms. Mary, I got it. Hopefully, I'm well versed in the knowledge of a basic hunter."

Mary smiled. "Of course, I couldn't expect less from someone as talented as you."

Nathan nodded. "Thanks."

"Okay, and every day there is a Basic Hunter Training schedule in this place. It is important for us to provide basic knowledge for novice hunters so that… their safety can be guaranteed."

"I think I'll skip that for now, Ms. Mary. I got some training from someone with quiet experience."

Mary nodded and smiled. "Okay then, I hope to see you again soon with good news?"

"Sure, thanks, Ms. Mary."

"You're welcome. Happy to serve. See you again, Mr. Nathan."

Nathan immediately left the place.

He waited a few minutes in the lobby until Edna called through the Device Hunter, which can also function as a communication medium.

"Young master, I have returned."

"Okay, Edna."

Nathan immediately exited the Hunter Association building and entered the black jeep that Edna was driving.

"Hi, young master. How was your first experience entering this place?" Edna greeted Nathan as she drove the jeep out of the Hunter Association area.

"Hmmm, I can't wait to do my first dungeon expedition."

Edna chuckled. "I can understand how enthusiastic you are about this."

"Have you found the location of our first dungeon?"

Nathan attached his Hunter Device to the screen on the car dashboard. "Solo Dungeon - Low Grade. I think it's suitable for my first try."

Edna noticed the map that immediately appeared on the screen.

"It's near the city. We'll be there in an hour or two."

"Yes, sure, I can't wait for it."

After the world war and ever since the advent of the new world order, only eleven countries were left. And the place where Nathan lived was the country in the middle of the eastern continent.

There were four continents on New Earth. The Northern and Southern Continents were covered entirely in ice. No one lived there. The eastern continent, where humans lived, and the West Continent, which had not been touched much by humans. In that place lived monsters with levels exceeding 100.

In this small town and in all cities worldwide, powerful walls surrounded and protected the humans within it from monster attacks. These great walls were equipped with security systems operated by the military.

For this reason, too, Hunters had a reasonably prominent position in society. Their strength was very much needed in almost all fields.

This small town, Southlake, was a town located close to a large lake and mountainous terrain.

Southlake was considered a small town compared to other cities in the country. Its position in the middle makes the number of dungeons and monsters around this place less than in other cities.

With a limited number of low-level dungeons, Southlake was a beginner-friendly town that many high-level hunters avoided for the same reason.

The black jeep driven by Edna rushed out of the city gates, which were open freely and only closed in case of an emergency.

The security system at the city gate ensured that only awakened people could leave the gate using private vehicles. Meanwhile, ordinary people must use public transportation, which was equipped with more security.

The streets outside the city were really quieter than in the city. The road's asphalt was also not as good as in the town. Because of the frequent attacks of monsters, the streets outside the city were indeed not well maintained.

"Is this your first time out of town?"

Nathan turned to Edna and smiled widely. "Looks like I've been shutting myself up for too long, haven't I, Edna?"

Edna chuckled. "You are fantastic at staying silent in the house. I didn't expect you to flush with such a big action."

"There is a time for everything. I guess my time has come? With this, I will be out of the house more often."

Edna smiled, "Young master, there is no need to worry. I will always be with you."

"Thanks, Edna."

The road they passed looked more like a savanna, with wide grass and mountains on both sides.

The territory of this country was indeed in the middle, with tropical plants and temperatures that were certainly more comfortable for most humans to live in.

Their journey stopped at a location where there was a small building and a circular portal on one side.

"We have arrived, young master."

Nathan immediately got off the jeep, followed by Edna.

"Young master, here are your rations."

Nathan grabbed the backpack given by Edna.

A person in a military uniform walked up to him.

Nathan immediately showed his identity using the Hunter Device.

pA(nD)A no ve1

"You have 30 minutes to prepare."

"Thanks." Nathan nodded.

The man in military uniform quickly walked away and returned to the post where he was guarding.

Edna looked at Nathan with a worried face.

"Don't worry. You have trained me in many ways. I'll be fine."

"Please be careful, young master. I'll be waiting in here."

Nathan nodded, "Bye, Edna."

He immediately walked towards the circular portal.

"Okay. My first dungeon."

Nathan closed his eyes and stepped into the portal.

The same sensation occurred again when his body seemed to be sucked in by the energy, and in a flash, he disappeared from where he was standing.