16 Crescent Moon Dimension

Nathan was thrown out of thin air. His body rolled on a layer of dry, cracked earth that was dark in color.

He immediately raised his body and tried to recognize where he was this time.

"Ugh… Why does the air in this place feel heavier?"

At night, the sky in that place was very dark. There were streaks of red coming from volcanoes on one side, and the arid expanse of land filled his sight in every direction.

Nathan sat up, still feeling dizzy because his body was suddenly thrown into a solid platform. He turned his head to one side when he noticed someone running toward him.


Luna, the AI ​​girl who was previously only as small as a papaya fruit, was treading the ground with normal human body size.

"Master Nathan… Master Nathan…."

She ran and immediately jumped towards Nathan to hug him. The girl jumped up and somehow ended up embracing the young man's head.

"Master Nathan, see, see… I have a physical body here. Do you like it? You like this loli body, don't you?"

Nathan just stayed there and waited for her to let him go. He noticed the cheerful expression on Luna's face, which was now more clearly visible in his new form.

"Don't make me look like a criminal with your statement, Luna."

"Huh?" Luna jumped back, then jumped and twisted her body. "Don't you like Lolis?" Luna looked at Nathan with her eyes wide open.

"Actually, My appearance was chosen based on your preferences... See, Hmmm," Luna looked up, "Hmmm, from what you always watched, there were a lot of lolis from anime that you always watched."

Nathan looked surprised, "I watched those anime because of the plot. Not for the lolis." Nathan scratched the back of his head.

Luna smiled broadly.

"Hey, how come you have a physical body in this place? Is this place real?"

"Hummu, Hummu…" Luna nodded quickly. She then jumped backward and raised both hands in the air, jumping repeatedly.

"Master Nathan, Master Nathan… This place is amazing. Nature's Breath in this pocket dimension is at tier 4, just like in the World of Yunatea."

"Huh? Is that true?" Nathan immediately took a deep breath, then exhaled again and again.

Nature's Breath is a source of energy that turns ordinary humans into superhumans. The awakening process is a process where there is a change in a person's heart so that they can accommodate the energy, which is named Nature's Breath or often abbreviated as The Breath.

"Would I instantly level up if I sucked in as much air as possible in this place?"

Nathan stood up, still sucking in the air and exhaling it repeatedly. He combed the place with his gaze.

"What a really strange place."

The place looked like abandoned land. The volcano spitting lava on one side seemed to make the place even more mystical.

"How big is this place? And is there anyone other than me here?"

"This place is the pocket dimension contained in the pendant that you are wearing. Of course, this place is exclusively accessible using that pendant and the people you allowed."

Nathan nodded.

He could see pillars of red and green light in various places. There were only a few pillars of green light, whereas more pillars of light were red.

"Where do the pillars of light come from, Luna?"

"Artifacts… Let's check those things, Master Nathan."

Luna was still running around with her hands raised up. The girl then ran towards a cave near to where they were standing. From the cave, one could also see small pillars of light that penetrate the top of the cave and continue to pierce the sky.

"Artifacts??? I want artifacts!!!"

Nathan's eyes and mouth opened wide at Luna's words. Without realizing it, he immediately ran wildly, following where the girl was running.

"I want artifacts!!!"

Luna stopped at the cave entrance, where golden streaks of light could be seen.

Nathan stopped right behind Luna and immediately narrowed his eyes in disbelief as he made a relatively accurate guess as to what was causing the golden streaks of light.

He quickly made his way into the mouth of the cave and entered the glowing golden light, where his jaw promptly dropped in shock.

The golden light was emanating from-

A pile, no, a sea of ​​gold coins!!!

"Gold?" Nathan fell silent, still in shock from what he saw.

"Gold?" So does Luna.

"Gold….!!!" Nathan screamed hysterically and dashed inside.

He couldn't contain his enthusiasm and jumped onto the pile of gold coins. "Gold… gold… gold…."

Nathan was so incredibly excited that he almost drowned himself in a pile of gold coins! He tried to swim into the sea of gold.

"Gold…. Gold…. Gold…." Luna did the same. The little girl jumped and ran among the piles of gold coins. She repeatedly grabbed handfuls of gold coins and threw them into the air.

It looked pretty spacious inside of the cave. In every corner, piles of gold coins could be seen; large boxes with luxurious decorations and several weapons scattered on one side could also be found.

"Gold… I want to have them all!"

Nathan's body was entirely covered by a pile of gold coins. He repeatedly swam to one side, then swam back to the other side.

"Yeah… I like gold too…. I'm also greedy like Master Nathan… Yeay…. Let's take all this gold out…."

The minutes passed quickly, and Nathan ended up lying down with gold coins piled up over his body, leaving only his delighted face exposed.

"I'll take all this gold out… I want it all…." Nathan slowly closed his eyes. He was really enjoying himself being buried by the pile of gold.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

"I also like gold." Luna threw her body right beside Nathan. The girl moved her legs and arms, tossing gold coins.

"Master Nathan, Master Nathan… What are we going to use all this gold for?"

"I will keep it. All this gold is mine."

"Ha ha ha," Luna laughed loudly as she realized what Nathan was doing.

"Master Nathan, you are so funny. Are you aware that you are being controlled by greed?"

"Greed?" Nathan opened his eyes. "Greed? I think I don't care about it. I want a lot of gold…."

Nathan closed his eyes again, his mouth wide in a smile. His hands repeatedly tossed the gold coins at his body. "I love gold."

Nathan glimpsed transparent writing in the corner of his eye.

[Crescent Moon Dimension]

[Visit Time Left: 0:10:45]

Nathan immediately woke up from his pleasant reverie and shouted hysterically. "A timer?? When did it appear?? Why did I just realize this?!"

Luna immediately stood up and tilted her head. "Master Nathan, what do you mean?"

"What will happen after this countdown timer is up?" He pointed to the digital writing in front of him.

"You will be forced out."

Nathan immediately stood up. "What?"

"But wait, you don't need to worry. Because you can still enter this place again as soon as the cooldown is over."

"How long do I have to wait?"

"Hmmm." Luna thought for a moment. "One week. You can come back to this place after one week."

Nathan looked at Luna thoughtfully. "One week? But if that's the case, then I have to take some of this gold away with me."

Nathan scooped up as many gold coins as he could around him. He tried to put them in the pockets of his shirt and sleeping pants, but they weren't big enough to hold a lot of coins.

Nathan ran to one side, where there was a large chest whose lid was open because it couldn't hold the object inside.

Nathan ran and stopped in front of the chest. He tried to pull the chest. "I have to take this thing out."

Luna also ran to the chest and tried to help Nathan by pushing it. Together, they managed to push the chest a little bit.

However, at that moment, the chest cover seemed to move. Something was moving inside!

"Huh?" Nathan was silent, then opened the chest cover.

He found a red cloak folded on top of a pile of gold coins.

"What is this?"

Nathan grabbed the cloak.

The layer of cloth he was holding felt like it was made using the highest quality material. It was a red cloak with a dark black interior.

[Cloak of Wisdom]

[A wise person always tries to hide what he has. There's no need to show off your strengths if your personality and wisdom are worth much more than that.]


[Aura Concealment: Conceal, suppress, or otherwise prevent the user's aura from being sensed or recognized. Allow the user to conceal his emotions, alignment, health, and power levels from others.

Auto applies when someone tries to find information without the user's consent.]



"Wow. Impressive! This is an extremely useful item for me, especially with my two blessings. Plus, it still has two locked abilities. I want all the abilities of this thing to be unlocked." Nathan turned to Luna. "Do you know how to unlock this artifact's abilities, Luna? Can I use the System I have?"

pAn,D a-n0ve1,c-o-m

Luna was silent, looking thoughtful. She walked over and touched the cloak. "This artifact will unlock the power it possesses if it thinks the time has come."

"Huh? Is this artifact alive?"

Nathan again touched the layer of the cloak. He liked it very much.

Nathan attached the cloak to his shoulder and put it on. The cloak made him look like a wizard from his favorite superhero movie.

"Can I call myself Dr. Nathan now?" He smiled. "I hope the next ability of this artifact can allow me to fly in the air."

Nathan was silent for a moment. "But wait, why don't I just make a skill to float in the air myself?" He nodded in approval at his own brainwave and determined in his heart to do exactly that.

"However, I will bring this artifact too. I like it."

Luna clapped her hands. "I love seeing you use that cloak. You look very authoritative. I like it."

Nathan glanced at Luna and smiled. "I need a weapon."

Nathan ran and tried to find something else he could use in that place. He needed weapons to fight and hoped to find anything he could use without having to bother buying them outside.

Nathan found some swords and a spear. But most of these objects are only made of gold, with no special effects. In fact, they were more like royal treasures than weapons.

After some time searching, he found one thing that seemed to fit exactly what he was looking for.

It was a sword with a pitch-black hilt and a shiny black blade reflecting golden light from its surroundings.

[Misfortune Cursed Sword]