18 Wolf pack

Nathan grabbed the gold coin that Edna had dropped. He inspected the coin, trying to find something that he may not have noticed before.

"Young master, I'm sorry."

Nathan raised his head. He saw that Edna had returned to her normal state.

"Did something strange happen to you?"

"No… Not exactly." Edna shook her head. "But random memory fragments did suddenly enter my head."

"Memory fragments? Is this related to …?"

"Sorry, young master?" Edna tilted her head, looking confused by Nathan's words.

"Ah, no," Nathan shook his head, "Anyway, what kind of memory, Edna?"

"I'm not sure either. It was only fragments, so I can't conclude or remember anything after that."

"I see. Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes. I'm sure you don't need to worry. I'm okay." Edna said and smiled.

"Okay, that's good."

Nathan then asked Edna to prepare a box. He poured a pile of gold coins from his hand into it.

"Young master… All this gold? Is… Eh… It's all yours? Is this the legacy of Master Devon?"

"Frankly, I'm not sure myself about the origin of these gold coins and the other things in the place I will show you later." Nathan ended his speech by closing the iron box.

"Please make sure to convert all this gold into cash, and none is allowed to know about it. Is this doable, Edna?"

Edna immediately nodded. "Yes, of course. You don't need to worry about me. I have quite an extensive network in the city. I know many important people too. Also, I'm quite strong enough to take on five hunters at level 100. So, I'm sure I'll be fine.""

"Of course, I believe you are strong," Nathan smiled widely. "Would you be stronger if you were in your Dragonkin form?"

Edna chuckled at Nathan's question. "I think so. But of course, I wouldn't easily show that form if I wasn't in a state of urgency."

"Yes, I agree with that. And what about the dungeons for my next expedition? Have you secured them already?"

"Yes," Edna nodded immediately. "I already contacted Mary, and two dungeons are available for you."

"Good then. You have been a great help, Edna. And I'm going to sleep, I guess. I really need some rest."

Nathan was still thinking about the strange thing that had happened to Edna. He looked to one side, where Luna was.

Luna shook her head quickly. "No, no, no… Master Nathan…. Luna knows nothing about this."

Nathan then finished his dinner.

p-A- n-d-A-n-0-v-e-1、(c)om

"Young master, I have set up a tent near the car. You can sleep there."

"Thanks, Edna" He then said goodbye to Edna.

It didn't take long for Nathan to close his eyes and sleep that night.


Nathan opened his eyes as the chilly morning air entered the tent.

Fatigue has entirely left his body.

He found Edna sleeping beside him, right face to face with him.


There was only one place to sleep in the tent. Of course, she would sleep in the same place as him.

Nathan slowly lifted the blanket covering his body, allowing her to remain sound asleep.

Nathan came out of the tent and found it was still early in the morning. The morning dew was quite thick and reduced visibility. However, he could feel the freshness filling his heart as he took a deep breath of air.

"Sleeping out in the open space like this is fun, too." He smiled, closed his eyes, and breathed deeply.

"Ta-da… Hi, Luna here." Luna appeared and announced her presence cutely.

Nathan opened his eyes. "Hey, Luna."

"Hello, Master Nathan... How was your sleep?" She asked in her sing-song voice.

"It was excellent! I was so tired that I didn't even dream about anything."

Nathan then decided to walk away for a while. There was a small stream near where he was staying that night.

He stopped by the river.

Because of the clear water, Nathan could easily see the rocks at the bottom of the river. He then washed his face there.

He felt the flow of water that seemed to freeze his face. But he couldn't deny its freshness, either.

"Woah… I really like this riverside view."

Luna's tiny body floated on the bank of the river as if she was about to jump into it.

Nathan then stood up with the Rotten Iron Sword he got from the Rat Warrior in his hand.

"Say, Luna, do you actually have a physical body? Why do you look like a living thing in the Crescent Moon Dimension, while you only look like a hologram here?"

Nathan slashed his sword forward repeatedly. His face was serious, and although he was having a conversation with Luna at the same time, his focus on his training was razor sharp.

He was used to doing physical exercises in the morning. And that's what he was doing right now.

Luna floated in front of him. "Hmmm... I couldn't answer that question yet." The girl looked confused.

"It seems there are too many things you don't know, huh?" Nathan said with a smile.

Luna just chuckled at his statement.


Nathan prepared himself for his dungeon expedition for the day.

Edna woke up not long after. They ate breakfast and continued their journey by jeep to reach where the next dungeon would be.

"Young master, stay safe."

Edna waved her hand when Nathan was right in front of the dungeon portal.

"Bye, Edna. I will be right back."

Nathan turned and stepped into the dungeon portal.

The stench of water and mud immediately entered his nostrils when Nathan had moved into the dungeon dimension.

"Tada." Luna appeared instantly beside him.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Nathan knelt on the ground, trying to get used to his new surroundings.

"This dungeon is unlike the one before, which was a long tunnel. This one is more like a swamp forest."

"Magic detection." He activated his detection to make sure he was in a safe spot.

The dungeon was at night, and the faint moonlight didn't completely illuminate the surface. If normal humans were in that place, they would definitely be lost in the night's darkness.

"This dungeon, according to Edna's information, has just been conquered by the military. So the monsters should still be quite strong." Nathan felt both enthusiastic and nervous about what he had just said.

"The dungeon that has just been conquered like this has a lot of surprises. Do you know about it, Master Nathan?"


Luna nodded. "Yes, sometimes there were hidden bosses that the military missed. That means those bosses are still alive!"

"Are they stronger than the main boss, or what?"

Nathan started strolling through the forest. He tried to walk swiftly and quietly.

"There are many possibilities if we talk about hidden bosses. Hmm, but the most interesting thing is…. A few of them are quite rare types that have a high value." Luna explained with a chuckle.

[Nathan Gardner]

[Greed Meter: 73%]

"High value?" Nathan turned to Luna with sparkling eyes.

"Master Nathan, you really seem to be a different person every time you are controlled by greed."

Nathan continued on his way and stopped when a pack of wolves surrounded him from behind the trees.

Nathan immediately prepared his two swords. Misfortune Cursed Sword in the right hand, and Rotten Iron Sword in the left hand.

[Night Wolf Lv. 7]

[Night Wolf Lv. 6]

[Night Wolf Lv. 5]

[Night Wolf Lv. 6]

There were over a dozen wolf monsters, but he could only recognize a few.

"Night Wolves? They only come out at night, or will their name change to Day Wolf during the day?"

Luna chuckled but then flew around Nathan. "Master Nathan, they will attack simultaneously."

The wolves then appeared slowly, one by one, from behind the trees.

Their forms were not much different from ordinary wolves. Only their fur was dark and wet.

"Their levels are on average below mine, but these monsters attack simultaneously. It would still be a problem for me."

Nathan stood tall and remained vigilant in case those monsters attacked.

After some time passed, with quick movements, the wolves moved in unison and charged at him.

Nathan quickly turned toward the weakest one among them. "Accel!!!"

He ran faster than the wolves. And when he was right in the face of one of them, Nathan immediately dodged its attack and slammed his sword into its body, dealing a fatal wound to it.

Nathan immediately gave it another sword slash before he jumped back up and ran to dodge another attack.

[You've killed Night Wolf Lv. 5]

[You received 10 experience]

[Name: Nathan Gardner]

[Level: Unranked Lv. 11]

[Exp: 251/267]

Nathan was grateful that the monster wasn't too hard to beat.



Nathan tried to keep running and dodging by constantly looking for opportunities to attack the wolves that hunted him.

"Why is the experience I get so small, Luna?"

"Their level is below your level. Therefore, the experience gained is also reduced a lot."

[You've killed Night Wolf Lv. 7]

[You received 18 experience]

Nathan again managed to kill another one.

He maneuvered quickly when two monsters attacked him from different directions. He threw slashes with his two swords.

The two monsters were thrown to the ground with severe injuries.

Nathan immediately ended their lives by delivering his powerful slashes to them.

[You've killed Night Wolf Lv. 8]

[You've killed Night Wolf Lv. 7]

[Level Up]

[You received 6 stat points]

[You received 100 skill points]

[Level: Unranked Lv. 12]

[Exp: 130/294]

Although it was not without difficulty, he finally ended his fight that night with brilliant success.

Nathan fell to the ground, gasping for air. Sweat and dust filled his face and body.

"All things considered, it was a pretty satisfying night workout." He smiled at Luna, who looked panicked and drew closer to him.

"Let's quickly clear this dungeon, Luna."

Luna's expression instantly turned calm, and she chuckled lightly. "All right... Let's go!!!"