22 Flame Sword Warrior

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One week later.

[You've killed Wild Thorny Lv. 17]

[You received 38 experience]

[Level: Unranked Lv. 24]

[Exp: 270/932]

Nathan didn't really understand the anatomy of the monster he was dealing with. They were just shaped like bundles of plants and vines.

There was a part that looked like a gaping mouth showing thorns like a series of sharp teeth. But he had also confirmed that it wasn't the head of this plant monster. Nothing happened when he sliced off that part. In this matter, Nathan had to randomly cut that plant monster to make sure they lost their lives.

One week had passed since he had first awakened. And now he had literally jumped all the way from level 1 to level 24 within that time!

It was an impressive achievement for a novice hunter with no experience like him. However, even so, what he had achieved was still far from the target he had set for himself.

He was really enjoying his new way of fighting by riding Fang. He could save more stamina, and it allowed him to move easily with higher mobility.

Moreover, the blessing of the Sloth seemed to really cause trouble when he was completely in a position of reluctance to do anything. With Fang, Nathan could sleep well on the wolf's back and only got up to fight when an enemy approached them.

"I want to get out of this dungeon immediately. Fighting plant monsters isn't as easy as I thought."

The dungeon that Nathan was currently doing was his 5th dungeon.

Five Dungeons in one week was already more than crazy. He only slept for a few hours, and the rest he used to explore the dungeon.

The environment dungeon he was in at that moment was more like a savanna with monsters that were shaped like wild plants that lived, moved, and hunted their prey.

"Master Nathan, It seems that only the last boss remains in this dungeon. We're progressing very fast, aren't we? We can clear the dungeon faster than ever before." Luna said with a cheerful face.

Nathan sat on Fang's back. They were standing on top of the largest hill in the savanna.

He looked towards the lowlands and saw a strange plant about 10 meters tall with dozens of tentacles sticking out wildly around it.

[Rare Poisonous Wild Thorny Lv. 32 (Boss)]

"We worked through the dungeon faster, but the level and progress I got were also getting harder," Nathan said with a sigh.

"Don't worry, Master Nathan. There are many options for solving this problem. Most importantly, we should continue to enjoy this trip and do our best. And, it's been 7 days since you last created a new skill. Don't you want to create a new one?" Luna said with a chuckle.

Nathan got off Fang's back. He tried to analyze the new opponent he had to face this time.

"Looks like it will be troublesome if I take on the opponent this time from close range. My body will be crushed before I can even deal an attack on that strange plant." Nathan said with a bored look on his face.

"And for a solo dungeon like this, the opponent I have to face is of such a high level? This is really outrageous. Many people say Southlake is just a city for beginners. If a beginner city has such a difficult boss, then how difficult are the dungeons in a city bigger than this?"

"Oagh…!!!" Nathan dropped to the ground and lay relaxed there.

Fang returned to its tiny form, sat beside Nathan, and put his head on his master's chest.

"Woof… Woof…"

"Should I take a quick nap first before I fight?" Nathan said as he closed his eyes lazily.

"Master Nathan…. Don't let Sloth control you. Remember about the big thing you want to achieve! Let me help you! Ummm… Ummmm… This monster can only stand still on the spot. Wouldn't it be really easy to beat it slowly using ranged attacks?"

Nathan opened his eyes but said nothing.

After some time, "Long-range attack? I don't have a bow or any other ranged weapon, Luna."

"Yes, but didn't you say you would focus on the Magic Sword Class?" Luna hovered over Nathan, trying to convince him.

Nathan then raised his body.

Fang was also awake from falling off Nathan's chest. "Woof… Woof…"

Nathan stroked Fang's head. "You really have a thirst for battle, huh, Fang? Give me a few minutes. We'll be clearing this dungeon soon. And we'll look for a dungeon that contains monsters you prefer."

"Woof woof woof…." Fang closed his eyes and rubbed his head against Nathan's palm.

"Okay, Status."


[Name: Nathan Gardner]

[Race: Half Human]

[Level: Unranked Lv. 24]

[Exp: 270/932]


[Strength: 30]

[Dexterity: 20]

[Agility: 20]

[Magic: 50]

[Constitution: 20]

[Stamina: 40]

[Stat Points: 30]

[Skill Points: 546,889]


[Skill Creation System][+]



"30 Stat points after my hard work for the past 7 days." Nathan made a sad face.I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

"Until when will I get 6 stat points every time I level up, Luna?"

"Up to level 100. You will get 12 stat points at level 101."

"Really?" Nathan was instantly excited, showing his twinkling eyes.

[Nathan Gardner]

[Greed Meter: 65%]

"Okay, it's time for us to clear the last boss of this dungeon. What options do we have, Luna?"

"All right…. You have high values in Magic, and a fairly balanced value in Stamina and Strength. With a combination like this, it would be great if you made a skill that could use both magic and sword skills at the same time. And the answer is… Magic Sword Class!" Luna explained by jumping right and left.

Nathan nodded. "I got it. And about magic. Shouldn't I have to choose which element I want to use in the early stages? I mean, there are 4 elements that I currently have an affinity with, right?."

"Hummu… Hummu… Earth, Fire, Water, and Air."

Luna jumped to the side, and a digital board appeared behind the AI ​​girl.

"Earth is a very good element to use for crowd control and defense. Many tankers and frontline roles use this element."

"Okay." Nathan nodded. "Skip the info dumps. Which element has the greatest damage potential?"

"Hohoho! Good focus!" Luna chuckled. "The element with the greatest damage potential is… Fire!" Luna raised her face in the air and spouted fire from it. "Cough! Cough!"

"Fire. I like fire." Nathan smiled with a fiery look.

Nathan stood. "Hmmm…. I think I have an idea about what skill I want to make. Okay, create a new skill."

A system window appeared in front of him.

[Create a New Skill]

[Please describe the general idea of the skill you want to create.]


[Select Tier: _]

[Cost: _]

[Create the Skill!]

"I really miss this screen look. OK, hmmm…" Nathan placed his fingers on the digital keyboard.

"Woah, I can't wait to find out what skill you want to create this time." Luna floated beside Nathan, watching what he typed on the digital screen.

"Okay, I think this is enough. Create the skill, now!"

"All right."


[Route Quests Match: Flame Sword Warrior]

[You've got 2 Skill Points Cashback]

[Skill created successfully]

[Fire Cutting Waves Tier 1 - Lv. 1]

[Project Elemental Fire Magic in a way that allows the user to cut through matter from a distance.]

[Level 1: Apply 30% elemental-fire magic damage 3 times a sequence.]

[Casting time: 3 seconds.]


[You've opened a new Route Quest]

ραndαsΝοvεl ƈοm

[Flame Sword Warrior]

[Create or wield sword-type weapons with power over fire, which grants the user a wide variety of fire-based abilities. The power of the weapons depends on what they are created for or what level of fire-based element they possess. The more advanced the fire elemental-based power, the more powerful it will be.]

[New Flame Sword Warrior Skill created]

[Flame Sword Warrior 1/5 progress: 1/2 Skills]

"Woah, awesome… You can throw elemental fire magic with your swords. Isn't this amazing?" Luna jumped up and down in the air, clapping her hands. She demonstrated the sword moves Nathan could do with his new skill.

"Flame Sword Warrior, I like the name of this class," Nathan smiled.

"But, wait. Why are there only 5 quests on this route?"

"Huh?" Luna tilted her head. "Ahhh…. Flame Sword Warrior? Yes, yes. Some routes only have 5 sub-quests. The more valuable the class, the more quests will be given. So this means that this class is not that valuable."

"I see… Interesting… Hehehehe. I like it. But before that, let's do the usual. Raise this skill level to the maximum, Luna."

"All right."


[Level 5: Apply 30% elemental-fire magic damage 3 times a sequence.]

[Casting time: 1 second.]


"Okay… So instead of getting additional damage, I got a reduction in casting time. Interesting. I think 1 second is a fair amount of time for the skill with this low tier." Nathan smiled and nodded slowly.

"All right! Do you want to fight the monster now?"

"No, wait. I won't calm down until I complete the 2 skills of this class. Let's create another skill." Nathan grinned at Luna.

"Ah!" Luna was surprised, then nodded quickly. "All right, let's go!!"

"Wooooofh..." Fang also seemed enthusiastic and ran around Nathan.