24 Doing Something Fun

"Woof… Woof… Woof…." Fang noticed the crystal in Nathan's hand. The wolf opened its mouth and drooled.

"Fang? You want this thing?"

[Nathan Gardner]

[Greed Meter: 74%]

"Fang, don't you know that this thing is precious?"

Nathan threw the crystal into the air, and it disappeared from his sight.

ƥαṇdα- ηθνε|·ƈθm

"I can imagine how much Fang wants to devour that crystal." Luna chuckled.

"Woof… Woof…" Fang jumped down from Nathan's hand. The little wolf rested his head on the ground, looking sad. "Awoo… Awoo…"

"Tell me, Luna. How valuable is the Monster Soul Stone? And what will happen to Fang if he eats it?"

Luna floated in front of Nathan, and a pair of glasses appeared on her face. "All right… It's time for Luna-Sensei to answer Master Nathan's questions." She adjusted her glasses.

"Monsters have a 50% chance to leave their core when they die. It's called a Monster Core. And there's a very small chance that their souls are left in the core. That's why it was called the Monster Soul Stone."

Nathan nodded. "Okay, that's pretty straight forward. What is the use?"

"So… Monster Soul Stones are used a lot by blacksmiths to make weapons. Because there is a very high possibility that using the Monster Soul Stones leave most of the skills possessed by the monster in the weapon they made. And the weapons will also have a soul, allowing them to evolve beyond ordinary weapons."

"Hmm, interesting... And what will happen if Fang eats it?"

"Hmmm… Master Nathan, see… Spirit beasts level up and evolve by eating monster cores. Therefore, if you give them good food, they will also evolve into something stronger, something bigger." Luna ended her explanation with a grin.

"Quite abstract, but maybe we can try it another time." Nathan smiled, then he sat down, stroking Fang's head. "Don't worry, Fang. I'll give you tons of monster souls when the time comes."

"Woof… woof…." Fang stood back up, stuck out his tongue, and wagged his tail.

"Okay, let's get out of this dungeon. The cooldown of Crescent Moon Dimension is now available. I really miss the hugs of my gold coins." Nathan smiled widely.


Nathan set his feet on the solid ground. He opened his eyes and found Edna standing by the dungeon entrance, waiting for him.

"Young master." Edna smiled and then walked over to him. "Are you okay? Did anything happen to you?"

Edna checked Nathan's face, arms, and body condition, ensuring nothing had happened to him.

"Hi, Fang…" Edna then grabbed Fang from Nathan's hand. She hugged the little wolf and buried her face in its furry little body. "Mommy misses you so much. Are you okay? Are you eating enough?"

Nathan just stared at what Edna was doing. "Mommy?"


Edna turned to him, "Yes, young master?"

"I'm going to take a shower and get prepared. We're going to the place I told you about before. Wait for me in the car, okay?"

Edna smiled warmly. "Yes, of course. I can't wait to go to that place you always talk about, too."

"Come on, Fang, mommy misses you so much… Unch…." She hugged Fang's small body tightly and walked away.

Nathan immediately went to take a shower and tidied himself up. After a few minutes, he came and opened the car door and found Edna sitting with Fang on her lap.

"Hi Fang, see, daddy has come." Edna lifted Fang's front paw and waved it at Nathan.

"Edna… I'm tired of this family role play." Nathan pouted and got into the car.

Edna chuckled and smiled warmly. "Isn't Fang cute, young master? Do you intend to adopt more cute animals like this?"

"Just wait until you know his true form." Nathan closed the car door.

"Woof… Woof…"

Nathan took the silver pendant around his neck and showed it to Edna. "Okay, Edna. With this pendant, we will enter a pocket dimension that I had told you about before."

Edna nodded enthusiastically. "Yes, I really can't wait!"


"Tada..." Instantly Luna's tiny body appeared in front of Nathan.

"Luna?" Edna tilted her head, looking confused by what Nathan was saying.

"Yes, Luna, here." Nathan pointed at Luna, who was floating in front of him. "She is an AI that helps me understand the system I use. You will meet her in that dimension."

Edna turned in the direction Nathan was pointing, "Hi Ms. Luna… Nice to meet you… I can't wait to meet you."

Luna waved her hand at Edna.

"Okay, Luna, what should I do to bring Edna into the Crescent Moon dimension?"

Luna chuckled, "Easy! It's easy, Master Nathan. You only needed to hug Ms. Edna when activating the pendant!"

Nathan was silent for a moment, then said. "Hug? Let's go with something less intense first."

He then grabbed Edna's hand. "Okay, Edna. Are you ready?"

Edna nodded. "Yes, I am always ready."

"Enter the Crescent Moon Dimension."

In an instant, their bodies then disappeared from their places.ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom


Nathan returned to his feet on the arid surface of the Crescent Moon dimension. The dimension was still the same as before, at night, illuminated only by the red streaks of the volcanic array on one side.

Nathan turned to the side and found Edna had also come with him.

Fang was still in his small body. The wolf was also looking happy, and it was running around excitedly.

"Master Nathan…. Master Nathan…" Luna called from a distance. The girl ran and jumped to hug him.

"Hi… Are you Luna?" Edna walked over.

Luna let go of Nathan and took Edna's hands. "Hi, Ms. Edna. Yes, yes, yes… My name is Luna."

"Hey, Luna…. My name is Edna. Oh you're so cute, can I hug you?"

"Yes, yes, yes, of course." Luna threw herself into Edna's embrace.

"I'm very happy to have a beautiful Onee-san like Ms. Edna. May I call you that?"

Edna let go of her arms, "Oh, of course, cutie. You can call me whatever you want. Do you like my hug? Here, come, hug me again."

"Yeah… I like it, I like it."

Nathan just stood there, smiling awkwardly at the strangeness of the two girls, before turning around and walking towards the cave where the pile of gold was.

Nathan stopped at the mouth of the cave. His eyes immediately opened wide and sparkled, watching the golden light streak from inside the cave. "Oh, my gold. I miss you so much."

"Oh, what is this? Is this all gold??" Edna stopped right beside Nathan. "Is that true? Oh, I can't believe it."

Edna immediately ran into the cave. She threw her body into the pile of gold.

Edna grabbed the gold coins with both hands as if to hug them.

[Nathan Gardner]

[Greed Meter: 45%]

"Is Edna affected by Greed Aura? But…"

Luna, who was standing beside Nathan, just chuckled. "Master Nathan, don't you know? A woman would naturally feel greedy when she sees gold and treasures."

Luna then also ran after Edna. "Onee-san, let's take a gold bath together."

Nathan shook his head with a wry smile when he felt the two girls in front of him seemed more passionate about gold than him.

Nathan then wandered around, trying to find other objects he could use to fight. But suddenly, his spirit fell for some reason. He instead threw himself into a pile of gold and buried himself with a pile of gold coins.

"Can I enjoy this beauty without thinking about anything else?" He closed his eyes and started to get carried away.


A car stopped near the dungeon gate, and a young girl with blonde hair and scientist clothes came out of it.

She was Mary, the Hunter Association receptionist who had previously met Nathan at a Hunter Association Center.

The girl came out with two young men.

A military man approached them after noticing their arrival.

"Hi, Ms. Mary… Is there a problem? You don't usually come to a place like this."

"Hi… Eug, I am looking for a Hunter named Nathan. It's true that he's carrying out a dungeon raid in this place, isn't it?"

"Oh, yes. He had just cleared this dungeon. And-"

"Cleared this dungeon? In such a short time?" Mary looked shocked and shook her head. "Then where is he now?"

The military man pointed to Nathan's black jeep. "He and his servant girl just got into the car."

Mary turned her head. "Then I will greet them."

"Wait!" The military man stopped her.


"I think they're up to something. Wouldn't it be better if we waited for them to come out?"

"Doing something?" Mary looked back at the car; at that moment, she saw the car rocking.

The girl's face immediately turned red. "What are they doing?"

At the same time, the car door opened.

"Ehhh… I think they noticed our presence. I'll try to greet them."

Mary strolled towards Nathan's car.

When she got close enough, someone suddenly got out of the car. A tall young man with an athletic build, bare-chested, with sweat all over his body.

Mary was wide-eyed, amazed, and shocked. That man was Nathan. And when she looked into the car, she found a girl. No, it was Edna, sitting in a tethered outfit, also covered in sweat all over her body.

"Ms. Mary?" Nathan greeted her, who immediately lowered her head.

"Hi, Mary..." Edna waved her hand from inside the car.

"Eh… I'm sorry! I didn't mean to disturb you both!" Mary turned around and dashed away as fast as her legs could carry her.