28 Leon Gardner

It was night. Muramoto had offered to drive the car, and Edna had readily agreed.

Nathan sat alone in the back seat.

Muramoto started the conversation as the car drove away. "Ahahaha… Actually, I was really excited when I found out that you guys called for my services."

"Really?" Edna answered, then chuckled lightly. "What makes Muramoto-San so enthusiastic about this minor job?"

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"I mean, did you know that, umm, Nathan-San has been the talk of town lately?"

Nathan raised his eyebrows at Muramoto's words. But he then immediately ignored it. There were too many things bothering his mind.

"I haven't heard such news? Really? What are people saying about Young Master Nathan?" Edna asked.

"Some were saying that their dungeons had been paid for at a high price and were being cleared by a newly awakened rookie in less than a day's time. Isn't that awesome? Hahaha… That's why I was so excited when I got this offer." Muramoto explained with a cheerful face.

"Ahhh, I guess the young master did not really think about what his highly efficient jungle clearing would do to his reputation." Edna chuckled, covering her lips with the back of her palm.

"Ehm, Edna-San, do you know? Eh… Actually, at first, I thought you two were a couple. I mean, you guys look so good together, hahaha… Sorry, sometimes my imagination is too much."

"A couple?" Edna turned to Muramoto. "If a 'couple' by Muramoto-San's definition means we've lived together for a long time and have a baby together, then the answer is yes."

"Edna…" Nathan said from behind.

"Ahahaha…. Really? Is that true? Really? You are joking, right? Hahaha! Oh, if only Nathan-San said it himself, maybe I would believe it. Ehehehe, sorry, sorry."

Nathan could only sigh at the conversation that was going on in the car. But he paid them no mind and focused on reviewing his life, which had recently taken a massive turn.

It had been over a week since Nathan left the house. Leon had also threatened him before.

Leon Gardner, his stepbrother, asked him to leave his house. He wasn't planning to do as Leon said and was worried that Leon would take steps to forcefully gain control of the house, so he wanted to go home as quickly as possible to make sure that nothing bad happened.

"Oh, if I may know. Ah, why is Nathan-San so ambitious to clear so many dungeons in such a really short time? Eh, Nathan-San doesn't have to answer if he doesn't like it." Muramoto continued.

Nathan lifted his head and snapped out of his thoughts.

"Oh," Edna said before Nathan could answer.

"You know about CEHA, right, Muramoto-San?" Edna tried to cover what she thought Nathan would answer. And, of course, she did that because Nathan didn't even try to keep it a secret.

"Columbus Elite Hunter Academy? Really? Of course, I know! I couldn't possibly not know about such a famous place!" Muramoto immediately answered.

"Yes, young master Nathan wants to take the entrance exam this year. Hmm. Hmm." Edna nodded her head quickly, confirming Nathan's intentions.

"Ah, as expected. And, of course, I believe Nathan-San deserves to enter that academy. Yes, I know this seems impossible, considering the time for registration is so close. But I want to actually witness firsthand what Nathan-San could do. Aren't I lucky to be in the front seat of this great journey, Edna-San?" Muramoto turned to Edna with a big smile.

Edna chuckled lightly. "Sure, sure. Does Muramoto-San also have plans to enter the Hunter academy? Isn't it the dream of all Hunters to enter the world of Yunatea?"

"Ehmm, ehehehe. Actually, I also want to enter CEHA. I, um, have a girlfriend there." Muramoto answered shyly.

"Oh really? A girlfriend? Ah…" Edna smiled widely in response to Muramoto's words. "Does Muramoto-San intend to enter the academy to catch up with girlfriend-San?"

"Hehehe… Yes, that is my plan. I mean, for someone like me, the fee to enter the academy is not a small price. That's why I am working so hard. Olivia-Chan can't wait to go to the academy with me. I mean, have you ever heard of that name? Olivia Aveline. Yes, she is." Muramoto explained with sparkling eyes.

"Hmm, Olivia Aveline?" Edna was silent for a moment as if she remembered something. "Is she the young talent who rose to level 50 within 3 months?" She continued.

"Oh, I didn't expect Edna-San to have such extensive information. Yes, she is that person. Ahahaha… And this year, she is also serving as Student Council President at CEHA. Oh my, I seem too proud of Olivia-Chan." Muramoto scratched the back of his hair, still grinning widely.

Edna constantly chuckled in response to Muramoto's every punchline. "I think there is nothing wrong with Muramoto-San boasting about such a girlfriend with such top talent. And we both feel lucky to know someone like Muramoto-san this time. Because it turns out that Muramoto-San is not an ordinary person. Can we also get a sneak peek at what tests CEHA will give this year?"

They entered the Southlake city gate. That small town at night really looks like a day with thousands of lights dotting the streets.

"If only I could get my hands on that information. However, I believe Nathan-San can achieve greater things than Olivia Chan."

Edna chuckled lightly. "I guess so. Young master was so focused and determined that he only slept for a few hours in the past week."

Edna had a good chat with Muramoto even as she monitored the security cameras from their house. And at that moment, she found all the surveillance cameras were turned off simultaneously.

"Oh, young master, young master." Edna was startled and looked back.

Nathan immediately raised his body and saw what Edna also saw from her tablet screen. "What is it, Edna?"please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

"I think someone just killed the CCTVs at home."

"Leon! I'm sure it's Leon's doing. I have to go home immediately." Nathan clenched his fists. "Would it be better if I rode Fang there?"

Edna shook her head slowly. "I don't think it's the right choice, young master. Because Fang will attract quite a lot of people's attention."

Nathan lowered his head. His heart beat was getting faster.

"I won't let Leon do anything in my house." He threw his fists at his knee.

"Eh Nathan-San," Muramoto interrupts the conversation. "I'm sorry, but I'll try to drive this car faster." He continued.

After a few minutes of driving, they finally entered the road to Nathan's house. And on that occasion, he felt something strange happening to his house from a distance.

Nathan immediately got out of the car when it stopped at the mansion's gate.

Nathan jumped over the iron gate and found the house he had lived in all this time in a pathetic condition. Part of the building had shattered, and all the mirrors and windows were in pieces. Only a few lights were left on the sides.

Nathan dashed and found several people in black suits coming out of the house. They then lined up as if to welcome him.

"Who are you?! What are you doing? Where is Leon? Leon!!!" Nathan shouted loudly.

Edna and Muramoto ran and caught up with him. They stopped behind Nathan, both trying to figure out what had happened.

From inside the house, someone walked out. A young man with blond hair. Someone they knew as Leon Gardner, the eldest son of the Gardner family.

Leon strolled with an annoyed look on his face. He walked over and stopped right in front of Nathan.

"Look! Who's this? My little brother got his leg back?"

Nathan looked up. "What are you doing, Leon? I never allowed you to do this!"

"Huh? Really? Didn't I pay you? You've also used my money to buy those dungeons, haven't you?" Leon answered with his narrowed eyes and a faint smile.

"I don't need your money! I can pay you back twice!" Nathan clenched his fists. He could no longer contain his anger.

Edna strolled towards him. She tried to gently grab his wrist.

"Young master…" she muttered.

"Nice! Amazing!" Leon clapped his hands. "Spectacular! Now my little brother has grown into a powerful man! Are you willing to show me that power of yours?"

Nathan's breathing quickened, and he was clearly holding back his anger. His hands trembled.

"Young master Leon. I'm sorry, but using The Breath without permission inside the city is forbidden."

"Huh?" Leon glanced at Edna. "Who is this? Since when is this bitch allowed to talk to me?"

Leon grabbed Nathan's chin, lifting him slowly. "Do you think I'm scared?"

Muramoto gaped, trying to help, but he didn't even understand what was happening.

Leon lifted Nathan's face. "Say it, my little brother. Are you willing to show me your strength?"

Nathan clenched his fists tighter. He knew he wouldn't win against Leon, but what he did was simply too much.

The house was the last thing his mother left him. The house was precious to him.

"Young master Leon. Please, please release young master Nathan." Edna walked over.

Leon suddenly showed anger, his teeth gritted and his brow furrowed. He made light movements, and Nathan's body was instantly lifted into the air.

Nathan was thrown far back without even realizing it. Leon kicked him at a speed even he couldn't keep up with.

Nathan flew swiftly toward his car. Neither Edna nor Muramoto could help him.

The sound of a significant crash occurred when Nathan's body hit the car. The sound of the car's siren rang out loudly and broke the silence of the night.