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Chapter 153 - Supplementing Equipment

Yan Luoying on the other hand was delighted.

After all, she had won. After the wedding date was set, Yan Luoying felt relieved.

The carriage stopped in front of Su Wen’s house and Yan Luoying alighted.

Coincidentally, she saw Su Changqing walking out. She obediently greeted him, “Hello, Uncle Su.”

Su Changqing forced out a smile before saying, “Luoying, His Majesty has already given his decree. I’ll have to trouble you to control Su Wen.”

Yan Luoying smiled. “What are you talking about, Uncle Su? He is the head of the family. He should be the one making the decisions.”

Su Changqing shook his head and said, “This brat is never good. You should keep an eye on him.”

With that said, Su Changqing got into the carriage and was about to leave when Ning Shuang ran out with a huge wine jar.

“Old Sire! Please bring the wine back. It’s Young Master’s kind intentions!”

As Ning Shuang spoke, she placed the wine jar on Su Changqing’s carriage.

Su Changqing looked at the wine and shook his head helplessly. His son was a little troublesome.

However, Old Su had received many troublesome items, so what was one more to the list?

‘Why not… call in Wu Kunhu for a drink? He could give him something to add to his troubles and have a good time?’ The thought flashed through Su Changqing’s mind…

As the carriage drove away, Ning Shuang looked at Yan Luoying as she sighed in her heart.

This person would be the master of the inner residence from now on.

No matter how it looked, this would be the case in name.

“Does Miss Yan wish to see the Young Master?” Ning Shuang asked.

Yan Luoying nodded.

Ning Shuang said with a smile, “Please wait a while, I’ll inform him.”

No matter what, Yan Luoying was still an outsider, thus Ning Shuang would not break the rules.

Yan Luoying had no objections. If Ning Shuang really flattered her, she would instead feel unhappy.

Ning Shuang headed back to the living room. Su Wen was seated on a chair, pondering over something.

“Young Master, Yan Luoying is here.”

Hearing this name, Su Wen sighed. At this point, what else could he say?

“Let her come in.”

Yan Luoying entered the living room. When they met, Yan Luoying smiled and said, “Lord Su, how have you been? Your reputation is feared by everyone in the capital recently.”

These words were true. Among the officials, the Secret Shadow Guard was already sufficiently intimidating.

No one wanted the Secret Shadow Guard to appear in front of their door.

As a commander of the Secret Shadow Guard, Su Wen was extremely active during this period of time, causing many people to fear him.

Su Wen glanced at her before saying, “Are you here just to tell me this?”

Yan Luoying smiled. “Of course not. I’m just here to meet my future husband.”

To Yan Luoying’s surprise, Su Wen did not reject her words. Instead, he opened his arms and smiled. “Come, then let your husband hug


Yan Luoying blushed. What was wrong with this guy?

Actually, Su Wen’s thoughts were very simple. Since he could not reject her, and furthermore Yan Luoying also had decent looks. There was no need to be polite!

In reality, most men were the same. As long as their partners were good-looking enough, it was not that hard to accept.

However, Yan Luoying was not like Su Wen. She could argue with Su Wen, but if she was serious, Yan Luoying would not be able to accept so easily.

“We’re not… married yet,” Yan Luoying stammered, blushing. “Just because so?” Su Wen sneered.

Yan Luoying was unconvinced. “Do you think everyone is as lawless as you?” “Then why are you still marrying me?”

Su Wen’s words made Yan Luoying fall into silence.

“Who asked me to fall in love with you? You were the one who suggested to His Majesty about the artisan workshop, right?” Yan Luoying asked. Su Wen was surprised. “How did you know?” Yan Luoying smiled and said, “There’s no such thing as an impenetrable wall in this world. It’s not something secret, so people will always spread it. Many children who were caught hate


Su Wen laid on the chair and said indifferently, “It doesn’t matter whether they hate me or not. There are many people who hate me.”

Yan Luoying sighed when she saw Su Wen’s frivolous expression. When she went to see the child and heard about this from him, she was also shocked.

She clearly remembered those children’s resentful faces as they said, “We heard from the adults here that it was Su Wen who found us a hindrance and suggested His Majesty to bring us in. We’re forced to learn craftsmanship every day. Sister Yan, can you take us out with you?”

In the hearts of these children, letting them learn and locking them up was the greatest evil!

However, in Yan Luoying’s eyes, this was another side of Su Wen that others seldom saw.

Something else hidden beneath that arrogance.

Yan Luoying looked at Su Wen and said seriously, “I’m very glad that you’re my betrothed. I know that you don’t like me, but I believe that you’ll change your mind one day. At the very least, we’re going to get married and become the closest people in the world. This is something that can’t be changed.” “Since we’re husband and wife, we should stick together.”

Su Wen shook his head and said, “Don’t worry, I don’t dislike you that much. After all, I’m a beauty lover. I like all the good-looking ones… I have boundless love to spread…”

Yan Luoying was helpless. This person was really like what Su Changqing said, not at all good. She confessed so seriously, but she got this sentence as a reply.

At least give a perfunctory sentence to mollify me!

The two of them chatted for a while more, and it seemed like they were at least on good terms. Yan Luoying stood up to leave, and Su Wen fell into a daze once again.

All along, he had an ambiguous relationship with Zhao Wanrou and Wu Muyu.

Could it really end like this?

However, he was reluctant to part with them!

But what if it did not stop?

What Su Wen did not know was that even if he had the system, he was not omniscient.

In the prison of the Secret Shadow Guards, many people had been arrested recently. Yao Gu’s entire family was sentenced to be executed because he still had a plot to assassinate an official of the Imperial Court. After some investigation, they found a few more murder cases. The few of his mistresses were not considered family members and were thus released. Su Wen also fulfilled his promise and gave each of them a sum of money as a reward for meritorious service.

As for Meng Wei, he was much better off. As Meng Zhiping was dead, he was sentenced to only the confiscation of assets. Meng Wei himself was sentenced to seven years in the military for harboring a criminal.

His entire family had been released.

At the entrance of the Secret Shadow Guard, Su Wen watched as the whole family left. Before they left, Meng Wei’s mother looked at Su Wen with a complicated gaze. There was hatred, fear, and relief.

Su Wen then got onto the carriage. In front of the carriage, Zhao Jin and Chu He sat side by side.

Zhao Jin asked in a low voice, “Young Master… do you need…”

Su Wen shook his head. “There’s no need.”

He knew what Zhao Jin meant. It was a very simple principle: Pulling the weeds by the roots!

However, Su Wen had his own thoughts. He was never a good person, but at the same time, he didn’t mind following the law when his life wasn’t in danger.

Most of the time, people were complicated. Su Wen realized that now since his authority had reached a certain level, most of the time, he had to rely on his morals and self-discipline to restrain himself.

Firstly, torture was a very common method in this world. Due to the lack of evidence, if they did not use torture, would the criminal’s conscience be exposed?

Even in Su Wen’s memory, the torture methods of interrogation only gradually disappeared when modern technology developed. There were so many wise people in ancient times who could not change this. Could Su Wen alone change it?

It was just that Su Wen had always been cautious about using punishments, so even if he did not use it, it did not mean that there was anything wrong with using it in this era. But Su Wen didn’t have the time to lock up every prisoner like Xue Wanjun.

For example, Meng Wei. Was he going to negotiate with him and wait for him to reveal the truth about the criminal?

If that was the case, then there was no need for prisons in this world. In any case, he just wouldn’t admit it. Not to mention that Su Wen didn’t have any evidence, even if he had, so what? Even if Meng Wei chose to stay silent despite everything, would they then just stare at each other and hope that Meng Wei would admit one way or another?

Social systems and development levels were bound to require some tough measures to advance.

It was not difficult for Su Wen to get rid of Meng Zhiping’s family. However, at the same time, did Meng Zhiping’s family commit any crimes? Although Su Wen felt that they were not completely innocent, they did not deserve to be killed.

Thus, Su Wen still maintained a moral bottom line, he used it to restrain him.

This was the complexity of human nature.

Su Wen never wanted to act like a saint because that would be too restrictive and tiring. At the same time, Su Wen did not plan to become an inhumane existence. He did not want to sell everything for his own benefit.

“Let’s go, Brother Jin. I’ll go to the Spiritual Masters Residence to replenish your equipment today.”

Under Su Wen’s command, the carriage slowly moved forward.

“Give me some too.” Unexpectedly, Chu He also opened his mouth to request.

Su Wen was a little confused. “Aren’t you going down the path of the sword? Not relying on external objects?”

Chu He said with a calm expression, “After this matter, I feel that there are some things that I cannot completely listen to my master. The moment a person dies, whatever path of the Sword they walk down will also go to waste. Living…. is the most important.”

‘It’s more important that the person I care about is alive!’ Chu He thought inwardly.

He did not want to see others fight for him!

Ever since he was young, Chu He had been alone. However, when he gradually got closer to Zhao Jin, he felt the so-called friendship and brotherhood for the first time. That night, Zhao Jin fought to the death, causing Chu He to blame himself deeply! He knew very well that he was the only one Yao Gu wanted to kill.

After that day, he tore off the list of challenges his master had given him.

It wasn’t that Chu He was afraid of death, but that there were existences that finally exceeded the Sword Dao in his heart.

Perhaps the most important thing in a person’s life was friendship.

Yao Gu’s revenge for Meng Zhiping came from his loyalty.

If a person was willing to give up all feelings for his own benefit, that person would definitely be very scary.

At the very least, Chu He couldn’t do it now! Pursuing Sword Dao was the goal his master had set. Although he had been following this path, Chu He didn’t want to take it anymore.

The carriage soon arrived at the Spiritual Masters Residence.

Su Wen and the other two entered and met up with Mo Xin!

It had been a long time since they last met, but this fellow still didn’t seem to have changed much. His world was an innocent one; he was happy so long as he had the money to conduct experiments!

“Su Wen, I’ve already thought of a solution! Now, I’ll gather 16 Spiritual Masters and set up a Heavenly Cycle Stars Essence Soul Array. With my Essence Soul as a guide, it can fly 500 meters away and land accurately!” Mo Xin’s research had made progress and he happily showed off to Su Wen.

Su Wen looked at Mo Xin and asked, “Do you have any individual equipment made recently?” Zhao Jin raised his hand. There were still scars on his hand. He grumbled, “That Polymer Cannon you gave me last time was too frightening. It exploded in my hand!” Mo Xin said helplessly, “What can I do? That thing is unstable to begin with. For it to gather a large amount of energy through the array and trigger a qualitative change, it’s already very good that it can deliver a strike. The subsequent explosion is only a small problem. If it exploded before the attack could be shot out, you would probably be dead.”

“That’s also why I told you not to use it unless you have no other choice!”

Zhao Jin said in a low voice, “Give me another one!”

While he grumbled a lot about the danger of this artifact, Zhao Jin was quite satisfied with the power of the polymer cannon.

The choice between dying and having a hand blown up was very simple.

Mo Xin shook his head and said, “There’s no more, that thing is already an obsolete product. It’s too unstable, so there’s no stock. The military doesn’t want it either.”

As he spoke, he glanced at Zhao Jin and whispered, “But I heard that Lass Ni from the 7th Residence is researching…”

Su Wen and Zhao Jin’s expressions changed halfway through his sentence.

The two of them said at the same time, “Don’t mention that person.” Chu He was very surprised when he saw their reactions. Having been with them for a while, they were pretty much lawless and did things according to their own wills. An ordinary person definitely couldn’t suppress them.

But why did their expressions change so drastically at the mention of this Lass Ni?

Mo Xin pursed his lips and said, “You commoners always look at us Spiritual Masters with the eyes of the secular world… Although Lass Ni’s research is a bit disgusting, the results are really good.” He then looked at Zhao Jin and said,” Isn’t your pill also from her? You should be aware of what goes into the pill. How could it be that you resorted to using the Polymer Cannon without first consuming the pill?”

When these words came out, even Zhao Jin, a martial artist at Earth Rank, could not help involuntarily retching!

Some things cannot be thought of.

“Alright, get me two Polymer Cannons first, then we’ll discuss further!” After Su Wen said that, he looked at Zhao Jin and asked, “Why don’t we go take a look at Lass Ni? After all, we still have to get the pills.” “Let’s go…” Su Wen looked at Mo Xin and smiled. “Why don’t you come with us?”


Mo Xin followed Su Wen inside. At first, there were still a few scattered Spiritual Masters around, but the further they went, the fewer people there were. Finally, they arrived in front of a residence!

“Lass Ni, we’re here,” Mo Xin shouted.

Suddenly, the door opened and a skeleton stood in front of everyone.

Chu He’s hand immediately landed on the sword, but he realized that the others didn’t react at all.

Kacha, kacha.

Skelly opened the door and made way for them.

As the door opened, an indescribable smell spread out.

Su Wen shook his head and simply walked in.

Chu He and company followed closely behind.

Once he entered, Chu He was stunned. There were huge transparent water troughs on both sides, the contents of which were all kinds of corpses and organs…

It wasn’t just humans. There were all kinds of demon beasts… alien races…

Even though Chu He’s Sword Heart was devoid of impurities, he still couldn’t help but feel a chill from the bottom of his heart when he saw this scene.

The room was huge. Further in were some bones of all kinds.

Furthermore, some of the bones were clearly not of the same species and had been pieced together into strange shapes.

As they walked further in, they finally saw someone.

A woman in a long robe.

She was about 25 or 26 years old and was surrounded by candles that lit up the entire room. She possessed exquisite looks.

However, she didn’t seem to notice that her guests had arrived. Her head was lowered as she intently stared at the corpse on the table.

Her hands were covered in blood as a smile bloomed on her face.

Obviously, she was deeply immersed in her current state.

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