1999 Goodbye, Earth (1)

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"Ah... Finally home." Ye Ling stretched her waist tiredly, emerging from the RV that had just pulled up to Cloudhaven Orphanage.

"A worthwhile trip indeed," Yang Ningchang smiled.

"I want to take a shower badly." Lynn declared, taking a whiff of her clothes.

Originally planned for a month, Yun Lintian extended their journey by another. They'd traversed the globe: China, Africa, America, and even a breathtaking Antarctic expedition. They'd truly seen it all.

"Take some rest first," Yun Lintian suggested to his women with a smile.

These two months had seen a significant improvement in their relationships. While Yun Lintian hadn't found a way to break through with Long Qingxuan, he did see a positive shift in her demeanor. A promising sign.

Everyone nodded in agreement and headed back to their rooms.

Yun Lintian took this opportunity to stroll through the orphanage grounds.

Currently, the orphanage housed over a hundred thousand children and staff. Yang Wu hadn't stopped accepting orphans during their absence.

Given the orphanage's immense scale, Yun Lintian knew it wouldn't be sustainable without his presence. As a solution, he established a gate here, granting Yang Wu access to the Land of Beyond Heaven. There, Yang Wu could retrieve the gold bars Yun Lintian produced to ensure the orphanage's continued operation.

"Big Brother Yun!"

Suddenly, Xia Renhao spotted Yun Lintian and hurried over, a wide smile on his face. His complexion and appearance had improved significantly; he even seemed taller. This transformation was all thanks to the strand of power Yun Lintian had infused into his body.

"Little Hao," Yun Lintian greeted with a smile. "How are you?"

"Great! Everyone's doing well. We have food to eat and a school to go to," Xia Renhao replied enthusiastically.

"That's wonderful to hear," Yun Lintian said, genuinely happy for the children.

"But Big Brother Yun," Xia Renhao began, "we all want to contribute to the orphanage somehow."

"Oh? That's a great thought," Yun Lintian said with interest. "What did you have in mind?"

"We want to earn money, but we're not sure where to start," Xia Renhao admitted. "I've been studying business management recently, but every industry seems saturated. It's hard to break into the market."

"Not bad at all," Yun Lintian smiled. "How about I give you a business idea?"

"Really?" Xia Renhao's eyes lit up. In his eyes, Yun Lintian was an all-powerful figure.

"Come with me," Yun Lintian said, leading the way towards the forest behind the orphanage.

"Have you noticed any difference between this place and the outside world?" Yun Lintian asked as they walked.

Xia Renhao pondered for a moment before replying uncertainly, "The air and environment here seem better. The water tastes better too."

"Exactly. Our orphanage is special," Yun Lintian confirmed gently.

Soon, they arrived at the forest. Yun Lintian had originally planned this area as a leisure spot for the children, but they gravitated towards the waterfall instead. Consequently, the forest had seen little use in the past two months.

Yun Lintian scanned the area briefly before raising his hand.

Under Xia Renhao's curious gaze, the once pine and oak-filled forest transformed into a vast orchard teeming with diverse fruit trees.lightsnovel

"Wow..." Xia Renhao breathed in awe.

Yun Lintian waved his hand again, and two bananas materialized before them.

He offered one to Xia Renhao. "Try it," he said, peeling and taking a bite of the other.

Without hesitation, Xia Renhao took a bite. His eyes widened in delight. "This is incredible!"

"We're going to sell them," Yun Lintian informed him. "You can organize a group of children to help manage this orchard. It can be a fun activity for them. I'll speak to Uncle Wu about acquiring some machinery. We can use it to process these fruits into various products."

Sixteen-year-old Xia Renhao envisioned a mountain of gold. While his experience with the outside world was limited, he was confident the quality of these fruits was unparalleled.

Yun Lintian patted Xia Renhao's head encouragingly. "The rest is up to you."

"I won't let you down," Xia Renhao declared with determination.


Yun Lintian cast a final glance at the orchard before departing. The Tree of Life's power coursed through it, ensuring year-

round growth and maintaining its exceptional taste for at least a thousand years.

After sending Xia Renhao back to the main building, Yun Lintian ascended to the peak of the waterfall and settled into a seat, 01:26

taking in the sprawling cityscape below.

ascended to the peak of the waterfall and settled into a seat, taking in the sprawling cityscape below.

Gazing upon the people going about their lives, Yun Lintian felt a profound sense of peace.

During their road trip, Yun Lintian had witnessed a remarkable transformation in the global environment. Air and water pollution were virtually nonexistent. The Earth was slowly healing, returning to a state of pristine health.

Many countries around the world had noticed this shift as well. Scientists could only describe it as a miracle. Fortunately, those with significant power didn't take it for granted. They initiated various policies to prevent the world from regressing to its previous state.

Coupled with the influence of the Hell Church leaders, wars in many regions had gradually ceased. If the next generation of leaders possessed wisdom, Earth could maintain this peaceful state for a very long time.

Yun Lintian felt a sense of accomplishment. Now, it was time for him to depart. Though the future remained uncertain, he was resolute in his desire to return to Earth and make it his permanent home someday.

"Are we leaving tomorrow, junior brother?" Nantian Fengyu materialized beside Yun Lintian with a whisper, taking in the breathtaking vista.

"Yes," Yun Lintian smiled. "Fifth Sister, you're welcome to stay here if you wish. You can still access my side through the gate."

"As much as I'd love to," Nantian Fengyu sighed, shaking her head, "it wouldn't be appropriate. This time here has undoubtedly been the happiest period of my life. I've never experienced such joy before. If it were possible, I'd choose to stay longer."

"What's your plan?" Nantian Fengyu asked, her gaze fixed on Yun Lintian.

"Honestly, I haven't decided yet," Yun Lintian admitted. "Let's explore the Kunlun Realm first and re-evaluate then. Ideally, we'd find a secret realm with accelerated time flow while we're there."

He turned to Nantian Fengyu. "What about you, Fifth Sister? Any specific goals?"

Nantian Fengyu's eyes flickered, betraying a flicker of thought. After a moment, she spoke. "I'm interested in finding the True Phoenix Ancestral Ground."

"The True Phoenix Ancestral Ground?" Yun Lintian echoed in surprise. This was entirely new information to him.