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Chapter 258 - Radiant Knight

Chapter 258: Radiant Knight

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Lorne opened the information regarding the rental of NPCs and fell into deep thought.

There were many choices in front of him.

Every faction had different NPCs for the players to rent, and the cost was also very different.


[Iron Skull City Barracks] could rent out Warriors, Archers, Knights, and other combat NPCs.

[Blacksmith’s Association] could rent out functional NPCs such as Blacksmith, Smelter, and Builder.

[Alchemist Association] could rent functional NPCs like Alchemists, Gatherers, and Herbalists.



As the main city of the players, Iron Skull City had almost all the NPCs that one wanted to rent.

However, Lorne was not satisfied.

These rented NPCs all belonged to Iron Skull City, and Cold Desolate Dragon City would definitely become a competitor of Iron Skull City in the future. After all, the location of Cold Desolate Dragon City was more suitable for adventurers, so Lorne did not think that renting people from Iron Skull City was a good choice.

Compared to Iron Skull City, Lorne was more inclined to the Church of Light.

In the Church of Light, one could rent: Church Devotee, Church Priest, Church Knight, Light Knight, Holy Knight, Great Holy Knight, Light Priest…

It could be seen that there were two types of distinct NPCs in the Church of Light, Priests and Knights!

Both had the special power of the Church of Light. The holy light gave the priests stronger healing abilities and the knights stronger combat strength.

If he rented the Light Knight, the guards in the inner city would no longer have to worry.

This was because the NPCs of the Church of Light had a very powerful talent, which was—[Holy Light Eye]!

This talent could allow the Light Knight to clearly sense the approach of the surrounding creatures. Even if they were invisible, they would be detected immediately.

Most importantly, the Church of Light did not belong to any faction. It only followed the Order faction.

In other words, it was definitely neutral.

Even if Lorne’s Cold Desolate Dragon City clashed with any force, as long as Lorne did not betray the Order faction, the Church of Light would not give any instructions to the Light Knights.

This was the advantage that Lorne valued the most.

However, the cost of renting a Light Knight in the Church of Light was also extremely high. At the very least, it was not something that the current players could afford.

Lorne glanced at his church reputation panel.

Church of Light Reputation Points: (5715 / 5715)

This reputation was nothing compared to the reputation of hundreds of thousands of empires.

However, the reputation of the Light Faction was very rare.

Those who could exceed 1,000 points were the top players in the world.

To rent a Church Knight, he needed 1,000 reputation points from the Church of Light.

In other words, Lorne could only rent five Church Knights.

This was too little.

Lorne found the Priestess of the Church of Light, hoping to increase his rental limit.

The result was very successful.

First of all, because of his high Dragon Race reputation, Lorne obtained 50,000 Church reputation points.

Then, with his affinity with the Dragon of Light, he obtained another 50,000 church reputation points.

Then, Lorne activated his Angel’s Wings.

In this world, possessing the Angels’ Wings meant that he belonged to the angel faction of the Church of Light and was the highest-level combat soldier in the entire church.

Therefore, with the Angel’s Wings, Lorne obtained another 100,000 reputation points.

All in all, this beautiful priestess of the Church of Light had given Lorne a temporary quota of 200,000 reputation points, which could be used to rent everything here within this quota.

Therefore, Lorne opened the Reputation Exchange panel of the Church of Light.


[Church Knight]

Level: 30 (Same as the City Lord)

Attributes: …

Skill: Charge, Frenzied Will, Cross Flame, Armor Proficiency, Holy Light Eye.

Recruitment Requirement: 1,000 Reputation Points (Reserved, Not Expended)

Recruitment Cost: 20 gold coins per day.

Introduction: The assault force of the Church of Light is a firm believer of light. The thick armor they wear provides them with powerful defense, and the power of light provides them with powerful attack power.


[Light Knight]

Level: 30 (Same as the City Lord)

Attributes: …

Skill: Holy Light Charge, Spear of Judgment, Knight’s Spirit, Punishment Spear, Holy Light Eye.

Recruitment Requirement: 5,000 Reputation Points (Reserved, Not Expended)

Recruitment Cost: 0 gold coins per day (Serving an angel is the supreme glory of a Light Knight)

Introduction: Only a one in a million knight can be qualified to receive the baptism of the power of light and become a Light Knight. In fact, the burning faith allows the Light Knight to obtain powerful strength and can easily defeat all opponents.


These were the recruitment requirements for two types of soldiers.

It could be seen that recruiting soldiers in the Church of Light would occupy the reputation of the Church of Light, but it would not consume reputation.

However, the City Lord still had to pay the recruitment fees for these warriors.

Church Knights needed 20 gold coins per day!

This was not a small number. In other words, the monthly salary of a Church Knight was 600 gold coins, and a huge city like Cold Desolate Dragon City required a large number of NPCs!

According to Lorne’s initial estimation, the city guards of Cold Desolate Dragon City should be around 20,000. Only this number of city guards could maintain the security of the entire city.

If all the city guards were replaced by Church Knights, then Lorne would have to spend at least 12 million gold coins per day!

“As expected, it costs money!”

Lorne sighed. Fortunately, the security of the outer city had been handed over to Rhett and his army, and the cost of their city guards was provided by Iron Skull City, so the pressure on Lorne was not that great for the time being.

Currently, he only needed to recruit some knights and protect the inner city.

With that in mind, Lorne decided to recruit two types of soldiers.

First of all, the number of Church Knights was 100, which consumed 100,000 reputation points.

Then, the number of Light Knights was 20, and the reputation consumption was 100,000 points.

These 120 knights were enough to protect the inner city from being invaded.. After all, they had the super practical skill, Holy Light Eye, on them. At the same time, their combat strength was very high, and they could easily kill any player other than Lorne!

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