Chen Dong's Afterword

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Chen Dong’s Afterword

It’s finished. In the final three chapters, I wrote more than fifteen thousand characters in total, as many as five usual chapters, writing all the way until the sky brightened again.

Right now, my mood is extremely complicated. The book that I’ve written for so long has finally come to an end, finished. I feel a bit empty inside, my train of thought seems to still be in writing this book.

However, what ought to end still needs to conclude.

The young Little Stone left the great wasteland, traveling alone, full of cheers and laughter, but also sadness. There were twists and turns, hot-blooded moments, and also helplessness. Heavenly Emperor Huang, his glory still continues.

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If you aren’t satisfied, then come to my Weibo, leave behind criticisms on my public Weixin account, because I know no book can satisfy the tastes of all readers.

Fifteen thousand characters, I’ve written for an entire night. Now, Chen Dong really wants to immediately go to bed and sleep.

Perfect World, this book has been written for too long, Chen Dong is quite exhausted. I really need to rest well for a bit, I ask fellow brothers and sisters to please wait.

Thank you all!