1325 Killing Seven Emperors!

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Lin Feng's face was slightly pale. Stopping the seven Emperors at once was too much of a burden on him. However, there were 210,000 worlds in his body, and Lin Feng's endurance had clearly increased by a lot.

Lin Feng could completely restrict even the seven Emperors.


The moment Lin Feng used the rules of time, he had already taken action. His internal world suddenly enveloped the seven Emperors, sweeping them all into his internal chiliocosm domain.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

The 210,000 worlds in the internal chiliocosm domain contained a daunting power. How terrifying was the power contained? Moreover, these seven Emperors did not even have the chance to resist on their own. They were all completely stilled, and could only rely on their Celestial Devil's true form to resist it head-on.

Emperor Wasteland might be able to hold out for a while, but the other Emperors could not.

Immediately, one, two, three, four…

These four Celestial Devil Emperors were the weakest. They could not withstand the suppression of the power of Lin Feng's internal chiliocosm domain at all. They collapsed instantly, turning into pure world origin that was devoured by the Chaotic Lotus.

At the same time, Emperor Venom only held out for a few more moments before being pulverized by the power of the chiliocosm domain.

In an instant, only Emperor Bloodbath and Emperor Wasteland remained among the seven Emperors. These two Emperors were also the strongest, and the ones who could hold out the longest.

Emperor Bloodbath was slightly stronger than Emperor Venom at his peak back then. He had about 110,000 layers of Celestial Devil's true form. If not for Lin Feng, with Emperor Bloodbath's strength, he could handle any warzone with ease, and could even oversee a warzone alone.

However, in front of Lin Feng, Emperor Bloodbath could be considered to be in deep trouble. It was as if he was an "auxiliary". No matter how strong he was, he could not be stronger than Emperor Wasteland.

Facing the crushing force of Lin Feng's 210,000 worlds, he naturally did not hold out for long. His 110,000 layers of Celestial Devil's true form also collapsed one after another, turning into pure world origin.

In the end, only Emperor Wasteland was left! A 200,000-layer Celestial Devil's true form was indeed extraordinary. However, so what? Lin Feng's internal chiliocosm domain was stronger than the Emperor Wasteland's to begin with. Hence, although the burden on his internal chiliocosm domain was heavy after time was stopped, it was not like when he dealt with Emperor Venom previously, when it could collapse in half a breath.

Lin Feng could still hold out for a long time.

Taking advantage of this period of time, Lin Feng gathered the power of all the chiliocosm domains, and struck Emperor Wasteland hard.


With the first strike, Emperor Wasteland had lost tens of thousands of times of his Celestial Devil's true form. After all, how terrifying was a full-power strike from Lin Feng's 210,000 worlds?

Even without stopping time, in a head-on attack, Lin Feng's 210,000 worlds were not at a disadvantage at all. Of course, had they fought head-on, it would be impossible for Lin Feng to weaken his opponent's true form by tens of thousands of layers in an instant.


This was the second strike. Tens of thousands of layers of Celestial Devil's true form were lost again.

The third strike, fourth strike, fifth strike…

There was not much left of Emperor Wasteland's Celestial Devil's true form. He only had a few hundred layers of Celestial Devil's true form left, and had lost almost 90% of it. However, Emperor Wasteland continued remaining still, and still did not wake up.

"The rules of time are really too powerful…"

Even Lin Feng could not help but exclaim. To those Celestial Devils or Controllers who were weaker than him, the advantage of the rules of time was just too great. Lin Feng could completely "still" the other party, and make the enemy a live target.

Even a dignified Celestial Devil Emperor with 200,000 layers of Celestial Devil's true form like Emperor Wasteland had nowhere to run and was "beaten to death". He would be crudely beaten to the death. Every layer of Celestial Devil's true form was forcefully pulverized.lightsnovel

Finally, Lin Feng pointed with a finger.


The last few hundred layers of Emperor Wasteland's Celestial Devil's true form were instantly annihilated and reduced to dust. His accumulation over billions of years was instantly gone. Perhaps Emperor Wasteland was not dead yet, and could still be revived in the Celestial Devil Pool, but he would never return to his peak again. He was just a servant Celestial Devil now.

At this moment, in the war fortress outside the chiliocosm domain corridor, Supremacy Pagoda and the other six Supremacies all had nervous expressions as they stared intently at Lin Feng.

Many people wore expressions of nervousness, worry, and traces of anticipation.

Seeing Lin Feng devour the seven Emperors into his internal chiliocosm domains at once, all the Supremacies could not help but feel their hearts skip a beat.

"How can the Dark Domain Supremacy be so reckless? He actually swept Emperor Wasteland and the others into his internal chiliocosm domain. Once they wreak destruction in his internal chiliocosm domain, it can even destroy his internal chiliocosm domain instantly."

"He's too careless. That's Emperor Wasteland! It's one thing if it's just Emperor Wasteland, but the key is that there's still Emperor Bloodbath, Emperor Venom, and the others. If he's not careful, he might even fall!"


"Could the Dark Domain Supremacy be absolutely confident?"

The many Supremacies did not have much confidence. They knew that Lin Feng had 210,000 worlds. Although it was very awe-inspiring, having 210,000 worlds actually only made him on par with Emperor Wasteland.

If Emperor Wasteland was alone, Lin Feng might be able to annihilate Emperor Wasteland's Celestial Devil's true form by risking everything to sweep him into the internal chiliocosm domain. Lin Feng would also have to pay a certain painful price himself.

However, if Emperor Bloodbath, Emperor Venom, and the others were included as well, there were a total of seven Emperors. What did this mean? Even the war fortress might not be able to hold out for long with such a lineup, let alone Lin Feng's internal chiliocosm domain.

The internal chiliocosm domain of a One-star Supremacy was both their strongest and weakest point. No one would take the risk to sweep powerful enemies into their internal chiliocosm domain unless absolutely necessary.

However, Lin Feng had done so. It seemed like he actually had absolute confidence.

"Could it be that miraculous ability of the Dark Domain Supremacy?"

Supremacy Pagoda's heart skipped a beat. He recalled that when Lin Feng dealt with Emperor Venom back then, he could completely still Emperor Venom for half a breath.

That miraculous ability left a deep impression on Supremacy Pagoda, and he could not forget it until now.

If Lin Feng's miraculous abilities could be stronger, and could even restrain Emperor Wasteland, these seven Emperors would indeed be nothing.

At this thought, even Supremacy Pagoda himself was shocked.

That ability was too strange and frightening. Being able to trap a Celestial Devil Emperor with 100,000 layers of Celestial Devil's true form was already rather terrifying, let alone trapping seven Emperors, including a Celestial Devil Emperor with 200,000 layers of Celestial Devil's true form.

Didn't that mean that Lin Feng was already invincible among entities at the same level? No matter how many of them there were, they were just served to him on a platter. They could not do anything to Lin Feng at all.

Moreover, Supremacy Pagoda vaguely sensed that Lin Feng's "stilling" ability seemed to be some kind of chiliocosm domain rules. The chiliocosm domain rules would gradually increase in power as the Supremacy's internal chiliocosm domain grew.

If Lin Feng's internal chiliocosm domain continued to grow in the future, how terrifying would those miraculous "stilling" rules be?

Supremacy Pagoda no longer dared to imagine it.


Just as everyone was feeling uncertain, Lin Feng, who had remained motionless with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes.