1326 Devouring the Celestial Devil World Alone!

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Lin Feng opened his eyes. Supremacy Pagoda and the other six Supremacies all looked at Lin Feng nervously. Battles that occurred in the internal chiliocosm domain of a Supremacy were not visible to others at all.

However, Lin Feng had not fallen. Perhaps this was good news.

"It's settled!"

Lin Feng looked at the war fortress and transmitted his voice over.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Supremacy Pagoda and the other six Supremacies flew over immediately. They still appeared as if they could not quite believe it.

"Is everything really settled?"

"It's settled. All seven Emperors were killed without exception!"


Lin Feng's words made even Supremacy Pagoda and the other six Supremacies gasp. Those were seven Emperors, including elders of the Indefinite Sect like Emperor Wasteland and Emperor Bloodbath.

Including Emperor Venom, Lin Feng had slain three elders of the Indefinite Sect alone this time. This could be considered an unprecedented feat. Ever since the Indefinite Sect was established, it had never suffered such a huge loss.

In fact, the Indefinite Sect even had the upper hand in their confrontation in the Central Warzone. Who would have thought that the Indefinite Sect would suffer heavy losses in a remote warzone like the Blue Domain Warzone?

Everyone knew what this battle meant. As long as they breached the Iridescent Domain after this, everything else would go smoothly. The Indefinite Sect's chiliocosm domains were everywhere, and were free for their taking.

How great was this benefit?

"Supremacy Pagoda, let's follow our previous plan and don't delay any longer. We'll head to the Iridescent Domain immediately, and breach the Celestial Devil World of Iridescent Domain. When the time comes, we'll each rely on our own abilities," Lin Feng said calmly.

His tone seemed to be negotiating, but in reality, it was resolute and unquestionable.

Once the Iridescent Domain was breached, there would be no need for distribution at all. This was because there were a great amount of chiliocosm domains. If one was bold enough, they could even go directly to the Indefinite Sect's headquarters.

For a moment, all the Supremacies were incomparably excited.

"That's right, let's go to the Iridescent Domain!"

"There's not many powerful forces ahead now. The various warzones of the Indefinite Sect can't spare any manpower either. What can one Iridescent Domain do?"

"The Iridescent Domain alone can't stop us!"

Every Supremacy was overwhelmed with emotions. The prospects were just too tempting. They knew that slaying Emperor Wasteland and the others was not the key. The key was that after slaying Emperor Wasteland and the others, the Indefinite Sect would no longer have any reinforcements. The Iridescent Domain was practically a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. Once they breached the Iridescent Domain, no power would be able to stop them.


Lin Feng took the lead and flew towards the Iridescent Domain immediately.

The Iridescent Domain was actually not far from the Sandstorm Domain. It could be considered the second and last line of defense of the Sandstorm Domain, and the defense line was set up just in case of emergencies.

After all, if someone could break through the defense of the Sandstorm Domain head-on, and resist the Celestial Devil experts of the reinforcements, what could the Iridescent Domain do?

As he flew, Lin Feng's internal chiliocosm domain was quietly changing.

He had slain seven Celestial Devil Emperors in one go. Every Celestial Devil Emperor had tens of thousands of layers of Celestial Devil's true form. Even if a little of it was consumed, the amount of world origin converted was simply terrifying.

With so much world origin, Lin Feng's Chaotic Lotus also recovered its "vitality", and began to grow more worlds.

Back then, Lin Feng had plundered 250,000 Boundary Stones, including some high-quality Boundary Stones. According to the previous conversion method, it could grow at least 250,000 or even 300,000 worlds.lightsnovel

However, growing worlds actually consumed world origin. Although the consumption was relatively small, with so many Boundary Stones and so many worlds, the amount of world origin consumed was huge.

Now that Lin Feng had obtained a large amount of world origin, and had an endless supply of world origin, the Chaotic Lotus could grow worlds in a frenzy without any reservations.

Moreover, Lin Feng directly accelerated time, allowing the worlds that were grown to expand rapidly, turning into truly complete worlds. It would provide combat power in time and enhance Lin Feng's strength.

Lin Feng already had a vague feeling that this time, the matter was really serious. The Indefinite Sect definitely would not just watch as they charged straight in from the Blue Domain Warzone.

Otherwise, the Indefinite Sect would definitely lose.


Moreover, Lin Feng had a vague premonition. He did not know what danger he would encounter next time, but he knew that he had to increase his strength now. Taking this opportunity to increase his strength in a frenzy was the most important thing.

Hence, under accelerated time, the number of worlds in Lin Feng's internal chiliocosm domain increased in a frenzy. Moreover, in an extremely short period of time, the worlds emerged like mushrooms after a rain, and quickly took shape under accelerated time.

From 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, 40,000…

With the continuous supply of world origin, Lin Feng's internal worlds were also increasing wildly. With time acceleration on top, right now, his internal chiliocosm domain was like boiling water and burning hot iron, improving wildly at every moment.

This speed of improvement made Lin Feng feel as if he was about to lose control. However, he did not stop to slowly digest it. He would have time to slowly digest it in the future, but now was definitely not the time.

This was a critical moment. He had to seize more benefits before the Indefinite Sect could react. This war was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Lin Feng would not miss it.


Soon, everyone arrived at the Sandstorm Domain. Moreover, the Celestial Devil World in the Sandstorm Domain was also huge. Lin Feng could even sense a few One-star Celestial Devil Emperors.

However, that was all. There were no heavyweights. In Lin Feng's eyes, they were not worth mentioning at all. At this moment, the Celestial Devils in the Celestial Devil World of the Iridescent Domain seemed to have yet to react.

Seeing that Lin Feng and the others had already arrived at the Iridescent Domain, they roared wildly, but it was already useless.

"Eh? Emperor Ink Cloud is here as well!"

Supremacy Yellow Sky suddenly saw a familiar figure. It was Emperor Ink Cloud, who had escaped from the Ink Cloud Domain back then. He was actually in the Iridescent Domain.

"Dark Domain Supremacy, what should we do now?" Supremacy Pagoda asked Lin Feng.

Lin Feng's strength was already so powerful that it seemed to be on another level. Although the Blue Domain Warzone was still presided over by Supremacy Pagoda, he had to show his respect for Lin Feng.

The strong were revered! This was not just the case for Celestial Devils, but also for Controllers. Lin Feng's previous series of feats had already awed all the Supremacies.

Lin Feng's eyes narrowed slightly, then he said in a low voice, "I need the Celestial Devils to be converted into world origin, a large amount of world origin. If no one has any objections, I'll devour the Celestial Devil World in the Iridescent Domain! However, you can harvest the chiliocosm domains after the Iridescent Domain at will. I only want the Boundary Stones!"

Facing this massive Celestial Devil World, Lin Feng did not hold back. He directly expressed that he wanted to take it all for himself. Right now, he did need a large amount of world origin. Otherwise, no matter how many Boundary Stones he got, it would be useless. Without the support of world origin, he would not be able to grow worlds at all.

"Hahaha, it's just a Celestial Devil World. We didn't help much previously. We all relied on the Dark Domain Supremacy to kill Emperor Wasteland and the other Celestial Devil Emperors. This Celestial Devil World should belong to the Dark Domain Supremacy."

"That's right. None of us have any objections."

"The Dark Domain Supremacy deserves the credit for this battle. The Celestial Devil World is your reward."

When the other six Supremacies heard that Lin Feng wanted to take the Celestial Devil World for himself, practically none of them objected at all. All of them agreed. It was just a Celestial Devil World. After the Iridescent Domain, there were still many chiliocosm domains. How could they become enemies with Lin Feng over a mere Celestial Devil World?

Hence, he was also happy to do Lin Feng a favor.

"In that case, I won't stand on ceremony. Devour!"

Lin Feng did not stand on ceremony anymore. He looked at the enormous Celestial Devil World in front of him and manifested his internal chiliocosm domain. Like a huge mouth, it instantly devoured the Celestial Devil World.