1327 The Sect Master Won't Let You Off!

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"Look, that's a Controller. How did he break through to our place?"

"This is bad. That's the internal chiliocosm domain of the Controller. It's a One-star Supremacy. He wants to devour our Celestial Devil World."

"Emperors, resist!"

At this moment, the Celestial Devil World was in complete chaos. As soon as Lin Feng's chiliocosm domain descended, a few other One-star Celestial Devil Emperors in the Celestial Devil World all manifested their Celestial Devil's true forms, trying to resist Lin Feng's chiliocosm domain.

Unfortunately, they were too weak to be of any effect. It was completely useless. Once Lin Feng's chiliocosm domain came into contact with them, they fell apart like melting ice. The true forms of these Celestial Devils were instantly reduced to dust.

The difference was just too great!

Emperor Ink Cloud could only watch helplessly as Lin Feng's internal chiliocosm domain landed. He had already recognized that the owner of this chiliocosm domain in front of him was the Dark Domain Supremacy, who had once seized his Ink Cloud Domain.

"Dark Domain Supremacy, once the Iridescent Domain is breached, the Sect Master won't let you off…"

Emperor Ink Cloud could only roar hysterically. Then, he let out an agonized scream as he was enveloped by Lin Feng's internal chiliocosm domain.


Lin Feng's chiliocosm domain descended, and everything was settled. Once the Celestial Devil World was swept into his internal chiliocosm domain, its outcome was a given. It must have already been reduced to dust and converted into pure world origin.

"I'll guard this place. I hope everyone will keep your promise and send the Boundary Stones regularly!" Lin Feng glanced at the Pagoda Supremacy and the other Supremacies, and said in a low voice.

"Haha, of course."

"Dark Domain Supremacy, rest assured. We will come annually, and will definitely offer all the Boundary Stones."

"Dark Domain Supremacy, I will supervise them."

Many Supremacies expressed that they would definitely give him the Boundary Stones. Apart from rewarding their subordinates, the Boundary Stones were useless to them, unless the Boundary Stones were of especially high quality, such as One-star Boundary Stones or above.

However, how could such Boundary Stones be so easy to encounter? Even if there were some, they would have long been plundered by the Celestial Devils. To Celestial Devils, One-star Boundary Stones could also be exchanged for a large amount of world origin with certain Controllers.

Seeing that Lin Feng had devoured the Celestial Devil World and was sitting cross-legged on the spot, Supremacy Pagoda and the others bade farewell to Lin Feng and headed to other chiliocosm domains.

If they went forward from the Iridescent Domain, it would be a smooth path ahead. They could charge straight in. Without any presiding Celestial Devil Emperor, wouldn't they be able to take whatever they wanted?

However, Lin Feng still sent a voice transmission to Supremacy Yellow Sky and Supremacy Xuanji, "The Indefinite Sect won't let the matter rest so easily. It's better not to go in too deep."

Supremacy Yellow Sky and Supremacy Xuanji's hearts clenched. They knew that Lin Feng was saying this for their own good, so they both nodded. Although benefits were tempting, they had to stay alive to enjoy them.

At such a moment, it was even more important not to get carried away.

As Supremacy Yellow Sky, Supremacy Pagoda, and the others left, the surroundings fell silent. However, Lin Feng's internal chiliocosm domain was not quiet at all. Instead, it became more and more heated.

No one knew what kind of earth-shattering changes were occurring in his internal chiliocosm domain at this moment.

As he devoured this Celestial Devil World and obtained a large amount of world origin, with accelerated time on top, more and more worlds grew out of his internal chiliocosm domains.

They went from 50,000, 60,000, 70,000, 80,000, 90,000, to 100,000!

In a short period of time, the worlds in his internal chiliocosm domain had increased by 100,000, reaching 310,000 worlds! And this was only the beginning. It was far from over. His internal chiliocosm domain was still boiling violently.

"Soon, soon…" Lin Feng muttered softly.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that he had to seize. However, at the same time, he also knew that perhaps danger was imminent.

He had to take advantage of this period of time to increase his strength as much as he could.


There was a loud commotion.

The Indefinite City was the Indefinite Sect Headquarters!

The Indefinite City was not a single chiliocosm domain, or even within any chiliocosm. It floated in the chiliocosm domain corridor, surrounded by several chiliocosm domains.

This Indefinite City was personally created by the Indefinite Sect Master. Its defense was so formidable, it was rumored that even One-star Supremacies or Emperors could not breach this Celestial Devil World at all.


However, at this moment, the Celestial Devil Pool in the Celestial Devil World became lively all of a sudden.

One by one, Celestial Devils were revived in the Celestial Devil Pool. In particular, the few Emperors in the lead were One-star Emperors, and there were even elders of the Indefinite Cult.

"Elder Wasteland, Elder Bloodbath, Elder Venom, you… Why are you…"

The Celestial Devil guarding the Celestial Devil Pool was already incoherent. Heavens, these were dignified One-star Emperors, and there was more than one of them. There were a total of seven Emperors, and even three elders of the Indefinite Sect.

Such a lineup was more than enough to guard a warzone. How could their Celestial Devil's true forms be killed, such that they had no choice but to revive in the Celestial Devil's Pool?

Not long after, there was another commotion in the Celestial Devil Pool. This time, more Celestial Devils were revived. They were practically everywhere, and practically filled the entire Celestial Devil Pool.

The guard could already tell that these Celestial Devils were all Celestial Devils from the Iridescent Domain. There were even a few Celestial Devil Emperors. Why were they all resurrected in the Celestial Devil Pool at once?

"Could the Iridescent Domain have been completely wiped out at once?"

The Celestial Devil guard also sensed that something was amiss. He also knew that Iridescent Domain was the last line of defense. Once it collapsed, the Controllers would meet no resistance afterward, and could wreak havoc at will.

Under such circumstances, allowing those Controllers to wreak havoc at will was simply a disaster, and might even affect the direction of the entire war.

Including the One-star Emperors in the Iridescent Domain, there were about 12 One-star Celestial Devil Emperors whose Celestial Devil's true forms had been destroyed. This was simply an unprecedented heavy blow to the Indefinite Sect.

Seeing this scene, Emperor Wasteland's heart sank. He knew that the Iridescent Domain must have been breached, and it must be the work of that Dark Domain Supremacy.

"We underestimated that Dark Domain Supremacy too much. His chiliocosm domain rules are about time!"

Emperor Wasteland could not help but let out a long sigh. Even now, he still had lingering fears. He did not find it unfair, and accepted his defeat.

Those were rules of time. Even in the vast medium chiliocosm, where experts were everywhere, and there were even great entities like the Chiliocosm Sovereigns, no one had ever mastered the rules of time.

But now, they had appeared on a mere One-star Supremacy.

Although Emperor Wasteland could not be certain, he had experienced them personally. According to his knowledge, it was most likely close to the mark and not far off.

It was very likely that they were really the rules of time!

He had previously guessed that Lin Feng might have a shocking secret, but he did not expect it to be the rules of time.

The mysterious rules of time were simply too shocking in the myriad worlds. He attributed the entire cause behind the destruction of his Celestial Devil's true form to Lin Feng having the rules of time.

Moreover, even if Lin Feng had not comprehended the rules of time, Emperor Wasteland must still claim that Lin Feng had the rules of time, because this might be his only chance to make a comeback.

Otherwise, the Sect Master would not care about a mere servant Celestial Devil whose Celestial Devil's true form had already been killed. Only when he had value would the Sect Master give him any attention, and would he have a chance to ascend to power again.

"I'll go to see the Sect Master!"

Emperor Wasteland immediately made up his mind. Even Emperor Bloodbath might not know about the existence of the rules of time. Only he had heard of it on some occasions. Hence, this was a secret that he would not tell anyone.

Although the Indefinite Sect Master was fighting with the Two-star Supremacy of the Opulent Lodge, Emperor Wasteland knew that an avatar left behind by the Indefinite Sect Master was presiding over the Indefinite City.

Hence, Emperor Wasteland rushed towards the Celestial Devil Palace of the Indefinite Sect Master as quickly as possible.