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Chapter 531 – Dark Red!


Family Quarters, unit 601.

Thunders and the rain started.

Dong Xuebing walks out of the kitchen and doesn’t dare to let his eyes wander around again. His arrival had disrupted Mayor Geng’s plans to let her younger brother become the Subdistrict Office Director. He had also caused her younger brother to be hospitalized for over-drinking, and he knows she should not have a good impression of him. But he must still show his respect.

Geng Yuehua sat on the sofa and gestured to Dong Xuebing to sit.

Dong Xuebing smiles. “Are you District Mayor Geng? Sorry for recognizing you so late.”

“I remember you are… call Dong Xuebing. Thank you for your help.”

“This is nothing. Are you feeling unwell? Do you need to go for a checkup at the hospital?”

“I am fine.” Geng Yuehua glanced at Dong Xuebing from top to toe. “Don’t be so restrained. Sit down and talk.”

“Alright.” Dong Xuebing sat opposite her. He thought for a while and explained. “I had wanted to report to you, but you are not around both times when I went to the District Government. I have finally met you today.” His eyes automatically look at Geng Yuehua’s long and slim legs when she is drinking her tea.

Geng Yuehua moves forward slightly to put her teacup on the table. “You are here for three days now. Are you use to it?”

“I’m used to the environment here. This place is wonderful, and it must be due to your good leadership.”

Brown-nosing is free, and Dong Xuebing doesn’t mind saying all these things.

Geng Yuehua doesn’t like to hear such things and did not reply to anything.

Dong Xuebing can feel the pressure or an overpowering aura from Geng Yuehua after he tried to kiss her ass. He heard rumors that she hates flattery. He felt uncomfortable, and her behavior is the opposite of Xie Huilan’s. She had not smile since he enters her apartment and treats others coldly.

This is not Dong Xuebing’s first time meeting a Leader as rigid as Geng Yuehua. He stopped smiling and don’t dare to make jokes.

Geng Yuehua suddenly said. “I heard Guang Ming Subdistrict Office had pegged the staff’s bonuses to residents’ complaints, and the Neighborhood Committees have started accepting residents’ complaints.”

Dong Xuebing raised her brows. “Yes.”

Geng Yuehua looks at Dong Xuebing. “You all are setting a precedent.”

“Someone has got to do it, and I feel accepting residents’ complaints can improve our Subdistrict Office’s efficiency and services. This will be a great motivating factor to the staff, and I was about to report this to the District.”

Geng Yuehua picks up the newspaper and replies. “Others had already reported this to me regarding this issue. Many comrades strongly object to accept the resident complaints and raised this to me. What is your view on this?”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “This proposal had been discussed at different levels, including the Neighborhood Committees. There will surely be opposing views, but most people agreed with it. Did someone complain about this to the District Government? I have failed in my duties, but I have not met any opposition yet. I will set up a meeting with the staff on Monday to speak to them again.”

Geng Yuehua flips her newspaper and continues reading it.

Dong Xuebing saw she did not reply, and he kept quiet.

After a while, Geng Yuehua places the newspaper on the table and knocks on an article. “Subdistrict Offices’ and Neighborhood Committees’ service standards have been an issue. Look, something happened to a Subdistrict Office under Xi Ping District.” She paused for a second. “Your Subdistrict Office’s residents’ complaint counter will be a pilot project to see its effectiveness. Report to me if there are any issues. That’s all.” Dong Xuebing is surprised as she had given her approval.

That’s all, is another way to ask Dong Xuebing to leave.

Dong Xuebing stood up. “Alright. I will be leaving now.”

Geng Yuehua nodded her head slightly.

Dong Xuebing had heard about District Mayor Geng’s serious attitude and did not think she was cold.

As Dong Xuebing is leaving, there is a gust of strong wind. The unit’s windows are all opened because of the gas leak earlier, and rain started pouring through it. The hot water flask on the table almost toppled.

Geng Yuehua frowned and got up to close the living room’s windows.

Dong Xuebing quickly says. “I will close the balcony’s windows.”

Geng Yuehua nodded and closed the living room’s windows. Her white blouse got wet from the rain and turned slightly translucent. After that, she went to the guest room.

Dong Xuebing walks quickly to the main bedroom’s balcony to close the windows. The wind is strong, but it is blowing outwards and not inwards. Geng Yuehua had hung some of her clothes on the metal grills in the balcony, and he doesn’t have time to admire the stockings, pants, etc. He grabbed the windows’ handles and pulled it back slowly.

Suddenly, there was a loud bam behind Dong Xuebing. It seems District Mayor Geng had closed the guestroom’s windows.

The sudden change in air circulation stopped the wind from blowing outwards. A piece of clothing, which was hung on the clothes rack above Dong Xuebing, was blown away by the sudden change in wind direction and caught between the window panels as he closed it. Half of it is inside, and the other half is outside of the window.

Dong Xuebing quickly grab it without thinking, but he blushed when he saw the piece of clothing.

Dong Xuebing is holding a pair of woman’s underwear in his hand.

It was a pair of sexy dark red underwear. Needless to ask, this must be Geng Yuehua’s underwear.


What is this?! Why must this piece be blown off the clothing rack out of so much clothing?! This will get me into trouble!

Dong Xuebing can feel the dampness on the soft material of the underwear, and it should be washed this morning. He closes off the remaining gap in the window and saw Geng Yuehua entering the room as he turns. She stares at Dong Xuebing, who is holding her underwear in his hand.

Dong Xuebing’s face turns red, and he quickly passes the underwear to Geng Yuehua. “It was almost blown out of the windows earlier.” He must explain himself, although she might have seen what happened.

Geng Yuehua took her underwear from him. “Thank you.”

“Err… don’t mention it.”

It was awkward for Dong Xuebing.

But Geng Yuehua did not blush and hung her underwear back on the clothing rack as if it is an ordinary piece of clothing. She did not show any awkwardness, and it made Dong Xuebing looks like he was making a fuss out of nothing.

Dong Xuebing knows that Leaders at Geng Yuehua’s level will not show their true emotions on their faces. Even if they showed some emotions to you, you would not guess what they are thinking inside. His first impression of her is a serious and traditional woman who doesn’t even put on makeup. But why are her undergarments so…? Dark red bra and underwear?! This is too hot. Even Aunt Xuan doesn’t wear such sexy garments.

Ding dong… ding dong….

Someone rang the doorbell.

After hanging her underwear, Geng Yuehua went out to open the door, and Dong Xuebing quickly followed behind her. He subconsciously looks at her butt as they walk to the door. Maybe her pants got wet when she closed the windows, and it’s sticking to her skin. He caught a glimpse of a pair of bright red underwear through the translucent clothes.

A pair of dark red….

A pair of bright red….

Dong Xuebing felt his face turning red.

The door opens, and Geng Xinke entered.

“Sis, why didn’t you sleep a while more since you are not working today?”

“Eight hours of sleep is enough.”

“Oh, Mum and Dad asked me to tell you that breakfast is ready.”

“Ok. I know.”

Even when talking to her family members, Geng Yuehua did not smile. She still has her poker face on, but her tone is much softer.

“Eh?” Geng Xinke noticed Dong Xuebing behind his sister. “Director Dong? You are also here?!”

“I am here to report to District Mayor Geng.” Dong Xuebing smiled and greeted Geng Xinke. “Mayor Geng, I shall not bother you anymore and will be leaving now.”

Geng Yuehua nodded and told Geng Xinke. “There was a gas leak, and it was Xiao Dong who helped me fix it. Help me walk him out.”

Geng Xinke got shocked. “Gas leak!? Are you alright?”

Geng Yuehua waved her hand.

Geng Xinke is relieved. “Thank you, Director Dong. I will walk you out.” He walks to the door with Dong Xuebing. The door is only three to four meters away, and walking him out is just out of courtesy.

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