1601 Feeling Like First Love

The adults present had experienced it before, so how could they not tell what the young man was thinking?

However, considering that they were not adults yet, the director gave the photographer a look. The photographer immediately switched the camera to Jun Shiling and Xia Wanyuan, trying to divert everyone's attention.

The camera was aimed at Jun Shiling and Xia Wanyuan, but the two of them were already immersed in their own world and did not care what the film crew was doing.

Perhaps because she was fused with the memories of two lifetimes, the current Xia Wanyuan's personality had changed slightly compared to before. Although it was very small, as the person closest to her, Jun Shiling felt it the most.

Because of Jun Shiling's help, the establishment of the new Great Xia Dynasty was much easier than before.

This time, Xia Wanyuan did not need to go through more than ten years of bitter battles or work hard to deal with the various large factions. After the Great Xia Dynasty was established, Jun Shiling had already helped her draw up a complete governance plan. There was no need for Xia Wanyuan to explore step by step.


Hence, strictly speaking, the current Xia Wanyuan was actually younger than before, in terms of her mental age.

Although she was already a mother, she still had the delicate look of a young princess in her previous life.

When she faced Jun Shiling, she had the familiar feeling of an old couple, but she also had a hint of shyness.

Now, Jun Shiling was helping Xia Wanyuan adjust her clothes when he accidentally touched the tassel flower earrings on her ears. A smile spread across Jun Shiling's eyes. "You look so good today."

It was spring, and Xia Wanyuan, who was wearing an apricot-white dress, reminded Jun Shiling of the first time he saw her.

At that time, Xia Wanyuan was sitting in the flowery garden. The spring sun shone gently on her. The moment Xia Wanyuan looked up, Jun Shiling was actually charming.

Hearing Jun Shiling's praise, Xia Wanyuan's ears turned red. Compared to the white earrings, the red color was even more eye-catching. She glanced at the camera beside her. "We're filming."please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m

"I registered my marriage. The child is already an adult. Can't I praise my wife for being good-looking??" Jun Shiling was righteous. He even leaned over and pecked Xia Wanyuan's red ear.

Jun Shiling had wanted to do this since he left the house.

Xia Wanyuan secretly pinched Jun Shiling. Jun Shiling smiled and pulled her into his arms. "Let's go to the filming location first and let them follow us themselves."

With that, Jun Shiling pulled Xia Wanyuan out and ignored the children behind him.

Jun Yin touched his chin helplessly. My parents' relationship was too good. Sometimes, it was a more vexing thing.

He looked at the others. "Let's go too."

Although Jun Yin was young, he was already quite convincing. The moment he spoke, the director could only follow his words. "Okay, okay, okay. Then let's pack up and prepare to get on the plane. Everyone can rest for a while on the plane."

Thinking about it carefully, it had been a long time since Xia Wanyuan had come into contact with modern society. Although she still had some memories in her mind, many years of estrangement had long turned these into dream-like illusions.

Hence, now, Xia Wanyuan was very interested in everything around her, just like when she first entered this world.

The only difference was that when she first entered the world, Xia Wanyuan was alone.

And now, with Jun Shiling accompanying her, she learned about this familiar and unfamiliar world again.