Chapter 27

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"Well then, I shall take you up on your offer."

And so the chess match was brought to a halt. Else left the empress' palace and returned to hers where the blue-haired lady, Konrad could have easily recognized as the one that sentenced his predecessor to death, awaited with a deferential stance.

"Welcome back your grace!"

She greeted upon seeing Else step into the main hall.

"Tamara? What are you waiting here for? Don't you have tasks to attend to and connections to weave?"

"Your grace I was wondering, why didn't you hide your recent moves from the empress' sight? With your current cultivation, it would have been impossible for her to monitor you if you didn't allow her to."

The world only knew that Else was a martial arts genius and had reached the Holy Knight Rank decades ago. But only a scant few knew that she was also a spiritual genius and had reached the Holy Rank in both paths.

Her silver mask was a holy artifact that made her spiritual cultivation completely untraceable.

"Why hide? If Verena wants to play with fire, let her burn."

"Your grace this is far too reckless. If the empress ever realizes the bloodline of that boy, we're doomed!"

Tamara panicked in front of Else's indifference.

"Wasn't your initial plan to use him as a tool to tame the consorts and ultimately target the empress? Why is it that now that he can achieve that, you seem so terrified?"

Tamara possessed the rare Origin Sight ability and thus quickly became aware of the previous Konrad's incubus nature. Back then, Else had asked her to keep watch on him while she left the palace to seal an important deal in person.

But although she tried to let nothing transpire, it was clear that boy caused Else to act in strange manners. Thus, Tamara chose to test him. If they could use him, she would train him into a weapon to subjugate the resisting consorts. If they could not, she would take matters in her own hands and get rid of that time ticking bomb that could at any time be used against her mistress.

The previous Konrad proved himself useless, and it was clear that his bloodline would never awaken in a lifetime. Yet, that blood was still there. So, she no longer hesitated and had him canned to death!

But what she had not expected was that by the time Else returned and learned of the events, she beat her until she was half an inch away from death. Only when signs of Konrad's lifeforce miraculously reappeared within the inner court did she spare her life.

She had always believed herself to be the closest person to Else within the inner court. But she was ready to brutally execute her to avenge that boy? It was impossible for their relationship not to be extraordinary.

And that was a grave issue because even now, thanks to her Origin Sight, Tamara could see that Konrad's bloodline had risen from a half to a pureblooded incubus!

How he achieved that, she didn't know. But the fact of the matter was that a pureblooded demon now resided within the inner court and was being sheltered by Else.

"Your grace, I do not understand why you care so much for that boy, but I implore you to act with lucidity. The Holy Empress is the Dowager's niece. The Dowager is one of the leading priestesses of the Holy Flame Church that has always been looking for ways to exterminate us. The chance of this ending with our heads rolling on the floor is way too high! For the sake of the souls we must avenge, please reconsider!"


Meanwhile, Konrad now stood within his dungeon in front of his gathered female captives. Those he had already conquered looked at him with yearning while the rest stared onto the ground with evident dread.

"I'm giving you all an opportunity to sign a contract of eternal servitude with me. Agree, and henceforth, you shall join my household as servants and receive the benefits that implies. Refuse…and I have no further use for you."

He coolly declared.

Freya and the priestesses that had tasted the golden rod had already fallen on their knees in submission.

"We agree!"

Quickly, the two court ladies and remaining palace maids followed suit. Although unlike Freya they didn't have a clear understanding of Konrad's true nature and didn't know what the contract really implied, they didn't want to die.

Unlike the Partnership of Equals that had limited quotas, the number of allowed Master-Servant contracts was infinite.

Konrad executed the ritual and imprinted their chests with the Mark of Servitude of House Talroth: A pair of purple butterfly wings.

Overall, their cultivations rose, those at the Adept Rank saw their cultivation rise by two steps. Those at the True Rank by one and the two court ladies at the Grand Knight rank were close to breakthrough another level.

And as Konrad's cultivation rose, so would theirs. As for himself, he had obtained all their cultivation talents as well as their absolute obedience. Not only that but with a thought, he could decide their life and death.

Their minds were also open books for him to browse through.

"Freya, step forward."

"Yes, master!"

Freya didn't hesitate and stepped toward him.

"How much access do you have to house Schoner's finances?"

Freya was puzzled as to why her master was now interested in the finances of her husband's house but still replied.I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

"My husband greatly dotes on me and gives me full access to his bank accounts and assets. But those only represent a third of house Schoner's finances. The remaining two-thirds are within the hands of my brother in law, count Wilhelm Schoner."

Wilhelm Schoner was the contemporary head of house Schoner and Thorsten's elder brother. He was said to be a sixth step Transcendent Knight.

"At how much can you estimate the part your husband controls?"

"About fifty to sixty millions purple crystals!"

"I give you one week to put it all in my hands."


Freya believed she didn't hear him right, and so gave him an incredulous stare.

"Need I repeat myself?"


"No…Master I will deliver!"

"Good. Execute this task, and I will help you quickly return to your previous level and even go beyond."

Hearing that, Freya was overjoyed. Her cultivation loss had been a great blow to her self-esteem, and she was eager to regain it.

As for why Konrad was targeting house Schoner, it was because they were the easiest fat sheep to target. Initially, he planned to auction the three low-grade Grand Level Spiritual methods he had exchanged from the system to make a solid profit and establish himself financially.

However, with the recent developments, it was obvious he would need to prepare himself to escape from the palace!

And not just escape but escape with enough resources that he could effortlessly establish himself elsewhere and build his own faction.

"Thorsten Schoner, I have nothing against you. But for the sake of my survival, I must use your wife to screw you over!"


The eunuchs still in cages observed this scene with horror. How was it possible for them to have fallen in the hands of a pureblooded demon? Was there still hope for survival?

And as if he aware of their thoughts, Konrad turned toward them.

"There is still hope for you. Condense your entire cultivation bases into pills, and I will erase your memories then allow you to leave."

They were five high-level True Knights with the weakest being at the seventh step and the strongest being at the ninth step. If they condensed their entire cultivation bases into pills, Konrad could use them to improve the cultivation of his women.

But the price would be the loss of a lifetime of hard work.

Still, they didn't hesitate.

After collecting the pills they produced, Konrad used his incubus abilities to erase their minds and implant some false memories within before sending them on their way.

He then brought Jasmine and Freya out of the miniature world.

After obtaining a half-succubus bloodline, Jasmine's innate charm had risen to a brand new level. Still, she looked at Freya with wariness.

Clearly, that mature vixen was one of the thieves!

"Remember, you only have a week. Act fast."

Freya nodded, but then, a nefarious thought flashed within her corrupted mind.

"Will master also give me "that" kind of reward?"


Freya beamed, but Jasmine's eyes burned with fury. What kind of reward could "that" be?

Obviously, it was the sexual kind!

She wrapped her arms around Konrad's neck to signify ownership and glowered at Freya.

"Look, bitch, he's taken! Go get your milk elsewhere!"

And instantly, Konrad's forehead was full of black lines.