Chapter 5

At the Adept Rank, knights could move at more than eighty meters per second and possessed an arm strength of at least five hundred kilograms. Of course, the higher the step, the greater those numbers were.

Konrad had just reached the first step Adept Knight Rank and was thus much slower than the maids whose speed already approached a hundred meters per second. It wouldn't be long before they caught up to him.

"Humph! We have been deceived. That guy is clearly at the Adept Knight Rank! No wonder he could survive the canning."

"It matters not. Once we get him, off with his head!"

The distance between them shrunk at breakneck speed with Konrad apparently struggling to increase the gap. But when they only stood a few steps away from him, he abruptly spun to face them and released the full power of his half-incubus aura.

As his cultivation base increased, so did his control over his incubus abilities. And his innate skills were also substantially growing in power. Against a female in the same realm, if there only was a difference of a few steps, he could bridge the gap with his skill set!

Formless power burst from his body and invaded Faidra and Aliki. They staggered, stopping dead in their tracks with a sense of alarm spreading within their eyes. Before they could react, a strange titillating sensation spread within their bodies and their pearl white cheeks were flushed red.


But before they could make sense of the sensation, Konrad attacked.

"Ecstasy Fingers!"

Pink colored flames rose from and coated his fingers. He struck out, respectively grabbing Faidra and Aliki's left and right breast and causing the pink flames to move past their pores and invade their bodies.



Staggering some more, they attempted to use their cultivation to suppress both the nefarious fire spreading within them and the moans about to escape their lips.


Konrad showed no mercy and threw a double punch. His fists crashed into their sternums and sent them flying backward.

The impact caused their last bit of strength to crumble and the mixture between Konrad's sexually charged aura and pink flames to smash their last defenses into smithereens.

"What kind of evil art is this?"

"The art of taming unruly bitches. Invented by your daddy Konrad!"

Konrad complacently replied while cracking his flaming fingers.

Taking a better look at them, he had to admit they were particularly striking. They were both blond with long hairs tied in stylish braids, full cherry red lips and sky-blue almond eyes that sparkled like gems. The spacious cyan robes they wore failed to hide their large breasts and pear-shaped bubble butts which could lit sinful fire in any man, and at first glance, it was clear that they were sisters.

"Heheheh, let's play!"

Seeing the evilness within his eyes, the sisters were overwhelmed with dread.

Konrad's criminal hands shot toward them and ruthlessly massaged every corner of their luscious bodies. Turning even the most ordinary part into a titillating erogenous zone.

"Aaah, stop!"

"Shameless! Shameless bastard! Get your dirty hands off us!"

"No…more! I want…more!"


"Anh…Don't stop…please don't stop!"

"Yes, right there!"



In less than a minute, they went from angry muffled moans to full-blown pleasure gasps and drenched their pants in sex craving juice. They now laid on their bellies with their robes on the ground and their bubble butts being massaged and played within Konrad's firm hands.

Like a chef, Konrad kneaded their breasts and butt cheeks while cooking them into orgasm only to deny them when they approached the edge.

He then retracted his hands and stood up to stare down on them. They were a mess, lying in a pool of their own juice with their undergarments ready to fall at any time.

"W-why? Why did you stop?"

"You…must continue!"

Their voices were both forceful, confused and pleading. But Konrad paid them no heed and only maintained his stare.

Their attention then drifted toward the large bulge within his pants and their eyes glazed with lust.


"Good girls get it. Bad girls beg for it."

The overpowering sexual desires setting their luscious bodies ablaze was leading them by the nose. They crawled toward Konrad's thigh and wrapped their arms around his legs while staring at his bulge with greedy eyes.

"P-please, we beg you. Give it to us!"

"Who am I to refuse the plight of the common people?"

p AndD nOve1.cO,m

Without further ado, Konrad rid himself of his pants and released his elongated shaft which glittered in golden light.

"Is that normal?"please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Aliki asked while poking the rod with her index.

"Maybe…this is the power of…true might?!"

"The highest realm of virility!"

"It must be!"

Nothing he hadn't heard before…

The hardened rod was ready for assault, Konrad shredded their undergarments and effortlessly raised Aliki into the air while aiming his shaft at Faidra's lips.

"Do you know what to do?"

It didn't take a genius to understand what he wanted, and driven by hunger, although inexperienced, she still said…

"I will do my best!"

…and pounced onto him. In the meantime, Konrad tugged on Aliki's erect nipples while his right hand held her waist and his left teased her ass.


Soft moans escaped her lips while he toyed with her flaming body and caused her juice to overflow on Faidra's head.

Konrad then held her by the thighs and lifted her above his head to press his lustful tongue against her clit.


*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

The slurping sounds of the licking above and the sucking below mixed with Aliki's unrestrained moans in a delightful symphony that caused Konrad's engorged rod to swell within Faidra's hungry throat. Her arms wrapped around his waist and she sucked him with every ounce of vigor she possessed. More than making up in enthusiasm what she lacked in skill.

Aliki's legs clamped around Konrad who relished in the juice flowing into his mouth and feeling the trembling of her limbs around his head, he knew she was reaching her peak.


She groaned and squirted on Konrad's face. But he didn't stop. Keeping her pussy pressed against his face, he leaned back and dropped onto his rear, sitting to give Faidra a new angle while he renewed his teasing of Aliki's delicious body.

"I can't take this anymore…"

Faidra muttered as her tongue coiled around Konrad's shaft.

Without warning or permission, she stood up and impaled herself on his rod.


But when the jolt of pain caused by her broken hymen should have ripped her asunder, golden light spread from the rod and not only erased her pain but heightened her sensitivity to a nigh debilitating state.

"Bold girl! Who gave you permission?"

But although Konrad used angered words, his face was full of smile, and his tone of amusement.

"Sorry…you can punish me…later."

She said and immediately began riding him in reverse cowgirl.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

The sound of her ass slamming on his balls rose and competed with her furious moans.

"Aaaahhh! More, master give me more!"

"This is soo…good!"

Aliki was no better and quickly, the sisters abandoned their bodies to primal lust and a succession of orgasms.

Then they switched, with Aliki now getting her chance to ride a new paradise while Faidra tasted the delights of Konrad's tongue.

Positions shifted, sweaty bodies intertwined in a carnal dance with technique giving way to primitive instincts.

Faidra was now lying on the ground with her mouth in Aliki's pussy and Konrad hammering her with firm thrusts.

Then it came.



And they came.

Aliki wrapped her arms around Konrad and kissed him with intense fervor while squirting on her sister's face.

Konrad's shaft shook and nutted in Faidra whose legs were spread wide with her body shuddering from the massive orgasm.

And the three rolled on the ground with the girls falling into Konrad's arm.

"Congratulation host for completing the side quest."

"Reward time!"