Chapter 13

Meanwhile, Konrad's martial and spiritual cultivations were soaring!

Sixth step Adept Knight…


First step True Knight…second…third…all the way to eighth step True Knight!

As for his spiritual cultivation, it went from the ninth step Initiate Priest to first step True Priest before stabilizing.

But it wasn't over.

"Host! Congratulations for completing the second level of the main quest. Reward time!"

"Host's martial cultivation is increased to fourth step Grand Knight.

Host gains the ability Ecstasy Cloud.

Host's spiritual cultivation is increased to sixth step True Priest.

Host obtains the rank of Harem Builder.

Host can choose one Grand Level cultivation method and physique.

Harem rings distribution."

Vast blue streams of energy spread within Konrad's body and merged with the yellow tower. Its color was altered, becoming the same sky-blue while his mind was also flooded by blue waves of energy that coalesced into a dark-blue spring.

His arm strength had risen to more than three thousand kilos, while his bodily speed had surpassed that of sound. But he wasn't satisfied. There was a significant problem in his cultivation. It had risen too fast and without the help of a cultivation method. While the cultivation boosts given by the system were flawless, the same could not be said for the energy he harvested from his assailants.

A suitable cultivation method was needed to purify the flaws and enhance his strength. But that was something to be dealt with at a later time.

Konrad turned heels and stepped toward Iliana who had already shredded her clothes to play with her drenched sex. But although her naked body laid bare for him to contemplate, and she was at her most vulnerable state, Konrad didn't intend to take advantage of her.

He made a grasping motion, and the pink fog that had invaded her body and threw her into such disarray exited through her pores and disappeared within Konrad's palm. With its consuming effects gone, she quickly regained lucidity.

"Why not take her on the spot?"

"She deserves a better first time. Something that truly fulfills her fantasies. That's what I will give her."

Konrad replied to the system's inquiry.

"By the way, you're not initializing the third level of the main quest?"

"Oh about that, the happiness god reckoned you should be given a break every now and then so every two levels, you get a vacation."


"But after you claim your reward, I'm going to undergo a one week update to bring you new features so you won't be able to count on me during that time."

Konrad wanted to say that the system was in any case too unreliable, but opted to just focus on Iliana who was slowly adjusting to the scenery. Her slit eyes had avoided Konrad to stare at the four women that now laid bare on the ground with semen oozing from their vaginas, drool dripping from their lips, and rolled back eyes that made them look brain-damaged.

The scene was terrifying, to say the least, and in comparison, her own nakedness and disgraceful behavior appeared too trivial.

"Are you afraid of me?"

It was a rhetorical question. With Konrad's demonic blood fully awakened and overpowering his human bloodline, Konrad was now more beast than man and could sense the fear emanating from her body.

The sound of his voice sent a shiver down her spine. She was terrified.

Slowly, she forced herself to return her gaze onto him and meet him eye to eye. Konrad stretched his hand toward her, and clicked his fingers, causing purple light to enshroud and reform her torn clothes.

She said nothing, picked up the garments and got dressed in less than a minute, then turned back toward him.

"Is this your real appearance?"

She asked while staring at that perfectly chiseled face and glittering violet eyes.

"So, it seems."

The flames slipped through Konrad's pores and returned into his body, causing his eyes to revert to their usual black color. The only trace left of his transformation was a purple flame shaped mark that was now visible on his right arm.

But even without all the supernatural display, his presence was captivating. Thanks to his new cultivation level and bloodline sublimation, his natural charm had risen to inhuman heights, causing Iliana to only find him more dreadful.

Subconsciously, she stepped back.

But then the sight of him standing up and almost dying for her to face that deadly crisis together resurfaced, and she stepped back toward him.

"Don't you always have something to say? Why are you not saying anything?"please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m

"You want me to lie. I don't want to."

He was right. Iliana wanted him to say that there was a rational explanation to all of this, that she was mistaken, maybe that he had cultivated some kind of eldritch power that gave him demon-like abilities. Anything, except that he truly was of demonic blood.

But he wouldn't.

And strangely, those words soothed some of her fears.

"You clearly are a womanizer. Don't you people deceive women on a daily basis? Why the restraint?"

She had not realized it yet, but she was steadily getting more comfortable.

"You deceive a woman you just want to sleep with. I've said it before, I don't merely want to sleep with you. I want to own you, body and soul."

The ease with which he spoke made it sound like the most natural of things, but to her, it felt like she had been marked by a great beast for a hunt she could not escape from.

"Who are you? Why did you infiltrate the imperial palace?"

Iliana's eyesight and knowledge were good enough to spot some things Konrad himself wasn't aware of. Half-demons were generally much inferior to pureblooded demons due to the impurities of their bloodlines. However, she had no doubt that Konrad's innate demonic powers were far beyond the league of the average pureblood incubus.

This could only mean one thing. His demonic parent was, without a shred of doubt, a terrifying existence!

"In all honesty, I was sold to the palace by my parents and used to be a eunuch until recently. It hasn't been long since by demonic powers awakened, so I truly do not possess the answer to your questions and fears."

Konrad replied with his eyes staring directly into hers, and she could find no trace of lies within.

"Is being of demonic that bad?"

"Bad? It seems you don't have a clear understanding of what demonism represents in the Holy Continent."

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"It's not bad. It is terrible!"


In a faraway palace, a man with long jet-black hairs, violet eyes and a long pair of goat horns played with several beauties within a steamy, crimson pool when suddenly, his violet eyes shone with dazzling light.


He let go of the beauties within his arms and glanced at his right arm where a purple flame shaped mark glittered.

"What's the matter, your majesty?"

"It seems the third child has finally awakened."

The man leisurely said with an amused grin.

"Does your majesty want us to bring them back?"

"No need. I'm curious to see who among them will find his way back first and in what shape or form."


Iliana then proceeded by explaining the implications of demonism to Konrad. And indeed, it was much worse than he had anticipated. Perhaps it was naïve of him to think that in a world with so many different races, one couldn't be facing too much hatred.

But he was wrong. This was way worse than the inquisition back on earth.

By decree of the Celestial Church, the feeblest suspicion of a relation to demons no matter how shallow was punished by family extermination.

What was the meaning of "excessive?"

This was the meaning of "excessive."

And if that was the fate of those merely suspected to consort with demons. Konrad failed to fathom what would be done to him, were they to ever figure out that he was for all intents and purposes of demonic blood.

Yet, none of that really mattered at the moment. He strode toward Iliana and seized her waist.

"What are you doing?"

She complained while struggling to get out of his tight grasp.

"I know I said dying by your side was fine, but I'm glad we didn't die. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to hold you like this."

He said while gently stroking her hairs and keeping her face pressed against his chest.

And for an instant, Iliana thought that insolent unruly youth was no longer that hateful. Perhaps he even was a bit likable.

Just a little bit…right?