Chapter 18

Only now did Iliana recall her cousin's terrifying personality. She was a pureblooded lamia and thus possessed a strong libido, to begin with. But beyond that, she was a full-fledged man-eater who got off on playing handsome men and pretty boys till they begged for mercy.

Her track record was horrifying, and many of her male servants had been forced to resign due to her insatiable thirst for domination. Worse, her viscount father indulged all her excesses as long as she maintained the promise of not losing her virginity to one of her victims.

This only made her more tyrannical, and ultimately, a new policy was established to just hire ugly men!

Daphne slipped out of Iliana's arms and darted toward Konrad, sizing him from head to toe through her bewitching eyes. She was glowing from the satisfaction she felt when his eunuch clothes finally caught his attention.

"Wait…he's a eunuch?"

She asked toward Iliana with teary eyes.

The answer was an obvious no. But for some reason…

"Yes! He's one of the palace's eunuchs. Don't get any strange idea. At the end of the day, you're now an imperial consort. Some things need to cease."

…she blurted out. Also, why was Konrad getting more handsome by the second? Totally outrageous!

But seeing Iliana's unexpected reaction, the sweet scent of opportunity reached Konrad's nose.

"Actually, I'm not a eunuch. I'm a perfectly constituted man with all the tools in the right places."

He seriously declared.

"Oh really? Let me check."

Daphne's teary gaze was replaced by excitement, and she cupped Konrad's balls within her right hand.

"Mhm…nice girth. You and I are going to get along just fine!"

She didn't care about why a man had snuck into the palace. She only cared about him looking like a demi-god and being available for her to toy with.

Seeing her brazen behavior, Konrad frowned. But when he saw the rising anger within Iliana's eyes, he restrained himself.

"Harlot! Shameless harlot! Do you really have no sense of propriety?!"

But Daphne was unfazed, and complacently replied.

"What's propriety? That word doesn't exist in my vocabulary. Is he yours? Did you claim him? Even if he's yours, sisters should be able to share everything!"

"Also I'm a harlot! That's nothing new!"



The definition of those two words had now appeared within Konrad's gaze. Iliana didn't know what else to say, and for an instant stood dazed. Was Konrad hers? Definitely not. Yet, she couldn't help but feel great discomfort.

But seeing her floundering, Daphne struck harder.

"If he's not taken, I will take him. If he's taken, I will still take him! What? Not satisfied? Bite me!"


Iliana aimed her trembling finger at Daphne's smug face but didn't have the words to turn this around. She then switched her attention to Konrad who had remained silent throughout.

"Are you not going to say anything?"

"What do you expect me to say? Life is too short to miss out on such a golden opportunity. In any case, it's not like you and I have anything special going on right?"

Konrad innocently shrugged while appreciating the feeling of his balls getting cupped through the fabric of his clothes.

"You! If you don't come with me right now…"

Iliana began, and then stopped, horrified by what she was about to say.

"Forget it! I'm sick of you lecherous bastards! You truly are a pair made in heaven!"

She then stomped her feet and stormed out.

"Wow, I never saw her getting so worked up for a man. What is your relationship with her?"

Daphne asked with her alluring gaze staring into Konrad's and her hand still rubbing his crotch.

"Soon to be lover."

And the calm, nonchalant reply caused Daphne to stop her tantalizing movement for a second.

"Wow, confident. I like it!"

"Enough is enough. If you want to purchase something, now is your last chance!"

"Three random low-grade Grand Level spiritual methods. Place them in my special pouch."

The system executed the exchange and roared "Update Initialization! See you in one week!"

Then cut its connection to Konrad.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Konrad's undivided attention then returned onto Daphne who had already begun unbuckling his belt.

pAnD a(-)n0ve1.com

"Every tried bdsm? I don't have many instruments here, but I'm sure we can work out something…delightful. I warn you though, I'm always doing the guy. Not the other way around!"

Even bdsm! Truly unredeemable! Konrad flew into rage and threw Daphne onto the bed.


"Bdsm your mother!"

"Already did…"

Konrad staggered, and felt like his "Patriarch of Shamelessness" title was in danger. He had finally met his match!

"Damn lass! The patriarch of the unruly and the shameless stands in front, of you, yet, you have the nerves to act so shamelessly? See how I deal with you!"

"Ecstasy fingers!"

Pink colored flames enshrouded Konrad's fingers, and he pounced onto Daphne.

"Wait, wait…"

But there would be no mercy for the wicked. Konrad shredded her clothes in a heartbeat and began toying with her body through his immoral hands.


She moaned while his flaming finger trailed her body and turned her into a ball of erogenous zones. Her shapely breasts, in particular, were not spared, causing her nipples to stand erect within Konrad's massaging hands, and her sex to get moister by the second.

"Oooh yes! Ooooh yes! I had yet to meet a man that could use his hands in such a brilliant manner. I will definitely add you to my harem as my primary consort!"

She roared while Konrad's right fingers pulled on her nipples and his left rubbed her clit.

"Harem? Your…harem? Enough of this shit!"

Konrad flipped her onto her stomach and dragged her into his lap.

"Wait…what do you want to do?"

She asked in a terrified tone while her plump butt wiggled under Konrad's gaze.

"Punishing the wicked! Past today, the name of Daddy Konrad shall be the only thing your lecherous mind can drool on!"


Konrad's raised palm descended onto Daphne's plump rear in a resounding slap. But due to his ecstasy fingers, what she felt was an unknown mixture of pleasure and pain!


*Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

Without mercy, Konrad began spanking the insubordination out of her ass, and soon the only thing that could be heard within the room was a mixture of Daphne's moans and spanking.

"Oh yes, more, please spank me more!"

"Who am I?"

"Daddy Konrad!"

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*



Her voice shafted through the night and spread toward her personal attendants who had just brought the still dazed Freya and her lot as per Konrad's request.

"The miss has awakened?"

"But what's going on in there?"

"Could it be…"

"Yes more! Daddy Konrad, please spank me more!"


The attendants were horrified by the words they heard and rushed toward the room.

What they saw upon walking in was a scene that would be imprinted within their minds for centuries to come.

Daphne's reddened buttcheeks giggled under the spanking of the man who had previously rescued them. His scalding palm had firmly been imprinted onto it, and the ground beneath her thighs was flooded by her dripping juice while her tongue hanged from the corner of her mouth in a debile expression of bliss.

Meanwhile, within a simple room of the palace maids' central courtyard, Jasmine held her face against within her legs and with a misty gaze, silently reminisced the dashing paragon spirit prince who had taken her body and snatched her soul.