Chapter 19

Seeing by the maids barging into the room, Konrad stopped mid-spanking to cast a blinking glance at them?

Daphne, however, was annoyed. The time of her life had been interrupted by those noisy women that only knew how to cause trouble. She had yet to admonish them for decorating her room in such a bland manner, and they dared deliver themselves?

"Young lady you…even for you this is…too much?"

Said Melina, the attendant closest to Daphne. Like all the gathered maids, she seemed to be in her early thirties and possessed a flawless figure matured by time.

But in the cultivation world, appearances were deceiving, and she was already close to a hundred years old.

"Since you're so interested in our game, why don't you join us? Bring your asses over here!"

The overbearing young lady had returned and seemed even crazier than before. But as those six attendants were trained victims of her sexual domination, they stepped toward the pair in an orderly fashion.

Daphne turned a gleaming gaze toward Konrad.

"Daddy, have you ever been pleased by six women at the same time?"

Konrad's eyes moved between those attendants and Daphne, and inwardly, he was impressed.

Good woman!

In any dynasty, you could have been the most favored consort!

In the future, I can delegate a lot of training to you!

But of course, he could not let his satisfaction show on his face…yet.

"Nothing I haven't felt before."

The attendants were speechless. Did all seventeen years old boys nowadays majored in boastful talk?

"Well, I want to watch you play with them. Would you let me?"

"Hum, hum. If you insist!"

Daphne stood up and scurried over to a rattan chair in the leftmost corner of the room.

"What are you waiting for? Take good care of my daddy."

The attendants didn't delay, unfastened Konrad's belt and freed him from his clothes. As they dropped onto the ground, and his godlike figure was revealed, they felt their lady had given them quite the good bargain.

Without further ado, they dropped their dresses onto the ground, revealing their mature, voluptuous bodies to Konrad's greedy eyes. Now a fully-fledged incubus, Konrad's sexual urges had risen to a terrifying level, and the sight of women about to be plucked by his shaft particularly aroused him. The golden road then rose to attention, and its holy light illuminated the room.

"What kind of sorcery is this?"

"Could this be the legendary divine lance?"

"It must be!"

But although arousal quickly spread through their bodies and humidified their nether regions, they couldn't neglect the task of pleasing the new master.

One attendant sneaked into Konrad's back and warped her arms around his neck, taking in the arousing orchid scent that emanated from his body. Another one took his cheeks into her hand and pulled him into a fiery, passionate kiss while spreading her legs to allow the third one to crawl between and take Konrad's burning shaft into her mouth while keeping her arms on the back of his legs.

And just like that, all spots were taken. So, the remaining three had to be more creative. Two attacked his shaft by the left and right. Teasing its pulsing veins with their tongues while the one at the front licked the underside.

Then she sucked him in, her mouth acting like a vacuum that pulled him down her throat in deep slurping sounds.

*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

A pleasure gasp escaped Konrad's lips as he broke the kiss connecting him to the attendant directly facing him. But she disagreed and so retook them, her tongue intertwining with his in rising fervor.

The one at the back didn't stay idle, massaging Konrad's butt within her hands, and cupping feels that caused her eager body to drip juice onto the ground.

The sixth attendant was starting to feel frustrated by the lack of room for her, but then an idea sprang within her mind, and she leaped past all the girls to strap her long legs around Konrad's neck; pushing her wet pussy into his lips.


She moaned when his tongue entered her, and he sucked on her sex with masterful proficiency.

Konrad's incubus pheromones spread through his orchid scent and drove the women into higher levels of excitations. Their limbs wrapped around him in an exchange of position that carried on until each had gotten a taste of his deadly tongue and shared their juices through his mouth.

That spectacle caused Daphne to spread her legs and insert her fingers into her vagina with one hand while cupping and sucking on her breast with the other.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

The overwhelming scent of Konrad's body had already spread throughout the room, causing the noble ladies to yearn for only one thing.

His cock!

The maid caressing his chest stepped back alongside those sucking on his rod and Melina who currently was having her pussy played by his tongue slid down to impale herself onto his cock!

"Ooooooh! Full! I feel so full!"

And that most pleasurable move of her life dragged her into a fairyland.

Immediately, Konrad channeled the Hundred Flowers Scripture and began the dual cultivation!

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

The penetration force was too strong for her to handle, so she tightly clung on his neck while wrapping her legs around him. But those legs wouldn't hold on for long.

The hammering that checked all the pleasure spots hidden within her pussy and created new ones where none had existed beforehand, soon caused her mind to go blank and she abandoned herself to the pleasure.

"Yes! Fuck me harder! Plunder my insides!"

She growled, and Konrad obliged, grabbing her waist within his powerful hands and fucking her into a succession of deafening orgasms that caused her legs to give in and her mature, voluptuous body to turn into a toy within his demonic clutches.

Then she was replaced, and the same treatment administrated to her successor with the only difference being the position Konrad chose to bend her into.

p-A- n-d-A-n-0-v-e-1、(c)om

Thus in two long, surreal hours the six maids were fucked one after the other, with their mind turned blank by Konrad's skills and the overpowering physical, and spiritual connection engraved into them by the Hundred Flowers Scripture.


Groaned the last one who was currently being spooned by Konrad, and she came all over his cock.

And only then did Konrad release. Dual cultivation ended when both parties released their juice, so he had to perfectly control the intercourse to maximize the results.

Unbeknown to them the six maids who had been stuck at the ninth step of the True Knight Rank for decades without hope for further breakthroughs, all ascended to the Grand Knight Rank in swirling sky-blue light!

Konrad then stood up and walked toward Daphne who had long since stopped masturbating and only stared dazed at the spectacle she had engineered with starving eyes!

"I can smell that your pussy is still intact. Why is that? You don't seem to be the type to keep your maidenhood for so long."

"I…promised my father to keep it for marriage."

She replied in a foggy state of mind to his question.

"Oh? But I want to plow you. What should we do?"

"Then…plow me!"

Seamless violet light flashed within Konrad's eyes as he pulled Daphne into his embrace and plowed every inch of her field.

"Ooooh, divine lord!"

And soon, only the free sound of Daphne's all-out moaning could be heard within the building.

By the time the sun reared its head, Daphne was still impaling herself on Konrad who laid stoic on the bed that was now drenched in a mixture of their fluids. He had already lost track of how many times he came inside her and her on him. Each exchange of orgasmic fluid marked the end of a dual cultivation session which meant that for roughly seven hours, they had completed innumerable sessions.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

Daphne's legs trembled as her ass slammed onto Konrad's cock for one last stroke and they released their last wave into and onto one another. She then collapsed on his chest and allowed his softening cock to slip out of her.

"You are…a god. My…god…"

She had been in a coma for a decade, and her cultivation had not improved. Remaining stuck at the fifth True Knight Rank. But in one night of dual cultivation, she made up for all the lost time and directly broke through four steps, reaching the ninth True Knight Rank.

Meanwhile, Konrad had also profited. His martial cultivation reached the fifth step Grand Knight and was very close to the sixth while his spiritual cultivation reached the eighth step True Knight Rank.

Satisfied by the results, he laid Daphne onto the side, showered, got dressed and exited her palace after collecting Freya and her lot into his spatial pouch. With the system currently updating, he couldn't get any ring or check his exp count. But according to his calculations, it should have reached 144215.

"Time to bring Jasmine into the fold."