Chapter 222 Final Battle 4

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222 Final Battle 4

The Lich King finally made his move.

Atop his skeletal, leading the ominous parade of undead horrors. Thousands of skeletons shuffled forward, accompanied by elite undead warriors and a haunting assembly of revenants. The collective movement turned the defenders on the wall into a state of panic, as the overwhelming force converged on the central gate.

"How can we stop this!!!" Captain Farrel's voice rang out in desperation, his eyes widening as he witnessed Lieutenant Sanderson and his Charlie company being engulfed by the relentless horde.

"Fall back!! Retreat!! Retreat!!"

The retreat command echoed across the walls, a desperate plea for survival. Lieutenant Sanderson, despite his bravery, fell defending the very rear of his units, succumbing to the relentless onslaught.

The urgency of the situation prompted Captain Carter to swiftly reposition units toward the center. However, the undead force's overwhelming number and speed surpassed their ability to react effectively. With the central gate overrun, Captain Carter made a quick and decisive decision.

"Launch the mortar!!"

The last card in Captain Carter's hand was played—the four [L16 Mortar] teams swiftly prepared and fired their last few rounds of explosives shells.


Explosions reverberated as the mortar shells struck the amassed undead horde in front of the gates, claiming hundreds of undead each second and temporarily halting their relentless advance.

Seizing the moment, Captain Carter shoot a flare into the sky, signaling a retreat to all players.

This strategic maneuver had been meticulously planned by the coalition. Alan, foreseeing the intensity of the final hours and the undead's ultimate assault, had advocated for a strategy of full retreat once the gate was breached. The primary objective of the round was survival, and a strategic withdrawal in this dire situation would buy the players valuable time and increase their chances.

"Fall back!! All retreat!!" Captain Carter's voice echoed across the battleground, rallying the players to disengage and retreat from the overwhelming undead forces.

As the retreat began, the New York server's mortar strategy came into play, unleashing explosive rounds to cover the withdrawal. The support team and ranged units skillfully executed their roles, providing cover fire and creating a path for the knights and warriors who guarded the rear. The clatter of armor and the sounds of footsteps echoed through the town as the defenders rushed toward Camelot Palace.


Amidst the organized retreat, an urgent announcement illuminated everyone's gamelinks: [60 minutes left to survive]. The ticking clock added a sense of urgency to the chaotic scene, pushing the players to hasten their escape.

However, at the heart of the city, Axel and his band of veterans defied the general retreat order. Their focus was on the colossal Abyss Knight standing before them, an imposing threat that needed to be neutralized before the Lich King's imminent arrival.

"They are coming!! Kill this Abyss Knight! Kill it fast!!" Axel's rallying cry echoed through the central square, intensifying the urgency of the veterans' assault. Their determination was fueled by the realization that the fate of the final quest hung in the balance, dependent on the Abyss Knight's demise before the arrival of the Lich King.lightsnovel

However, the Abyss Knight, with its formidable special abilities, proved to be a relentless adversary. In the final moments of the assault, the veterans managed to inflict only a meager 5% damage to the undead general. As the bombardment ceased, the undead horde breached the walls and began flooding the town. The chaos intensified as the players struggled to hold their ground.

"3% left! Do not give up!! Kite it back to the palace!!!"


"1% a little bit more!!!"

Just when victory seemed within reach, shock and dismay swept over the group as the Abyss Knight's health inexplicably surged once again.

"2%!! How could it be!!"

Axel's voice rang with frustration as the unexpected turn of events threatened to shatter their hopes of defeating the Abyss Knight before the Lich King's arrival. They quickly realized the culprit when they saw the arrival of the Necromancer; the Lich King had the power to restore the Abyss Knight's health. Despite their best efforts, within the next few minutes, the Abyss Knight's health had returned above 5%. The undead general seized the opportunity and unleashed a powerful sweep attack, claiming the life of Jason, one of the Bloodpatriot werewolves.

Once again, Axel found himself caught in the crossfire of battling two formidable undead bosses simultaneously. Even Cachellos, acknowledging the dire situation, suggested that the noble to abandon the fight and join the others in retreat, defending within the safety of the castle.

"No! No retreat!! Bring more people in to help! We will win this!!" Axel's resolve remained unyielding, determined to face the overwhelming odds and emerge victorious. The stakes were higher than ever, and the veterans braced themselves for an intensified struggle against the combined might of the Abyss Knight and the Lich King.

Axel's resolute decision rallied several other veterans into the fray; the two-times veteran Captain Amon form Egypt, the few Bangkok server veterans with Singdal the martial artist among them, the Wolverines led by Merle rednecks and Milo's group of convicts, all joined the battle.

With their combined forces, in the next 15 minutes, despite being guarded by dozens of revenants, the players successfully reduced the Lich King's health by half.

In a burst of optimism, Axel's rallying cry resonated, "Yes, let's kill the necromancer first! It's much easier!" However, their triumph was short-lived. The necromancer, retaliated with a dark spell that siphoned the life force from its undead minions. Shock and frustration gripped the players as they witnessed the necromancer's health restore to an infuriating 100%.

"Dammit, they just can't die! How are we going to kill them?" Merle exclaimed, his frustration mirrored by the surrounding veterans.

Amid the uncertainty, Rose, with her heightened perceptions, caught sight of a figure hurtling toward them at high speed. Recognition flashed across her face with a triumphant smile, "He's still alive!" The unexpected arrival injected a renewed sense of hope into the beleaguered fighters.

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