454 Demonic Keegs

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Origin magic has no element. It is considered to be non elemental and can take on any shape or form. It consumed more energy than a regular elemental spell as well. If used correctly, you could even create something from nothing, not like golem magic but like creating a sword out of thin air or some kind of other weapon to maybe entire planets or universes. This was one of the reasons why gods and goddesses could do such things. Since they could harness origin magic to do as they pleased. Only divinity was a step higher which was why those who could use astral energy were a step away from god. Allowing them to be considered demi gods.

It was a complicated type of magic, and even though Blake was quick to pick these kinds of things up, he was still unable to utilize anything other than body enhancements. "So we will be staying here for one more month. Every month thereafter, thanks to Ishtar we will split up into three teams and come here to spend three days working on taking in as much astral energy as possible.

"We will also only allow this to be used within our family. Our family is already quite big, and it would not be fair to Ishtar if every citizen had to undergo death and rebirth. So astral energy will be kept in the family.

"So for the next month work hard. We will be returning home in a month's time." Blake finished what he had to say before turning to Ishtar and asking: "Can you do me a favor?"

"I will do anything you ask," Ishtar replied with a smile.

"I just want you to let us see our children, to see how they are doing."  Blake did not want them to have false hope of him coming back too soon, so he just wanted to peek in on them and nothing more.

"Of course!" Ishtar waved her hand, creating a huge golden window that showed the base where Blake was from. It then focused in more until it arrived at the girls' wing of the palace. Hope was playing with Fate and a few of her other sisters while the other seemed to be taking a nap. They looked calm at the moment, but he knew they were missing him and their other mamas.

"Thanks." Blake took a deep breath before leaving the room to head outside. He wanted to focus. He had to grow stronger. His family was his driving force.

After Blake left, Lillia asked Ishtar to change the view towards the outer walls of the city. "I am surprised you caught that," Noa said as she saw the long line of refugees.

"They are putting the flood lights to use. I wonder what is going on." Josline had a bad feeling, but she was trying to push those feelings aside so she could keep her mind on her target of learning how to use her astral energy.

"If they are using the lights, then it might have something to do with the reglios," Lillia replied while frowning. "I had only noticed it by chance since the scene was changing, but I think the reglios are finally on the move again."

"What are these reglios?" Ishtar asked. Just seeing how the people on the wall were literally shining lights down at all angels on each person to get rid of the shadow made Ishtar feel something was really off. She felt like she might know what the race was that they were talking about.lightsnovel

"It's better to have you read Noa's mind. She was there during the time they met with the reglios before." Lillia replied.

Ishtar nodded and told Noa to concentrate on the reglios. After a few seconds, Ishtar's brow furrowed even more. "What are demonic keegs doing on your planet?"

"Demonic keegs?" Gemini felt confused. She had not heard of demonic keegs before.

"They are a race from the underworld. They are able to change their sec at will and reproduce in large numbers. They hide in the shadows of others and use those shadows to infiltrate different places and attack in large numbers. They look exactly like these reglios, as you called them."

"The name reglios came from them. And these were born from human monsters. But if they are, let's say, a breed of these demonic keegs, how power can they get?" Noa asked.

"They can become quite powerful. Most beings from the underworld rely on demonic energy to cast spells. But many of them use physical strengthening, making them immune to low level spells using astral energy, and even the stronger demonic beings are even able to resist divinity. But these demonic keegs are quite weak compared to other demonic beings, but on a world like yours where magic is the strongest power, they can reign freely without issue. I am not saying these are demonic keegs either since they could just look like them and have similar powers." Ishtar did not want to rule anything out just yet, but if it was true that a demonic keeg had somehow appeared on earth in the form of a baby and then grew up and began reproducing, they could easily take over the planet.

"Should we tall Blake?"  Josline did not know if they should inform Blake about this or not.

"Not yet. There is no need to just yet. Things seemed to be going well." Lillia replied. She felt this was a good chance to have the citizens of Destiny City be a little more independent and not rely on Blake all the time.

Ishtar thought for a moment before saying: "Just in case, I will cast a spell around the city that will make any reglios who is using a shadow turn into ash. This way, in case the current setup fails, you will have a fail safe."

"Thanks. I could probably do the same, but with you doing it, it will for sure block them from entering the city. Making sure that everyone is safe and sound is our top priority.."  Lillia really did not want to baby the citizens too much, but she also did not want any of them getting harmed.