455 Gods Descend Upon Earth

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"Don't worry. I will not allow anything to happen to the people that Blake wishes to protect." Ishtar did as she said, creating a whole new barrier around the city. At the same time, cries could be heard coming from parts of the city. Black figures were emerging out of a few of the shadows of the refugees. These figures would emerge and then turn to ash in an instant.

"Looks like a few did get in. Ishtar, thanks." Lillia smiled as she hugged Ishtar, who blushed. She knew that her sisters were all very touchy feely. She learned that really well when it came to the little fairy who liked to show her dominance. Although said fairy also submitted quite quickly as well.

"I am just happy I can help. Blake banned me from doing too much on your world. I can only protect the city if it comes under attack." Ishtar replied while pouting slightly.

"It's not that he does not appreciate your help, but he is trying to keep his citizens from being too reliant on those who are stronger. During times of war, he will go to the battlefield himself, but he will wait before joining the fight to give his people a chance to use the powers they have learned to use. This way, they can be ready for anything. However, it does pain him when his people die. We had heavy losses in our last war." Lillia's expression turned sad. She knew most of the people who died. She felt they were all good people who did not deserve to die in battle. But they died protecting their home, which was something that she knew a lot about.

"I am sure. I haven't seen a war since the last uprising when a few gods tried to overthrow Anu, but that war only lasted an hour because, well, Anu is Anu. He is not the god of all gods for no reason." Ishtar scratched her nose as she realized the Astral Domain was actually quite peaceful.

"I am sure wars will be something you often see on our world, sadly. There are many factions vying for power." Lillia couldn't help but sigh at this thought. War only brought death. But now there was no way even the dragonic could match them, but… if the reglios were really these demonic keegs, then there might be bigger issues down the road.

"Don't worry. We will do what we can to help no matter what. Also, if the reglios, as you called them, if they turn out to be really demonic keegs, then the entire world might be engulfed in a much bigger battle in the future." Ishtar hated being the bearer of bad news, but this was just a fact that everyone had to accept.

"We will grow strong. We will not allow ourselves to give up without a proper fight." Lillia's eyes were firm. Ishtar also saw that all of her sisters had the same firm resolve in their eyes. She could tell they were all one. Not a single one was afraid to die if it meant protecting what they loved.


"So this is the planet that Ea was talking about?" A man with a tanned, muscular body with gold chains around his neck and wearing just a pair of brown shorts looked around at the forest covered landscape. He looked over at his companion, that seemed to be spacing out, and frowned: "Loki! Wake the fuck up! Ea did not pull you back from that void for no reason. We have a job to do!"

"Gungnir, you do not understand. Have you ever thought that maybe Anu is not the most powerful god in existence?" Loki asked. Her body shivered slightly, thinking about the dragon girl she met when she was sent flying. The pressure she felt from that person was so great it far exceeded Anu himself by millions of times.

"I think you need to get your head checked, Loki. Did Ishtar smacking you into another dimension make you lose a few brain cells? How can anyone be more powerful than Anu?" Gungnir did not understand why Loki would even ask such a question.

"But that person… the one who sent me flying into some random void. Her powers seemed to be greater than Anu's…." Loki's voice slowly got quieter under Gungnir's stern gaze. She knew Gungnir looked up to Anu, but she couldn't help but express her opinion on this. After all, she had experienced herself, even if it was only for a few seconds.

"I think you losing part of your powers is what is causing you to act like an idiot. But let me tell you now, no one is stronger than Anu." Gungnir said firmly. "If I hear you say anything against this again, I do not mind snuffing you out completely. Ea is only letting you come here so you can gain back your powers when this new goddess returns to her world."

"Gungnir, you look up to Anu, but you are here following Ea's orders. Anu said this planet was under the new goddess' jurisdiction. Are you not going against his words by being here?" Loki shot back with a snort. She hated it when Gungnir tried to be all high and mighty with her. He had been doing it since she had lost part of her powers.

"Ea… I have no choice." Gungnir's expression turned sour. He couldn't say why he had no choice, but he really had no other way but to follow Ea's orders.

"Alright, let's find a place to settle in for the time being. We have no idea how long we will be stuck on this primitive planet." Loki didn't really care why Gungnir was following Ea's orders. She was only doing it because Ea was powerful. For now, she just wanted to get her power back, and Gungnir was someone she could rely on. The god of weapons. He could use any weapon to its utmost limits with ease. He was a good ally for her at this time.