456 Bret’s Bad Day

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Inside Destiny City…

"What do we make of this?" Mike asked as he looked at the five piles of ash in front of him.

"These were all reglios. From what the reports said, some of the refugees who just entered the city had them come out of their shadows all of a sudden and turned to ash." Bret replied. He had no idea why this suddenly happened.

"And this pile here?" Mike looked at the second pile.

"These are the ones who were forced out of the shadows as soon as they entered the city and turned to ash like the others," Bret explained. "I do not know what is going on, but it seems our city is under some kind of protection from the reglios now. My guess is Blake somehow did something from the Astral Domain. The lucky bastard. He even has two goddesses as wives now!"

"If you complain like that, Rin will cut your dick off," Mike said with a chuckle. "At any rate, this is a big help, but do not stop our current efforts.  We still need to figure out a method to stop them from entering the city altogether."

"If the lights are really not working, then what should we do? We tried light magic as well on full blast. If we knew how shadow magic worked.." Bret fell into thought when something came to mind. "Wait! Blake can use shadow magic. I think he can even store items inside of it, so if he can do that, he should have some kind of counter for it, no?"

"This… Get Little White here!" Mike felt stupid. He did not know why he did not think of this before.

Not long later, Little White was nervously looking around as she sat down in MIke's office. "Little White, you can relax. We are only here to ask if you can ask Blake how to counter the shadow magic that the reglios use."

"Okay!" Little White would never miss a chance to speak with her master. 'Master! Master!'

Inside the Astral Domain, Blake was sitting on top of a rock he had made rise out of the ground and was currently trying to learn more about his astral powers when Little White's voice filled his mind. "Hmmm? What's wrong?"

"Ummm, big scary guy and small scary guy want to ask you how to deal with the shadow magic the reglios use." Little White replied. She did not seem to remember Bret's or Mike's name at all. They were unimportant to her since only her master and her master's family mattered.lightsnovel

"Ummm… That is a bit tricky. The shadow melding magic is something that one can not use easily, but….. If one were to make a spell that merged light into the shadow of another, it would counter it and reveal what is inside. It won't take what is in the shadow out, but it should reveal it. Why are you asking this?" Blake was confused. He did not have anyone tell him there was something wrong with the city.

"Big scary guy said that there is a mass of refugees entering the city, and they are told it is due to the umm… reglios people. Reglios have been found in the shadows of the people. He asks if you are the one who put the barrier around the city to kill the reglios in the shadows." Little White answered.

"No… But I am sure it is one of the people here. Just tell him that if he can come up with a spell to inject light into a shadow, then he should be able to reveal any reglios within." Blake furrowed his brow. It seemed that his wives were hiding things from him. But since they had already dealt with the issue, he would not bring it up for the time being. He would just wait and see how things do. But he was sure that Ishtar also had a hand in it since a barrier of some kind was put up. Only Ishtar had such power at this time to do that.

"Big scary guy said you left him a pain in the ass job. But he will get the others on it and try to figure out a method of doing that. He also says I am jealous!" Little White began repeating everything that was said, causing Blake to hold his head. "Little White, tell the big scary guy since he is teaching you all these bad things that he will need to have a spar with me when I get back. And Little White, forget everything he said. You do not need to worry about someone else's mouth that spills shit."

Back on Earth….

"Understood!" Little White had a big smile on her face. Her master was worried about her!  She turned to the big scary guy and repeated what Blake had said to her.

"Fuck!" Bret cursed out loud. Mike, who was next to him, was laughing to the point that his stomach hurt. "Fuck you! It's not funny. That bastard intends to beat me senseless. I should have watched my mouth!"

"Since I am done, I will leave now." Little White stood up and quickly ran off. She did not like staying with the scary guys.

Bret wanted to reach out and stop Little White so she could explain things to Blake for him, but Little White was quick to escape! He could only slump to the ground and hold his head. "Mike…. I am so dead. I leave my two wives and my kids in your care. But if you touch them, I will fucking come back and hunt you for the rest of you… Ouch, fuck! You bastard!"

"I have a wife and kids of my own! I don't need your family!" Mike yelled out while dishing out a few more kicks.

Little White ran all the way to her safe haven, which was a room Blake gave her. Inside were things that smelled of Blake. It was the only place she felt comfortable now that Blake was not around. She spent most of her time here except for when she took walks around the city to see if things were going well. She dived into her bed and wrapped herself in a blanket that she stole from Blake's bedroom, and began sniffing it to remind herself of her master's scent. "Master… Come back soon…."