791 Dao Integration Tribulation, Mahayana, Origin of the Dao of Immortals of Ancient Times (5)

In that case, I only need to wait. When the reincarnation of the spirit reaches a certain realm, he will naturally seek a higher level and come into contact with the path to this universe. At that time, I felt that I only needed to wait here. After all, that's only the reincarnation of Existence's spirit. It's impossible for him to be my match. So, what went wrong with this entire process? There shouldn't be a problem. Why didn't he fuse with the aura of power left there? And how did he become so powerful? He's just a reincarnation of a spirit that doesn't have the power of 'form' to support him, so he shouldn't be powerful to this extent.

"Even the 'Foundation of Existence' that fused with the body and spirit back then was not so powerful. Now, he hasn't even grasped the 'form' of the Foundation of Existence and has only relied on cultivation to reach this realm. Why is he so powerful? What mistake did I make?"

"The mistake is that you overestimated yourself and underestimated the concept of the Foundation of Existence." At this moment, Cui Heng's voice suddenly sounded in the Ruins of End. He slowly walked over and looked down at Beginning.

"From the start, you, who stood at the beginning of time and the end, do not understand the power of civilization and life. The strength of the Foundation of Existence lies in these seemingly weak existences. In fact, they are the true foundation of 'Existence'. Without civilization and life, 'Existence' will not be able to obtain feedback. It will only be a cold concept."

After understanding his original background, he finally understood the essence of the Immortal cultivation technique.

This was the most suitable cultivation method for him that the "spirit" who had existed for a long time had deduced during his countless reincarnations.

Through sensing, comprehending, and understanding the various civilizations and lives that existed in the world, he could grasp the power of "Existence".

In a sense, this could also be understood as Refining Void into Reality and Refining False into True.

Therefore, cultivation was also called "cultivation of the truth".

This was also the fundamental reason why Cui Heng had to comprehend the seven emotions of all living beings, enlighten spirituality, understand the unknown, and so on during the process of cultivation.

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When he reached the Peak of the Return to Void Realm, even without fusing with the 'form' of the Foundation of Existence, he had already relied on his cultivation to obtain the power of Existence to reach the same level as Beginning and End.

Now that he had fused with most of the "forms" that formed the system, he was already half a step into the Dao Integration realm.

He was just short of snatching back the small portion here.

"Nonsense, this is extremely ridiculous! The living creatures of the world are just ants, and the so-called civilizations are just ant nests. What power can it have?" Beginning shouted coldly, not believing Cui Heng's words at all. Then, he shouted sternly, "You're confronting me with such nonsense. Do you really think I'm in a desperate situation?!"

As he spoke, he opened his right hand. A star appeared out of thin air, emitting an extremely dense power of Existence.

It was Earth!

In the next moment, the entire Earth exploded with a bang, turning into countless specks of dust. The thick fog at the core spread out, and one could vaguely see a mysterious crystal flickering with light.

This was the "form" of the foundation that Cui Heng lacked!please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m

At the same time, the power aura in his entire body seemed to be burning as it crazily affected the crystal.

Under the influence of Beginning's power, the surface of the crystal was actually dyed with a trace of scarlet color, emitting an extremely strange power. It instantly distorted the land of the Ultimate and began to affect Cui Heng's condition. It actually wanted to weaken Cui Heng's power.

Cui Heng, who had just descended here, seemed to be greatly affected. He froze there and looked at Beginning in disbelief. He said in shock, "You can actually control its power?!"

"Hahahaha! I've succeeded!" Beginning laughed heartily, and the expression on his face kept changing between young and old. He held the crystal in his hand and was rather proud. "In the end, you haven't retrieved the 'form' of the Foundation of Existence. This is the foundation of everything. As long as I control it, I can even affect the reincarnation of a 'spirit' like you. You're finished!"

"Is that so?" Cui Heng suddenly returned to his normal state. At the same time, he raised his hand and pointed lightly at the crystal. Immediately, the scarlet color on the crystal disappeared and flew out of Beginning's hand to land in his palm. He looked at Beginning with a faint smile. "Do you think this is all the entire 'form' of the Foundation of Existence?"

"This, this, how can this be?!" At first, his eyes widened as he looked at the crystal in Cui Heng's hand in disbelief. He was almost crazy. "This is impossible. Why, why is this happening?!"

"Because this has always been an extremely tiny 'form'. It's not the entire 'form'!" Cui Heng chuckled.

Then, the crystal entered his palm and began to fuse with him. The complete aura of the Foundation of Existence immediately appeared on his body. It was boundless and illuminated the endless world and the entire Ultimate land. Even the endless void was illuminated.

Dao Integration!

At this moment, Cui Heng had already truly stepped into the Dao Integration realm and completely controlled everything. As long as he stepped into this realm, he would reach perfection. It was the pinnacle.

At the same time, he understood what "Tribulation Transcendence" was.

"You coveted me when I was born, and you searched for me after I transcended the tribulation. After I revived, I became your enemy. So this is all my tribulation," Cui Heng muttered. His gaze landed on Beginning and he sighed softly. "After killing you, I'll successfully transcend the tribulation and reach the truly perfect Mahayana realm."

"Ridiculous, don't even think about killing me!" Beginning gritted his teeth and roared, trying his best to escape. "Back then, if he could escape, there's no reason why I couldn't. As long as I..."

However, just as he was about to escape according to the established route, Cui Heng suddenly pressed his palm down, as if he was grabbing a little chick, and he directly grasped this supreme existence that occupied the starting point and end of time in his hand.

Beginning realized that all his divine powers were instantly sealed and he had no ability to resist at all.

This was a complete suppression!

He never dreamed that he would be crushed in all aspects one day.