1826 Compensate

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Instead, he decided to begin slowly taking in vassal states, and slowly raising up their standards to the point where they'd be able to help him. It wouldn't be too late in the future to completely swallow them. In fact, after seeing the benefits, many might decide to directly join. 

Currently, Dyon had no vassal states, but he believed that very soon he would have two. The Kong Clan was practically guaranteed. As for the Grand Templar Sect, though it wasn't 100% certain, Dyon had a level of confidence that wasn't small. 

This Grand Templar Sect had always piqued his curiosity… He felt that their Patriarch was far stronger than he had led on all those years ago… and their beast raising abilities caught more than just Dyon's attention. 

"That's enough." Dyon said casually. "I'll allow you to choose again after you witness this battle. I'm sure you'll realize soon that the umbrella of the Sacharro Clan is safest…" 

Without much thought, Dyon looked toward Elinor, Patriarch Mino's wife, with a smile. 

"This is the Death Guard I'd like to release, Emperor Shruti." 

Emperor Shruti blinked in surprise, suddenly feeling complex. This was his daughter's own Death Guard, a great talent with a very good chance of reaching the dao realm, though she was current a pseudo dao expert. Had he known that Dyon wanted to free Elinor, he likely wouldn't have agreed so easily… 

"There's no need to worry, Emperor Shruti. If you agree, I don't mind taking Little Saru under my wing. There's also no problem with her staying with our Sacharro Clan for an extended period of time, of course that includes my disciple as well." 

Numerous lips twitched. This man really was shameless. 

"I'll ensure she receives the best resources." 

Emperor Shruti tilted his head slightly in thought, looking toward Empress Shruti who only lightly smiled, her eyes shining with a peculiar light as she looked from Saru to the masked man and back. It seemed as though she was in deep thought as well. 

"You don't want to take my daughter as your disciple?" He asked curiously. 

Dyon shook his head. "I don't feel much destiny between me and the princess. Also, it may be seen as inappropriate if I take your Empire's princess as a disciple. I don't want others to think that I'm trying to manipulate you all by using her for leverage." 

The elder nodded in acknowledgement, unknowingly relaxing their previous tension. 

"Is that so, I don't believe my daughter is any less talented than Brahman, though." 

"She's not just not any less, but she's decidedly more talented. However, I don't choose disciples by just this metric alone.

"Either way, my point is that even without her Death Guard, no one would dare harm a hair on her head, this I promise." 

Dyon strolled forward, reaching Elinor and patting her on the shoulder. 

"Off you go, Aoife and that big-headed fool are waiting for you." 

Elinor's eyes, glistening with unshed tears, were filled with shock from beginning to end. Just as she wanted to protest about her duty, a surging soul qi swept forward. She didn't even have a chance to react before she disappeared. lightsnovel

The elders of the meeting hall felt numb. How much shock could they take in a single day? How was it even possible to send someone across so many universes so casually? Even if their quadrant was adjacent to Dyon's quadrant, this was still too much. 

Dyon turned back to Brahman, a wide grin beneath his mask and his hand formed into a peace sign. The adorable cauldron over his shoulder bobbed up and down arrogantly, as though to say: 'See? See?!' 

"I really want to see who dares say soul path cultivators are weak after tomorrow." 

As for the little prince Brahman, he felt black lines forming on his forehead. How had he gotten himself caught up in this calamity? 

"Come now!" Dyon clapped his hands, a gentle wind sweeping up Saru and Brahman as he walked out of the meeting hall. 

Though Saru was still fine, a gentle smile on her face, the struggling Brahman was completely disheveled, spinning around in the tornado of wind around him. Compared to his usually solemn demeanor, this was too much of a stark contrast. 

"At dawn, I will lead the armies. No need for any special preparation. If there are any big losses, the Sacharro Clan will compensate ten times that amount!" 

Grand Elder Vata sighed, pretending as though he couldn't see his great grandson's pleading gaze. 


"Try this." 

Saru handed Dyon another platter of food, smiling sweetly. 

The soldiers below could only smile bitterly. Their princess was basically an apron away from being a typical housewife. 

They thought this princess of theirs had a crush on True God Sacharro, why was she treating this masked man so well?

It was only some 'clever' individuals who believed that Saru was trying to win the heart of Dyon by gaining the heart of his elder cousin first. 

Still, at least this was a distraction from the current ridiculous situation they were in. Just moments ago, the princess had informed them that she turned all of the gate thresholds down to the Foundation Stage with the exception of one, which she placed at the dao realm. 

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

This might seem like a good strategy, but in reality, it was horrible. The kitsune would obviously be informed of these changes as the Gates were fair, after all, they were technically a Game, both sides had rules to follow. 

If the Shruti were in the power position, this tactic would be just fine. It would essentially be forcing a decisive battle. But, because the Shruti were in the weaker position, this loss of flexibility could be the end of them all. 

Before, the Kitsune wouldn't be certain where their main forces would appear, so they would have to disperse their strength over several Gates. This was the tactic that minimized their losses to this point. But now, it was completely thrown out the window.