1825 Vassal

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This matter was similar in almost every quadrant, with only a few exceptions. There was a reason why the Star Clan was the only Comet Grade Empire of their tower quadrants. Other than a few quadrants like the Golden Flame Quadrant where the territory was completely occupied by humans, or the Water Mist Quadrant where its unoccupied zones were a danger zone like the Dark Ocean, this was the almost universal truth. 

These untamed universes were almost always the hellscape of beasts. Earth and Heaven grade beasts ruled these areas, completely unimpeded…

If those stronger quadrants were suddenly attacked by these beasts under the control of BPA, they might be fine, but what about those clans too weak to make it to the Federation meeting? The participating Federation Clans and Sects believed that they'd be able to split this territory amongst themselves… But what if the beasts got to it first?! 

Thinking carefully, Dyon realized that much of this might be his fault. 

According to Jade, in the previous timeline, BPA didn't play much of a role, nor did the Federation. 

BPA dragged on its plans for too long, by the time they were about to act, their foundations weren't sturdy enough to protect against the Failed Clans, causing the collapse of both the organization and the Transcendent Beast Alliance. 

As for the Federation, they were the pawn of the Sprite Alliance. But, because Dyon was in place to protect Little Alauna, the Sprites never gained a hostage to blackmail Luna. As a result, they didn't open up the Timeless Library as they had planned. 

In that timeline, Dyon was almost certain that the calamity that befell the Sprite Alliance, which caused them to abandon their plans in the tower quadrants, was related to the opening of the Timeless Library. Since they never opened it, they were now free to continue their plans in the tower quadrants… In fact, they were likely placing even more resources than they originally planned into this endeavor now that their Plan A was thwarted. 

The more he thought about it, the greater Dyon's headache grew. Who knew that Jade's help in releasing him of his cultivation seal early would actually make his future road harder and not easier? 

Still, he smiled. He wouldn't trade his little girl's life for anything, let alone something as meaningless as an 'easier path.' Since the Sprite Alliance had dared to have designs on his daughter, not only would he make certain their insides bled as they watched their Federation fail, but he would also behead all those responsible.

"I won't ask the Shruti Empire to become my Sacharro Clan's vassal, but I'm sure you wouldn't mind an alliance, correct?" 

Emperor Shruti blinked in surprise before nodding in affirmation. "Yes, we would gladly accept." 

The various elders of the meeting hall nodded in acknowledgement. Dyon had more than proved his worth in just the little over an hour he had been here. And, even if he hadn't, who wouldn't want to ally with the Sacharro Clan? 

"Of course, the Atlas Clan is more than invited to join." Dyon followed up, his gaze turning toward Emperor Atlas, only to see the latter sigh. 

"It's hard for me to agree to such a thing." Emperor Atlas said calmly. "We know too little about your Sacharro Clan. Even if Little Saru and True God Sacharro have a great bond, can your young master speak for the whole of the Sacharro Clan?" lightsnovel

Dyon chuckled inwardly. He was the leader of the Mortal Alliance, his word carried more weight than anyone else's. If he couldn't speak for his Clan, then who could? 

"I dare to say that no one's word holds more weight than my young master's." 

Saru stifled a giggle, covering her mouth and leaning into her elder brother's shoulder. Tej could only look at his little sister weirdly. 

Emperor Atlas didn't expect these words. In fact, he was immediately shocked. 

"… Are there others in this alliance?" 

Dyon thought for a moment. In reality, before he left, he sent Little Lyla under the protection of Luna on a few diplomatic missions. Namely, he was on the verge of pulling in the Kong Clan and the Grand Templar Sect as vassals. 

The Grand Templar Sect was the very Sect Dyon nearly razed to the ground in order to save Giralda. As for the Kong Clan, their heir had been in Soul Universe for a very long time now. 

[Author's Note: Remember back to the Cathedral saga. Violet's father (same girl who accused Dyon of raping her) was best friends with the heir of the Kong Clan. Back then, he tried to kill Dyon, but he ended up punching Dyon's golden dragon scale, which resulted in him losing an arm. Because of this, he no longer had the confidence to quell the rebellion of his Kong Clan, so he never went back]. 

In addition, there was his alliance with the Water Mist Sect's Palace Master, the Flaming Lily Sect's Vice Master, and the Enigmatic Sect. But, Dyon still wasn't aware if he could trust this Emperor Atlas. Even if he was Saru's uncle. 

"In this alliance?... No." Dyon said calmly. "But our Sacharro Clan has many hidden vassal states."

These words caused Emperor Atlas' aura to sharpen. If this was true, the Sacharro Clan's roots were deeper than any of them could imagine. 

What he didn't know was that Dyon was currently putting a plan in motion to subdue many more… 

The concept of a vassal state was very different from an alliance. In an Alliance, the Faith was split equally and wasn't as good as the sum of the whole. However, with every given vassal state, one could gain Faith without sharing. 

Essentially, in exchange for a portion of their Faith, a vassal state can gain the protection of a great Clan. Dyon had more of a mind to conquer all of these quadrants instead, but in the end, he changed his mind. Even if these quadrants were incredibly weak, if they raised up a fuss about the Sacharro Clan's action, it would have an ill affect on his future plans.