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Chapter 773 - Be Sent to Thailend

Ding Tong couldn't find out anything about Yuan Xi in Harbor City.

Though she had dispatched all her men, there was no clue after a day's effort.

In the early morning, she almost fell apart.

She constantly called Song Yunxuan's home number, phone number, company number, and even all the numbers of the Song Family.

She even called Song Yunying.

Song Yunying knew nothing about it, so there was nothing she could tell Ding Tong.

After failing to get any information from Song Yunying, Ding Tong called Gu Changle.

Gu Changle was dreaming about killing Gu Yi. But out of her expectation, she was woken up by Ding Tong's call at midnight.

She asked Ding Tong, feeling annoyed, "What happened?"

"What happened?" Ding Tong snapped, "You know it's a trap, but you still want our childe to fall into the trap, right?"

Gu Changle got swept up in it at home.

Gu Changle felt that it was probably the feeling of being a scapegoat.

Hearing Ding Tong's unscrupulous accusation, Gu Changle sobered up, asking Ding Tong with great seriousness, "Miss Ding, what on earth happened?"

Ding Tong shouted, "Our childe was kidnapped!"

"Your childe?" Gu Changle thought for a moment and then got alerted, continuing, "You mean Mr. Yuan? Yuan Xi?"


"By whom?"

She pumped Ding Tong.

Ding Tong snapped, "Who else can it be? It was your elder sister's b*st*rd!"

"You mean Gu Yi kidnapped Yuan Xi?"

Gu Changle's heart sank, but then she replied, "Gu Yi is under the control of me and Tianze. How could he kidnap Mr. Yuan? Besides, Tianze and I have told every one of our men that Mr. Yuan is on our side. Thus Gu Yi couldn't be the prime mover."

"How about Song Yunxuan? Is it possible that she planted someone in your family?"


Words failed Gu Changle.

It was absolutely possible.

"How about Yi?" Gu Changle didn't care about whether Yuan Xi was alive or not. She only cared about whether Gu Yi was alive.

And she sincerely hoped that Gu Yi had died.

Hearing Gu Changle's question, Ding Tong said, "If Song Yunxuan did it, you think Gu Yi would die?"

Gu Changle narrowed her eyes maliciously.

"You'd better let Shao Tianze know it now and let him help us find Yuan Xi."

Gu Changle replied casually, "I will. But when something like this happens again, remember not to let us hold the bag when you know nothing at all. No matter what, our family won't lay hands on our partners."

"Who knows if you are telling the truth?"

Ding Tong did not trust Gu Changle.

Gu Changle felt that she had nothing else to discuss with Ding Tong.

Thus she hung up and then called Shao Tianze who was in Yuncheng at the moment.

Meanwhile, Shao Tianze was awake as something was weighing on his mind. After receiving Gu Changle's call, he thought she had made it.

He had a heavy feeling, asking, "What happened?"

"Yuan Xi and Yi were kidnapped."

The words stupefied Shao Tianze, which made him frown, "What? How could Yuan Xi be with you?"

Gu Changle didn't tell Shao Tianze that she and Yuan Xi went to the Harbor City together.

Thus hearing that something happened to Yuan Xi and Gu Yi, Shao Tianze knew Gu Changle went to the Harbor City together with Yuan Xi and Ding Tong.

Since Gu Changle had spilt the beans, she had no choice but to tell Shao Tianze everything.

"Yuan Xi and Ding Tong once came to me and said they wanted to ask Gu Yi something. Thinking that Yi will never show up after I go to the Harbor City, I did a favor and brought Yuan Xi and Ding Tong to see Yi."

Hearing Gu Changle's words, Shao Tianze suspected, "Ask Gu Yi something?"


"What did they want to know?"

"What else can it be? The kid doesn't know much about our secrets. At most, he may know that Gu Changge was killed by us, which is worthless now. Yuan Xi and Ding Tong already knew that. They can't get anything from Gu Yi."

Shao Tianze pondered for a while and then said, "They want to know something about Gu Changge."

"Gu Changge?" Gu Changle was confused, asking in bewilderment, "What for?"

"To cope with Song Yunxuan, of course."

Gu Changle took a kind of dark pleasure, replying, "Cope with Song Yunxuan? Now Yuan Xi cannot even protect himself."

Sensing the trace of sarcasm in Gu Changle's voice, Shao Tianze asked her, "It seems that you are not worried at all."

"What should I be worried about? We can totally benefit from the fight between Yuan Xi and Song Yunxuan, right?"

Seeing that Gu Changle was being so sophisticated, Shao Tianze couldn't help smiling, "You've changed."

"I've always been like this."

Gu Changle replied with a smile.

"You forget something, Changle."

"What is it?"

"Gu Yi will never return after being taken away."

If Song Yunxuan did all this,

Gu Yi would stay with Song Yunxuan in the future.

If what Yuan Xi told him about Song Yunxuan and Gu Changge was true, Gu Yi would no longer be in danger.

No matter how hard they tried, it was impossible for them to hurt Gu Yi.

"So be it. As long as Song Yunxuan dies, the kid will be no threat to us."

Gu Changle told Shao Tianze all that was in her mind without hiding anything from him.

Hearing Gu Changle's words, Shao Tianze asked gloomily, "So, you killed Miaomiao, right?"

Gu Changle hesitated for a moment. She felt that now everything was over.

And Shao Tianze had acquiesced that she could get rid of Gu Yi. Gu Changle felt Shao Tianze had figured everything out, so she replied, "Yes."

Shao Tianze remained silent.

Gu Changle still felt worried, "Don't tell me you are still blaming me for this."

Shao Tianze still did not say anything.

Gu Changle said, "It's for your own good. When the two kids know the truth after they grow up, they will definitely not let us off."

"I know."

Then Shao Tianze directly hung up the phone.

Gu Changle felt very worried.

She felt that it could directly have a bad impact on the relationship between Shao Tianze and her.

But now Shao Tianze had no son or daughter. Who else could face such things with him except her who had been accompanying and supporting him?

Now he had no choice.

Even if he regretted and hated Gu Changle,

He couldn't bear to hurt Gu Changle.

She was sure of that. Thus she wasn't afraid of telling the truth to Shao Tianze.

Yuan Xi was knocked out in the car, with his eyes covered.

Then he remained unconscious for a whole 6 hours.

During the six hours, he felt dulled and he was moving all the time. However, he did not know where he was.

When he woke up and held his head, there was no sign of Gu Yi.

The empty aircraft seat next to him and the feeling of danger in the air made him nervous instinctively.

He frowned, stood up, and looked around.

He could see no one but two Amaricans in black suits.

"Where's Gu Yi?"

Someone snorted.

It was a young woman's voice.

It was from one of the seats. As she was not tall, Yuan Xi couldn't see that she was sitting in the middle.

"You've got into such a plight, but you are still thinking of Gu Changge's son. Good for you."

She called Gu Yi Gu Changge's son.

She certainly found out that Yuan Xi wanted to get some information from Gu Yi.

"Who are you?"

Yuan Xi wanted to stand up from his seat.

As soon as he got up, he found his right wrist was strangled by metal, which made him feel pain.

He looked down and found that he was cuffed.

One end of the handcuffs was firmly locked on the handle of the aircraft seat, and the other end was locked on his wrist.

"Song Yunxuan! You get out!"

He saw that his wrist was firmly locked by the handcuff.

Yuan Xi did not suspect anyone else. He believed it was Song Yunxuan who did it.

But his shout made the young woman smile. Then she stood up, "Why are you so sure that it's Song Yunxuan who did this to you?"

As soon as she stood up, Yuan Xi knew who she was.

He knitted his brows, asking her, "You are Zang Linger?"

"Oh! You remember me." Zang Linger walked up to him smilingly and rested her hand on his seat. Seeing that his wrist had gone red because he wanted to free his hand, she said, "Save it. You can't escape. Now you are on the plane to Thailend. Even if you free yourself, you think you can jump off the plane?"

Speaking of this, Zang Linger added as if she had thought of something, "By the way, there's no backup parachute on this plane."

Hearing that, Yuan Xi knew he couldn't jump off the plane.

"What on earth do you want to do?"

Yuan Xi asked Zang Linger, gnashing his teeth.

Zang Linger frowned, sneering, "We? Aren't you only gonna scold me?"

"If Song Yunxuan isn't backing you up, why did you interfere with it?"

Yuan Xi knew very well about the interest.

Seeing that he knew the interest, Zang Linger shook her head, clucking, "It's not easy for you to see through all this. But it's a shame that you are gonna die."

Yuan Xi frowned, "Song Yunxuan will kill me?"

"No. However, I'm not sure whether White Dragon King, Xuanshui Dragon King, and the forces of Thailend in Southeast Asea want to eradicate you or not."

Zang Linger looked at him smilingly.

Hearing that, Yuan Xi turned pale with fear.

He did not fear Song Yunxuan, but he was afraid that the forces of Thailend in Southeast Asea might know that he kidnapped White Dragon King.

If they knew it, he would come to no good end.

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