449 Strange Happening Part 1

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"Why are you two grinning at each other?" Adel seemed to have spotted the two of us looking at each other, and from the look on her face, I guess she could sense that there was a deep meaning behind it. This might be making her feel left out.

"We are just looking." I pursed my lips and answered while pulling Adel close. This seemed to make her happy because she nuzzled her head into my shoulder while hugging my arm. Unlike before, Adel seemed to understand her feelings more. She even wanted a kiss this morning, which she would never have asked for in the previous timeline. It took her years to even understand her own feelings. 

But I guess this also had something to do with the fact that I was more forward with my own feelings toward her. Seeing her smiling so happily every day made me smile along with her. I had both girls at my side, which made me very happy. Grace was also waiting for us in the capital. While this time, things were much different. I planned to have a more relaxed life and truly explore this world. I would be dragging Atolie, Grace, Sophie, and Adel along with me as I traveled the world. 

To be honest, I was really looking forward to it. But I still had to spend a few years in the capital, sadly. Until we reached the age of marriage, I had to look over my wives and protect them at all costs.

We spent the day having fun seeing the cities and watching the shows. But sadly, all good things had to come to an end. As night set in, we returned to the carriage and began our journey once again. Atolie, as always, stood guard in the carriage while the three of us retreated to bed. 

As we got undressed to take a bath, I felt a set of eyes staring daggers into my body. "Adel, do you like what you see?"

"Mhm!" Adel replied with a smile before asking: "Faith, you have such white skin even though you show so much skin all day. How do you not get tanned?" 

"You forget I am a dragon girl, my dear Adel. Not to mention that my level is also very high. There is no way a sun could easily burn me unless I was standing in its flames." It was not easy to explain since I always had white skin in my previous timeline as well. Even at a low level, I never tanned. So there was no real way of explaining it, so a small white lie wouldn't hurt anyone, I guess.

"So unfair. Look!" Adel bounced over to me and pushed her arm in front of me. It was slightly red. 

I smiled and kissed it gently. "Even if you were to be fully tanned from head to toe, I would still be with you."

"Hehe." Adel giggled as she hugged me and looked up at me. "Kiss!"lightsnovel

"Yeah, kiss!" Sophie joined in and hugged me as well. I looked at the two girls who were staring up at me and chuckled before leaning down and giving both girls a kiss on the lips. 

"Standing here naked is not a good idea. Let's get in the bath." I did not want them to catch a cold after all.

I wrapped my arms around both girls, lifted them off their feet, and carried them toward the bath. Of course, they both let out surprised gasps, which I found cute as well. The three of us cuddled together in the bath, holding hands as we soaked our bodies. "We should reach the spirit domain the morning after tomorrow. Adel, I do not know if you will be able to get a spirit, but I will see if one is willing to follow you."

"It's fine. I do not mind, even if one does not follow me. After all, I have both you and Sophie by my side. You both have given me something I have long wished for. Faith, the thing I worry about the most is losing the both of you. So no matter what happens, do not worry." Adel snuggled up next to me, rested her head on my shoulder, and closed her eyes. Hearing Adel brought back memories of our times together in my last timeline. She was always like this. She would follow me through anything. She was someone I probably did not deserve, but I will be damned to allow what happened before to happen again.

I squeezed her hand gently. It was also at this time I felt something soft on my neck. It seemed Sophie decided to use this chance to give a sneak attack. I pinched her palm to tell her to behave herself. I know she what she wanted but I could not give it to her yet. However, I did plan to give in once we got to my new home. I mean, I had to fluff my fluff when she was asking for it. I turned and leaned over, and whispered: "Just wait."

"Mmm…." Sophie pursed her lips. I really wish this girl was not so horny all the time. I was already restraining myself as well. Trying to be a good dragon girl!

The next morning, we stopped at a small pond just off the main road. It was a place that many travelers stopped at during their journey. I looked at Atolie, who was roasting meat, and said: "Atolie, I can cook…"

"No!" Sophie quickly spoke up and pulled me back. "Please do not make Adel hate you."

"Is my cooking really that bad!?" I kind of wished I did not answer that question because both Atolie and Sophie nodded their heads without any hesitation! I thought I had at least progressed a bit! I could only dejectedly go sit at the side. I could even hear the two of them sigh. They could at least hide their emotions a tiny bit! It hurts, you know! 

My thoughts were not meant to last when the ground beneath our feet began to shake.