3492 Hundred ghost battlefield

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&Quot; are you crazy?! &Quot;

Xu Anan was dumbfounded and could not understand Chen Xiaobei's actions. &Quot; "You don't have celestial core power, so they are invincible! Are you tired of living by staying in the same place?"

"Death God's cage!"

Chen Xiaobei's expression did not change. With just a thought, he activated the chaos Blood sword's special ability.

This special ability was derived from the death Blood Crystal and was specialized in restraining the primordial spirit.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh ..."

Countless rays of blood light shot out, forming a huge cage.

The hundreds of primordial spirits were charging at Chen Xiaobei like crazy, not even thinking that Chen Xiaobei would have a way to deal with them.

Therefore, they were almost defenseless, and all of them were squeezed into a pile.

"Whoosh ..."

Under such circumstances, there was no suspense to the outcome.

The death God's cage descended and captured all of the primordial spirits in one fell swoop. Not a single one of them escaped.

&Quot; how ... How is this possible?! &Quot;

Xu Anan was shocked by what she saw. She could not believe her eyes.

"My God ... What's going on? How did this kid catch us?"

&Quot; he's only an earth immortal realm warrior without the support of immortal essence. Why ... Why can't we get out of this blood cage? "

"We're doomed ... We've really kicked an iron plate this time ..."

At the same time, the hundreds of primordial spirits also wailed in shock, horror, and fear.

"You guys are so noisy, like a group of flies."

Chen Xiaobei's brows furrowed, and a cold light flashed across the chaos Blood Sword.

Whoosh ... Whoosh ... Whoosh ...

The next moment, the primordial spirits dispersed like smoke and were forcibly sucked into the chaos Blood Sword.

That's right!

They wanted Chen Xiaobei's life, so Chen Xiaobei would not be nice to them.

He killed them decisively, not leaving a single one alive.

He directly converted the 100 primordial spirits into the energy of the chaos Blood Sword.

When these energies were stacked together, they could activate the chaos Blood Sword once to unleash the power of a mid-stage one-star heaven immortal.

Although Chen Xiaobei did not lack spiritual Qi, grasshoppers were also meat. It would be good to save some.

"My God ... He ... They ... Were they all destroyed by you?"

Xu Anan was shocked to the extreme. Her cute round face was frozen and her brain was about to short-circuit.

&Quot; don't be long-winded! If you want to leave, then come with me! &Quot;

Chen Xiaobei shrugged. He did not want to explain himself to a stranger, so he decided to help her.

&Quot; okay ... Okay ... &Quot; Xu Anan swallowed and quickly flew to Chen Xiaobei.

After that, Chen Xiaobei sent her into the Meru space.

In this way, the inhibition formation leading to the second stage could not sense Xu Anan's presence.

"Chi ..."

Without hesitation, Chen Xiaobei stepped through the portal and arrived at the second stage of the test.


It was another independent space.

The surroundings were filled with baleful Yin Qi and the entire space was dark and cold, as if it was a cave of ghosts and demons underground, causing one to shudder.I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

"In the second round, whoever can last for ten minutes will pass! The loser will bear the consequences!"

A line of words appeared in the dark sky and then disappeared very quickly.

Chen Xiaobei looked around and asked, " "What's the situation here? It's completely empty, not even a shadow can be seen ... Do you want me to be in a daze for ten minutes?"

"Chi ..."

Chen Xiaobei then let Xu Anan out.

"This ... This is the second stage! Hundred ghost battlefield!"

As soon as Xu Anan came out, she exclaimed,"Hurry up! Young master, quickly take out the pure yang spiritual item! Otherwise, once the yin Qi attacks, it will quickly wear down your physical and mental strength!"

"What? Yin Qi?"

Chen Xiaobei was surprised. &Quot; "I don't feel any Yin Qi."

"Eh? That's strange ..."

Xu Anan was surprised and nodded. &Quot; &Quot; I didn't feel any Yin Qi either. However, according to the test, this stage is the hundred ghost battlefield. The yin Qi will attack and drain the strength of the candidates. Then, the ghost soldiers will surround and kill them by force! &Quot;

"Could it be that someone did what I did, and exterminated all the ghost soldiers here?" Chen Xiaobei asked.

"It shouldn't be possible ..."

Xu Anan shook her head. &Quot; back then, there were seven super geniuses who took part in the test. But the test became more and more difficult as time went on. The seven of them all adopted the strategy of holding back their strength. They only needed to hold on for ten minutes. They would not waste a lot of spiritual Qi to kill all the ghost soldiers! &Quot;

Obviously, although Xu Anan looked silly, she was actually very smart and saw through the mystery with one sentence.

Back then, there was indeed someone among the examinees who could destroy all the ghost soldiers.

However, Chen Xiaobei had just used up 30000 low-grade spiritual Jade.

Even for the seven most powerful super geniuses at that time, this was a huge consumption.

Even if they had the ability, they couldn't squander it like this for the assessment later on!

"So you're saying that the ghost soldiers are still here? then why haven't they appeared yet?" Chen Xiaobei asked.

&Quot; I don't know ... &Quot; Xu Anan shook her head and said, " "However, it's good that there are no ghost soldiers! We just need to wait quietly for ten minutes and we can enter the third stage. How great is that!"

"Hmm, let's wait then ..."

Chen Xiaobei nodded and asked, " "Could there be other primordial spirits in this layer of space?"

Xu Anan was surprised for a second and nodded quickly. &Quot; "I will! Furthermore, there might be even more essence spirits here than on the first level! Stronger!"

It was obvious that many people would die in this PlayerUnknown's Battleground-type assessment.

Moreover, the further the test, the stronger the strength of those who died inside.


Chen Xiaobei narrowed his eyes and activated the divine jade light again. He looked around and sneered."So it's a smokescreen! All of you, come out!"

The special ability of the clear Jade divine light was insight! Moreover, it was of a higher level than Yang Jian's third Eye of Heaven and Monkey King's fiery golden eyes.

If he could even see through the isolation formation, he would naturally be able to see through all the smokescreens around him.

It turned out that there were more than three hundred primordial spirits hidden in the surroundings.

As Xu Anan said, the power and Foundation of these primordial spirits were much more powerful than the first primordial spirit.

Over the long years, they were the ones who absorbed all the yin Qi in the surroundings and even devoured all the ghost soldiers. They had even comprehended a kind of concealment ability.

If Chen Xiaobei did not have the clear Jade divine light, he would not have been able to see them.

"Hu ... Hu ... Hu ..."

In an instant, a cold wind blew in the surroundings, and more than three hundred primordial spirits emerged from their hiding state.

By then, they were less than ten meters away from Chen Xiaobei. They had formed an encirclement and were ready to attack Chen Xiaobei at any time.