3490 Stone Warrior battlefield

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Under the effect of the clear Jade divine light, Chen Xiaobei was able to see through the secrets hidden within the huge stone sculptures!

It turned out that there was a small isolation formation hidden inside each stone statue. This way, outsiders could not sense the spirituality inside the stone statues.

On the stone sculpture, the chaotic marks that seemed to have been chiseled out were all traces left behind by the intense battle.

Through the divine jade light, Chen Xiaobei could see what weapon had caused each of the marks. He could even tell what type of ethereal force had caused the marks.

That's right!

The greatest use of the clear Jade divine light was insight!

It was able to see through all the mysteries invisible to the naked eye, just like Yang Jian's third eye, just like brother monkey's genuine fiery golden eyes.

The clear Jade divine light originated from the secret skill of the clan of enlightenment. In terms of level, it was even higher than the third eye and the fiery golden eyes.

To be able to see through the isolation formation, one could see how powerful the clear Jade divine light was.

"It turns out that this is an ancient battlefield made of stone! If you want to go to the lower levels, it's better than passing the test here!"

Chen Xiaobei finally understood the whole thing.

This underground palace ruin might have many levels. Only by passing the test on one level could one go to the next.

Jun Mohan's position should be at the bottom of the multi-layered space.

The earth escape divine gourd could only move underground, but not through space. That was why Chen Xiaobei was trapped on this floor.

"In that case, let's begin!"

Chen Xiaobei clenched his fist and punched a stone statue beside him.


At this point, Chen Xiaobei's physical strength had already reached the late-stage two-star heaven immortal realm. Even if he did not have the support of his celestial core power, the power of his punch had already exceeded that of an early-stage two-star heaven immortal.

The huge force crushed down directly, instantly causing a huge destructive force as if a meteorite had hit.

The stone statue exploded into countless pieces, flying in all directions.

"Not bad!"

"The master of this underground Palace must have been a powerful true immortal before the destruction of the ancient land!" The first level's test had actually reached the level of a one-star heaven immortal! The further down you go, the more difficult it will be!"

The stone statue that Chen Xiaobei had just destroyed had a one-star divine immortal's defense.

In the earth-god Realm, such a stone statue was almost invincible. Even the top ten overlords could not destroy it easily with one-star heaven immortal artifacts.

"Ka ... Ka ka ka ..."

At this moment, the tens of thousands of stone statues around them began to move.

Chen Xiaobei could tell that these statues were not ordinary objects. So, he only needed to attack one of them to activate all the statues.

The stone sculptures were like Giants that had just woken up. They all extended their hands and feet.

One by one, they stood up and became 10000 Stone Soldiers.

Clearly, they not only had the defensive power of a one-star heaven immortal, but also the destructive power of a one-star heaven immortal.

In other words, there were ten thousand one-star sky Immortals surrounding Chen Xiaobei.


"Eh? Who touched the battlefield of Stone Warrior?"

At the same time, in the corner of the space, pairs of eyes opened, as if they had been awakened by Chen Xiaobei's punch.

Hundreds of eyes were all on Chen Xiaobei.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

"Quickly look! There's a new person!"

"How many years has it been? A trillion years? Or a trillion years? Someone actually managed to find this place?"

"Why are you so excited? He's just an eight-star earth-god, an ant-like trash. How could he possibly pass the assessment?"lightsnovel

"That's right, a mere eight-star earth-god's primordial spirit can't leave the body. If he dies, he's completely finished! You don't even have the right to be our friend!"

"Go to sleep! Let's continue sleeping! It'll be over soon anyway!"

In the corner of the space, the hundreds of people were excited for a short while before they fell silent again.


To be precise, they were not human!

Instead, it was more than a hundred heaven immortal essence souls!

He had no physical body, no dharma body, no nascent soul, and not even a soul.

They had been sleeping here all this time, and they had even forgotten how much time had passed.

In their eyes, Chen Xiaobei was an ant that had just woken them up from their sleep. An ant that was about to die.

They did not even bother to look at Chen Xiaobei.

"Chi ..."

At this moment, a spiritual fluctuation came from the sky, and a line of words appeared.

'Yunyi Celestial Palace, descendant selection!'

&Quot; successor selection?! &Quot;

Chen Xiaobei's eyes lit up, so this multi-layered space is a test designed by the master of the divine Palace to select his successor? Whoever can pass the level will become the successor of the Yunyi Celestial Palace?"

&Quot; a one-star heaven immortal is at the entry level. That is to say, the original owner of this immortal Palace must have had a very high cultivation and status. Anyone below heaven immortal is not qualified to participate in his selection! &Quot;

It was obvious that there was no heaven immortal in the earth immortal realm.

Therefore, this assessment space must have already existed during the previous immeasurable cultivation tribulation.

The fact that he had the ability to create this space and even let so many people take the risk to participate in the assessment showed that the former master of the Yunyi Celestial Palace must be extremely powerful!

He was at least a high-tier heaven immortal, and could even be a God-tier being!

"Chi ..."

Then, a second line of words appeared in the sky.

"The first round, whoever can last for ten minutes will pass! The loser will bear the consequences!"

"These are the rules of the test!"

Chen Xiaobei's expression changed, and he looked at the ten thousand stone warriors again.

"The participants of the assessment must hold on for ten minutes under the siege of these stone warriors! Moreover, he would have to bear the consequences! This means that someone might be seriously injured here, or even killed in battle!"

This wasn't just a simple test, it was a cruel test of survival.

Chen Xiaobei could even imagine that many people had entered this space at the same time. After the fierce battle, many people had died here.

Some of them might help each other, some might scheme against each other, but no matter what, only those who could last ten minutes would be considered to have completed this PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and could enter the second stage.

"Chi ... Chi ..."

In the next moment, the two lines of words disappeared at the same time.

&Quot; boom boom boom ... Boom boom boom ... &Quot;

Then, the ten thousand stone golems charged at Chen Xiaobei.

The defensive power, destructive power, and speed of these stone warriors had all reached the level of an early one-star heaven immortal.

Tens of thousands of soldiers charged at Chen Xiaobei, causing the entire space to shake. It was as if a hundred thousand mountains were pressing down on Chen Xiaobei. It was so terrifying that it was suffocating!

"Ten minutes ..."

Chen Xiaobei furrowed his brows and sighed. &Quot; "What a waste of time! I think ten seconds is too long!"