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Chen Xiaobei took out the chaos Blood Sword.

"Whoosh ..."

At the same time, Chen Xiaobei took out 30000 low-grade spiritual jades, crushed them all, and injected a huge amount of spiritual Qi into the chaos Blood Sword.

30,000 lower-grade spiritual jades could activate the power of a mid-stage two-star heaven immortal.

The difference of one major realm and one minor realm was enough to crush all the targets around him!


The spirit Qi was burned out in an instant, and the power of the chaos Blood Sword burst out, suddenly slashing out a terrifying blood-red sword Qi.

The sword Qi shot up to the sky and burst out when it reached 10000 meters in the air.

His Qi turned into nine sword shadows, as if nine Blood Dragons were soaring in the sky.

&Quot; boom boom boom ... Boom boom boom ... &Quot;

In the next moment, the nine berserk Blood Dragons came crashing down.

It was like a rolling pin rolling on tofu.

Wherever the nine Blood Dragons passed, the stone warriors were all shattered.

In an instant, rocks were sent flying and debris filled the sky. The entire space trembled violently as if it was about to be crushed.

In less than ten seconds, the entire space fell silent.

Not a single one of the 10000 stone warriors was able to remain standing in this space.


In the entire space, there was not a single stone that was bigger than a fist. They were all crushed and covered the ground.

"How satisfying!"

Chen Xiaobei looked at his surroundings and sighed. &Quot; "It's really a moment of pleasure to be rich! It's always good to have money!"

In the past, Chen Xiaobei would have to spend a few thousand low-grade spiritual jades carefully and painfully.

Chen Xiaobei did not even bat an eye when he used up 30000 low-grade spiritual jades.

The feeling of killing 10000 people was so good that he could fly!

"Heavens! What ... What was going on? What about the Stone Warrior? How did they all disappear?"

"What's the situation? That eight-star earth-god was still alive? Don't tell me ... Don't tell me ..."

"Right! It was him! It was him! He was the one who had defeated all the stone warriors! He has passed the first trial!"

"H-how is this possible? I just closed my eyes for a few seconds, and the battle is over the moment I open my eyes? I'm not dreaming right?"

Looking at the battlefield in front of them, the hundreds of primordial spirits hiding in the corner were all extremely shocked.

They never dreamed that the mere earth immortal realm warrior, who was regarded as an ant by them ten seconds ago, had actually succeeded in this second.

Not only did he last for ten minutes, but he also destroyed the entire ancient battlefield of soldiers in ten seconds! He had completely destroyed the examination field of the first stage!

One had to know that this white origin soul was the one who died in the first trial!

After they died, only their primordial spirits remained. They hid in a corner and struggled at death's door for countless years.

However, at this moment, the performance of a mere ant was actually countless times better than all of them combined.

Without a doubt, in addition to shock, the hearts of these primordial spirits had all suffered a critical hit that was hundreds of millions of times more.

Compared to this 'ant', they were simply too weak!

"Look! Quickly look! The blood-red sword in the kid's hand! It seemed to be ... Oh my God! It's a peak nine-star heaven immortal artifact!"

"How could a mere eight-star earth-god have such a treasure? Could he be the Crown Prince of some super powerful being in the heaven realm?"

"Who cares who he is! We've been trapped here for countless years, and we finally have a chance to escape!"ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

"That's right! As long as we can get that blood-red sword, we have a chance to pass all the tests, leave this damn space, and regain our freedom!"

"Freedom! I must regain my freedom! Even if a heavenly path Saint were to come, I would still dare to Rob him!"

Very quickly, these primordial spirits turned from shock to fanaticism! Extreme fanaticism!

After all, they had been imprisoned for far too long. Seeing a chance to regain their freedom was like seeing the most precious thing in the world! Most important! The most irreplaceable treasure!

Even if he had to risk his life! Even if he had to offend a heavenly path Saint! They also wanted to fight for this chance of survival!

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh ..."

At the same time, hundreds of primordial spirits shot towards Chen Xiaobei like arrows.

To them, Chen Xiaobei had only been able to pass the first stage because of the chaos Blood sword's power.

Chen Xiaobei, on the other hand, did not have any celestial core power, so he could not hurt his primordial spirit.

As long as they could enter Chen Xiaobei's body and possess it, they would have the chance to use the chaos Blood Sword to pass all the tests and regain their freedom.

ƥαṇdα- ηθνε|·ƈθm

"Chi ..."

At that moment, a space gate on the ground opened in the center of the space.

Obviously, that was the door to the second stage!

"Young master! Hurry up! Quickly come to my side!"

One of the primordial spirits flew over to Chen Xiaobei and shouted, " "Come over quickly! They want to take over your body! It'll be too late if we don't escape!"

It was the primordial spirit of a young girl. She was very cute, with a round face and a sweet voice, just like a little loli who had walked out of a comic.

"Eh? Who are you? Hmm?"

Chen Xiaobei was taken aback. He immediately felt hundreds of primordial spirits coming at him from behind.

"My name is Xu Anan! There was no time to explain! Hurry up and come over!"

The little loli's primordial spirit urged Chen Xiaobei anxiously, afraid that Chen Xiaobei's body would be taken over by those primordial spirits.

However, Chen Xiaobei did not move an inch. He smiled and said, " "Ha, we don't even know each other, why should I listen to you?"

"How can you not know what's good for you?" "If I didn't remind you, you wouldn't even know how you died!" Xu Anan said quickly.

"Is that so?"

&Quot; what? " Chen Xiaobei laughed. &Quot; are you saying that without you, I wouldn't have known how to go through the portal? "

"Yes, yes, yes! You don't need me to remind you! I need your help, okay?" Xu Anan said anxiously, " there is a restriction on the space gate. Primordial spirit can not go through. I need you to take me there! &Quot;

"So you're saying that you and them have the same goal?" Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows and asked.

"Yes! I want to regain my freedom, just like them!"

Xu Anan said seriously, " &Quot; but I'm different from them. I've never thought of harming you! &Quot;

"Yes, I agree to beat you up and leave just because of what you said!" Chen Xiaobei nodded and said.

"Since you've agreed, then hurry up and come over!"

Xu Anan said anxiously,"you don't have celestial core power. You can't hurt them!" They can take over your body! If you don't come over immediately, you won't be able to escape!"

"Don't run! If you have the guts, stop right there!"

"If you're a man, then don't be afraid!"

"Running away is what women do! You must stay!"

At the same time, the hundreds of primordial spirits had already rushed up to Chen Xiaobei, provoking him. They were afraid that Chen Xiaobei would escape into the second stage and they would miss their chance.

"I'm not running!"

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and smiled evilly. &Quot; "On the contrary, I have to thank you for giving my sword free food!"