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Chapter 201 - The Ancient Insect Appears, The Plot of the Mystic Realm Begins!

Lin Xuan narrowed his eyes and used his dual-pupils. Light overflowed from his eyes as he used the Seven Reversal Divine Steps and arrived at a certain cliff.

When he approached the cliff, he suddenly discovered that a huge tree had collapsed from within. A pale golden insect crawled out of the pitch-black tree hole.

This insect was as thick as an ordinary person’s thigh. It could spew countless pale golden lights from its mouth, like sword qi. It could easily shatter the soil and rocks!

“Golden-armored Lightning Beetles?”

Lin Xuan could not help but be a little surprised. Then, he stretched out his hand and grabbed the insect.

This was an extraordinary insect. Its shell was filled with lightning, and one could even see the lightning patterns of the Great Dao. Moreover, it had a ferocious nature and lived in groups.

The reason why Lin Xuan knew about this insect was not because it was very powerful, but because the reproduction ability of this insect was very high and it was very useful as food.

In the eyes of some cultivators who cultivated lightning techniques, these insects were treasures that could not be exchanged for gold. They could be said to be precious.

Regardless of whether Lin Xuan cultivated the Nine Heavens Divine Lightning or learned the lightning technique from the Ancient Dragon Vein Beast, with this insect, his cultivation speed would definitely increase greatly. He did not want to miss such a treasure.

Another sound that sounded like a group of ants walking past could be heard. A wave of insects suddenly surged out from the hole in the cliff. There were tens of thousands of them!

These Golden-armored Lightning Beetles were all covered in lightning. The lightning in their mouths carried a metallic luster, and they were like sword qi. Wherever they passed, soil and rocks shattered, and nothing was indestructible!

If these tens of thousands of insects attacked at the same time, even Lin Xuan had to temporarily avoid them!

A blazing golden light suddenly flashed at the entrance of the cave. It was a golden insect. Its body was much smaller than ordinary Golden-armored Lightning Beetles, and it was roughly the length of an arm.

However, the golden color around this insect was very dense. It could even condense a small dragon-shaped shadow outside its body. As for those dragon-shaped shadows, they were constructed from runes and floated in the air. They were very powerful and ancient!

“It’s actually the King of the Golden-armored Lightning Beetles!” Lin Xuan was really a little happy at this moment. This was the first time since he entered this mystic realm that he had encountered a treasure that moved his heart.

The King of this Golden-armored Lightning Beetle was very rare, and it was extremely difficult to obtain. Even those ancient families and terrifying middle sects did not have any among the medicinal herbs in their medicinal library.

This completely golden insect could condense a dragon-shaped shadow, and it was called a Saint Beetle!

Using the word ‘Saint’ to describe an insect, one could naturally understand how precious and rare it was!

Moreover, there were many ancient medicinal pills in this world that required this Golden-armored Lightning Beetle as the catalyst. It did not even need to be used completely. Just a little blood from it was enough.

Moreover, those ancient medicinal pills were also rather extraordinary medicinal pills. Their effects were magical. Some could let people break through the mirror, and some could let their cultivation advance rapidly!

“If I can capture this Golden-armored Lightning Beetle, I can increase my control of the Nine Heavens Divine Lightning a little. At that time, it’s not impossible to cross my realm to kill the enemy!”

Lin Xuan had also read many ancient books. Moreover, he had the Connate Saint Body Dao Fetus and had the dual-pupils and divine eye. He could be considered to have a photographic memory regarding ancient books and could understand them easily.

He also remembered many prescriptions. For example, this Golden-armored Lightning Beetle. If he added other rare spiritual medicines, it could be boiled into a pot of medicinal soup. After eating it, it could allow his grasp of the Law of Lightning to increase greatly, making his comprehension of the Nine Heavens Divine Lightning richer and more complete!

It was not only Lin Xuan who treated these insects as his prey, but those Golden-armored Lightning Beetles also treated him as their food.

The insects emitted buzzing sounds and instantly pounced at Lin Xuan!

The Golden-armored Lightning Beetle King did not hesitate at all. Its body emitted terrifying lightning, and light condensed into a lightning dragon in the air. Then, it roared, emitting heavy lightning power as it rushed towards Lin Xuan!

“Good! Good! Good!”

Lin Xuan smiled happily. Then, he used the Seven Reversal Divine Steps inversely. His body was very agile, and with a twist, he escaped from the intertwined lightning net.

Lin Xuan’s gaze stared intently at the Golden-armored Lightning Beetle King in the middle. The blurry purple qi around its body spread, and there was even a Dao sound coming from it. The thousands of lightning lights instantly shattered. Then, he shattered the dragon-shaped lightning of the Golden-armored Lightning Beetle King with a punch!

The Golden Beetle King could be considered to be quite intelligent. It did not expect that a little guy actually had such terrifying combat strength. It was instantly prepared to escape!

In Lin Xuan’s eyes, this insect was a piece of fatty meat sent to his mouth, so how could he let it go?

With another cracking sound, Lin Xuan’s bones emitted a brilliant light. One could see the runes of the Great Dao appear in them, and he used the word ‘Charge’ to transform into a stream of light that chased after it!

Not long after, Lin Xuan caught up to the Golden-armored Lightning Beetle King. Then, he stretched out his hand and used a spell. A huge hand formed from purple qi and lightning grabbed towards this Golden-armored Lightning Beetle King!

In an instant, a change suddenly occurred! A purple stream of light suddenly shot through the sky, and demonic sounds sounded. It was a gorgeous arrow that carried a terrifying explosive force!

The arrow tore through the air and pointed at the space between Lin Xuan’s brows. It was extremely ruthless, as if it wanted to kill him in one strike!

Lin Xuan’s eyes turned cold for a moment, and he retracted his small hand. With a casual wave, the long arrow shattered into pieces and floated down. Lin Xuan’s cold eyes stared into the distance.

“Where did this baby come from? Leave quickly. I’ve been waiting for this beetle king for many days.”

In the distant sky, a handsome young man was floating. He held a purple longbow in his hand. His eyes were brilliant, and his aura was rather extraordinary.

He only stood there, and his eyes were also very calm. He looked at Lin Xuan calmly, but he gave people a lot of pressure.

Lin Xuan thought for a moment and recognized this person. He seemed to be one of the servants of a terrifying existence in the Martial Continent’s Stone Kingdom.

He had actually obtained a lot of information from those prodigies who were used as bait. For example, he had also heard of this terrifying existence from the Stone Kingdom.

Legend had it that this terrifying existence had extremely high talent. When it was born, an immortal flower fell from the sky of the Stone Kingdom, and the phantom of auspicious beasts appeared!

This terrifying existence was even one of the candidates for the next master of the Stone Kingdom!

According to rumors, when he was young, he was valued by an Immortal Academy in the Central Continent and went to cultivate there.

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