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Reincarnation urban immortal

Author :Luo Shu

Chapter 1 Return of immortal

Chapter 1 return of immortal
At the top of Mount Tai, a thunder and lightning broke through the void and broke the sacrificial platform on the top of Mount Tai. The thunder in the daytime and the ancient ruins caused a heated discussion.
It's on a bullet train going to Tongzhou.
A young man was sitting in the car in a trance. His face was a little pale, but it was hard to hide the meaning of Lingyun, which revealed an extraordinary spirit.
"Am I really reborn? Or is it just an illusion? "
The young man sighed and felt it carefully. He found that the Taihuang Sutra in his body was like a black dragon lying dormant in the abyss and could not be called out. At this moment, all the accomplishments in his body disappeared completely, leaving only a breath of protection.
"It seems that I really came back. I actually came back to earth when I was 20 years old." The young man's name is Luo Chen, who is the last descendant of the emperor.
Originally, Luochen was just an ordinary man, but by chance, he entered the realm of cultivation, got the Taihuang Sutra, and became the last descendant of the world's powerful Taihuang. He practiced step by step, and finally became the supreme immortal.
Once Luochen was invincible in the war against all ethnic groups. He pushed all the enemies in the world and stood on the top of the world. Unfortunately, he was attacked by the three great tianzuns who came back from the third solar age.
"Ha ha, three heavenly masters? For the sake of the emperor's Sutra, you did not hesitate to invite the wordless heavenly script and the ten fierce formations to attack me. It's a pity that I should not have given up my life and finally came back. " Luo Chen sneers at the corners of his mouth, and a chill condenses in his eyes.
In his previous life, although he had tremendous fighting power and surging magic power, he had been respected as an immortal, but his final realm was still too low. He still suffered a disaster. His blood was spilled in the top ten fierce array, and he died of self explosion
But this life is different, he was reborn again, back on earth again.
"Now I'm going to lay a solid foundation, and then I'm going to practice the hidden gods in my body step by step. By the way, I'm going to take those amazing God seeds from all over the earth. Then even the three great gods can only be trampled on by me."
"Ha ha, I'm looking forward to meeting you again, the three heavenly beings. I'll see if you are qualified to compete with me? I'm looking forward to the wonderful expression on your face when I go to get some treasures first Luo Chen once again across the corner of his mouth with a sneer.
"Dudududu..." When the bell rings, Luo Chen takes out his mobile phone and frowns. Looking at the caller, Luo Chen's detached state of mind can't help but ignite a trace of hatred.
The reason why he was able to embark on this path of practice in those years is related to the owner of this telephone.
But that was the beginning of the tragedy of his life.
In his previous life, his family was not rich, but his father had a house, a car and even hundreds of thousands of savings in the county. He was a relatively wealthy family, and there was a small decoration company in his family. It can be said that he could live a relatively prosperous life no matter what.
But it was this trip that ruined everything.
Shortly after graduating from University, he was separated from his girlfriend Zhang Xiaoman, and this time he was looking for his girlfriend. For Zhang Xiaoman, Luo Chen even chose to give up his bright future in Youzhou and went to Tongzhou to work as a clerk.
But Luo Chen would not think that his going would be the beginning of disaster.
When he came to TongZhou with a carefully selected gift, he was maimed, his hands were smashed and his knees were kicked. As a result, he was depressed for a long time and even wanted to commit suicide.
He became a disabled person who didn't even have the ability to live independently. In order to cure him, his father spent all of his family's savings, sold all his cars and houses, and even reduced himself to picking up garbage for a living.
Until that snowy night, someone will have been cold father's body back, he sobbed.
He was ridiculed for nearly 20 years, just like a beggar who lived for nearly a year.
That kind of blow to him is too big, once let Luochen disheartened, finally in a night, Luochen came to the top of Mount Tai, jumped down.
Nachengxiang not only didn't die, but fell into the realm of cultivation. Finally, he got the Taihuang Sutra, and embarked on the road of cultivation. He rose against the heaven to achieve the supreme legend. He defeated the ancient god's residence in heaven and earth, and became an immortal who awed one side.
It's a pity that even if he is the immortal, he can't revive his father. This has become the most regrettable thing in his legendary life, and it's also the reason why he can't break through the last layer.
But this time it's different. Since I can live a new life, Luo Chen swears that no one can hurt his father and TongZhou's enemies. In the last life, you killed my family. In this life, how can I not take revenge?
Connect the phone, the phone rang with a trace of impatience and cold voice.
"Hello, Luo Chen, call me in advance when you arrive. My mother and I will meet you at the station."
Then the other end of the phone didn't give Luo Chen a chance to hang up.
Luo Chen has a sneer on his lips. In his previous life, he fell in love with this woman as if he had lost his heart. But after he went to Tongzhou, he was looked down upon by his parents. All kinds of sarcasm, all kinds of difficulties.
Because of the opposition from her family, this woman finally cheated her father out of the more than one million savings she had given her to start a business. After that, she mercilessly abandoned herself and got on well with a second generation official.
But this life, Luo Chen can't help sneering again, how can we play slowly.
Luo Chen put down his cell phone, just aiming at the old and young sitting next to him.
At the moment, the old man is looking forward to opening a simple box. He takes out a picture from the box and unfolds it. He is enjoying it.
However Luo Chen looked after one eye, then disdained of drew back the vision.
"Do you understand your vision?" Seeing the girl's arrogant character, she was flattered by others.
Do you understand?
make fun of?
Luo Chen's previous life was immortal. How could he not understand it?
And in front of this painting, Luo Chen only looked at it and knew it was a fake. The old man was very careful and cherished, as if he had got the original.
But with Luo Chen's heart, how can he have the same understanding with this little girl?
And Luo Chen also saw that, from the point of view of dress, this old and young is afraid of being extremely prominent, rich or expensive.
"Don't meow if you don't understand. It's also true that you've never seen a country bumpkin like you in your whole life in the face of tens of millions of genuine antiques." When she said this, the girl held her chin high and her face was full of disdain. Her status was noble and she always met some powerful people. Naturally, she looked down upon ordinary people like Luo Chen.

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