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Chapter 2 TongZhou Ye family

Chapter 2 TongZhou Ye family
"Shuanger, don't be rude."
But old Luo dust also wanted to sneer at a few words originally.
The old man seems to be very self-restraint, but Luo Chen still noticed the old man's superior attitude.
"Young man, you just looked at this painting and seemed to scorn it?" The old man is also very interested in the attitude of others to see his treasures.
"False." Luo Chen light mouth responded a sentence.
"False?" The girl named Shuanger was very angry when she heard this sentence. She stood up and pointed to Luochen.
"How dare you say my grandfather's collection is fake? That's bullshit. " Shuanger looks at Luochen with disdain.
Any passenger dares to talk nonsense in front of her. Ye shuangshuangshuang feels that her dignity has been challenged. No one dares to speak like this in front of her for a long time.
"Shuanger, sit down." The old man said in a deep voice, but he was calm and discontented.
"Young people can eat indiscriminately, but they can't talk nonsense. I found several masters in the industry to identify this genuine painting."
The old man has white hair, but his face is red, and his breath is unusually calm. He doesn't look like an old man, but has the breath of a young man. Luo Chen guesses that the old man should be a martial arts expert, but even the so-called martial arts expert is naturally despised in Luo Chen's eyes.
"I said it was fake, so it must be." Luo Chen didn't like it.
"Hey, good boy, I have to teach you a lesson today."
Shuang'er stands up angrily again. You know, she and her family can be said to cover up the sky in Tongzhou. They have been used to bullying for a long time. It's hard to say that other people, even the mayor of Tongzhou, dare not be so rude in front of his grandfather.
"Just you?" Luo Chen's mouth slightly smile, he naturally can see that the girl in front of her is also practicing family, I'm afraid she has been practicing kung fu for more than ten years.
But the so-called Kung Fu is really nothing in front of Luo Chen.
Even though he has lost all his accomplishments now, he still has the breath of protecting the body of the Taihuang Sutra.
Ordinary people can't move him at all.
Although the old man intended to stop him, he changed his mind when he saw Luo Chen. Although he didn't have the competitive spirit of young people, he was also a big man on one side. Naturally, he had the dignity that a big man can't offend.
In addition, Luo Chen said that his collection was fake, which made him feel a little unhappy.
It's time to teach these arrogant young people a lesson.
And for his granddaughter, although she is a girl, most people are not rivals. After all, he has been training for more than ten years, which makes the old man very confident.
"Smelly boy, keep a long memory. Don't talk to anyone." The girl named Shuanger waved her hand, and the whole carriage Hula and stood up. It was obvious that the old man's identity must be different.
Originally, the steward wanted to stop him, but one of the big men came up to the steward and took out a certificate. The steward suddenly changed his face. After looking at the old man, he stepped back respectfully and casually closed the door of the carriage.
And that girl is to walk to Luo Chen in front of, then sneer, disdain of looking at Luo Chen, but next is to say hello all don't hit directly a slap toward Luo Chen Fan in the past.
Obviously the other side didn't pay attention to Luo Chen at all.
The slap was fierce.
But Luo Chen didn't hide. He didn't even look at the pair.
The girl called Shuanger slapped Luo Chen in the past just to teach him a lesson, but she did not take it lightly. Although she was a girl, she was a trainer after all. If she slapped her, she would surely dislocate her chin.
Suddenly, when it came to this time, Barlow's face suddenly turned pale.
Because it stopped three centimeters away from luochenlian.
It's not that Shuanger doesn't want to fight, but that she can't fight in. Her slap seems to hit a gas wall.
No matter how hard she tried, her face turned red, and she couldn't get in any inch.
"Shuang'er, step back." The old man's face changed greatly. He stood up abruptly. Then he opened his pair like lightning. His heart was almost in his throat.
Then he waved to the dozen people.
With Luo Chen's eyesight, it's natural to see that just now more than a dozen people are ready to take out their guns.
I little interesting.
"I'm sorry, sir. It's old Meng Lang." That old man saw Luo Chen didn't continue to fight, just slightly relieved, and then attitude is very respectful to Luo Chen boxing.
"Shuanger, apologize to this gentleman." The old man even pulled the girl beside him.
"What are you doing, grandfather? What's your identity? Besides, I don't believe he's going to be able to hold back a son. "
"Shut up, what do you know?" The old man suddenly exclaimed that the bullet might not be able to stop, but the other party could kill himself and his granddaughter before shooting, which the old man was sure.
"Apologize!" The old man had a little fear in his heart.
Maybe others don't know, but he can't, because it's internal strength and external strength, that is, it's put in the so-called Wulin, which is also a great master and a great master.
If such a character makes a move, then even he can't stop the other side.
If the other side has the intention to kill, it will kill them.
Such characters are not the existence that they can provoke at all.
"I'm sorry." Shuanger's face is not willing, but he apologizes.
"Next time, no one dares to slap me." Luo Chen looks very indifferent, but the tone reveals a trace of killing.
And at this moment, the momentum of Luochen changed, like a high God's residence, which covered heaven and earth, as if the God's residence was in the world.
Fortunately, the other party is just a little girl, with the attitude of Luochen xianzun, she won't care too much.
Otherwise, as long as you dare to slap him, I'm afraid the other party has just become a corpse.
When facing the momentum of Luochen, shuang'er suddenly felt that his back was cold and his whole body was extremely cold. As for the ice cellar, his legs were so soft that he directly sat on the ground.
"I'm sorry, sir. It's old Meng Lang. Please look at her for the sake of being a young and ignorant girl." The old man was in a cold sweat and bowed again. At the same time, he felt a little unsteady.
At this moment, the old man set off a huge wave in his heart. When he reached his position and insight, he was able to touch and know some secrets that ordinary people couldn't know.
But the more he knew about those things, the more he was afraid of Luochen. The old man laughed bitterly, and unexpectedly met such a legendary character on a bullet train.
In fact, the old man is very powerful and powerful in Tongzhou. At least in Tongzhou, no one can be ignored by him. It's clear and secret that people in the two roads sometimes have to look at his face.
But today, for the first time, he felt that he might have provoked people he shouldn't have provoked, and for the first time, fear appeared in his heart.
"On the day of next leaf, may I have your name, sir?" The old man said with a smile.

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