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Chapter 3 Adventures

Chapter 3 Adventures
"Luo Chen!"
"Mr. Luo, you just said that the painting I'm painting is fake?" Ye Tianzheng can have today's status, naturally is not a fool, very cleverly changed the topic, resolved the embarrassment.
"Sir, if I may take the liberty, this painting was made by a great master in the Southern Song Dynasty, and I spent a lot of money and effort to get it. For this reason, I also found several experts in this field to specially identify it." Ye Tianzheng's tone is very respectful, and even uses the honorific name.
This makes Ye Shuangshuang's face incredible. You know, even if you see some powerful people, your grandfather has never been so respectful.
"I'll prove it to you."
But in Luo Chen's eyes, there was a dark blue light, which was fleeting.
This is the eye of heaven, the eye of rebirth. Originally, only those who have been hidden in the awakened body can have it, but Luochen can use it because of the Taihuang Sutra.
The eye of heaven can see things that ordinary people can't see, better than a microscope.
This is the reason why Luochen can see that the painting is fake. However, Luochen's heavenly eye is only half hanging. After all, it is only because of the breath of the emperor's Sutra, so it can't achieve real perspective.
But it's enough to tell the true from the false.
Luo Chen's finger accurately stops in one of the paintings. The material of the painting is cloth. When Luo Chen presses his finger down and lifts it up again, he has already pulled out a thread.
It was a painting worth tens of millions of yuan. Luo Chen was destroyed in this way. However, Luo Chen didn't blink. Then Luo Chen pulled out a thin thread and threw it in front of Ye Zhengtian.
In fact, it's just a thread. Even if someone seriously identifies it, they won't pay attention to a thread.
"What's this?"
"This is nylon, a synthetic material."
"Is there nylon in your 700 year old paintings?" Luo Chen shakes his head and says.
This made Ye Zhengtian look old, and he was deceived by himself.
Where did nylon come from more than 700 years ago?
Then ye Zheng's angel winked. A man in black came over and planned to take away the painting. By the way, he also planned to take away the wooden box of the painting.
"Wait a minute, this wooden box?" Luo Chen suddenly shouts.
"What? Mr. law is interested in this wooden box? " Ye Zhengtian seems to see Luo Chen's mind.
"If you like, sir, just take it." Ye Zhengtian is very generous at the moment.
"Grandfather." Ye Shuangshuang reminds a way in the side.
In fact, ye Zhengtian doesn't understand. Since Luo Chen can see that the painting is fake, he must have great ability, and the breath just released also proves that.
If even Luo Chen can see something, I'm afraid it's really a treasure, but ye Zhengtian plans to give it to Luo Chen.
That's a big deal.
Luo Chen was a little stunned. He didn't expect that the other party would be so generous, but he did take a fancy to the wooden box, because there might be a seed in the box, which could awaken the seeds hidden in the body.
Although Luochen now has the breath of Taihuang Scripture to protect the body, to cultivate Taihuang Scripture, it needs to activate shenzang in the body. Although the seed in this wooden box is dry, Luochen naturally has a way to revive it.
At present, this thing is really the most wanted thing for Luo Chen. It can be said that Luo Chen once doubted whether his luck was too good. As soon as he was born back to earth, he was able to meet a seed.
This is a bit of a surprise for Luochen.
Even in the realm of cultivation, seeds are also available, let alone on earth.
With a seed, it can save a Jiazi's hard work, directly open the hidden spirit in the body, and then open the cultivation.
But Luo Chen doesn't want to take advantage of others for nothing. He's a respectable man, and he's not so mean. He's fighting for some common people's things.
"To tell you the truth, I really like this wooden box, because there is something in the wooden box that I need, but if this thing falls into your hands, it really doesn't have much value. Well, I'll accept today's favor first. If you have any difficulties in the future, you can come to me." Luo Chen opens his mouth.
You know, this is the promise of xianzun. How many people in the major forces wanted to get this sentence!
Now it's lucky to fall on this old man.
"I'm not polite. Since Mr. Luo has spoken, I really have something to ask for." Ye Zhengtian's Fox Tail showed in a flash.
"I beg you, sir, to take my granddaughter as an apprentice!" Ye Zhengtian suddenly came up with such a sentence.
This makes Luo Chen also a Leng, secretly scold an old fox.
"Change it. I can't do it. To be honest, she's not qualified to be my apprentice." Luo Chen doesn't want to break his promise, but he is immortal. In the future, how many children of big people will come and beg to worship him?
Compared with those big people, ye shuangshuangshuang is really not good enough.
And ye shuangshuangshuang's qualifications are really poor.
"But, sir, you have just opened your mouth."
This is also true. After all, Luochen is immortal. Once the golden mouth is opened, is there any reason to take it back?
"Well, I'll take her as a registered disciple." Luo Chen is a little bit reluctant, finally can only find a compromise.
"Do you want to see Master soon?"
"Meet the teacher"
"Call it the teacher." Luo Chen interrupts ye shuangshuangshuang.
After a bit of courtesy, the car arrived at the station quickly.
After exchanging the phone, Luo Chen left with his luggage.
After waiting for Luo Chen to leave, ye Shuangshuang looks up at Ye Zhengtian.
"Grandfather, why do you want me to worship him as a teacher? Even if he has some skills, how many people beg to accept me with our power and strength in Tongzhou? What are you doing
"Shut up, what do you know? We've got a big relationship this time. Shuang'er, maybe you don't understand. Grandpa doesn't blame you." Ye Zhengtian sighed.
"But you should have heard of Lin Hualong?" Ye Zhengtian's way of zhengse.
"Lin Hualong? "Lin Hualong, the crazy beast from the southern military region?" Ye Shuangshuang was suddenly shocked.
Ye Shuangshuang may not be a member of Ye Zhengtian's circle, but she has been listening to her grandfather's stories since she was a child.
If we say who she worships most, it must be Lin Hualong.
That is a legendary figure, with a legendary life, once a border friction, that person only hands empty fist, a person but beat back the existence of a division.
It's almost mythical.
It's also said that there was a violent and terrorist rebellion in Northern Xinjiang, and one of Lin Hualong's brothers just died there. In order to get revenge, Lin Hualong went directly to other people's bases and overturned them.
It's a battlefield, a battlefield with large caliber thermal weapons!
Hear his grandfather suddenly mentioned this legendary character, how can ye shuangshuangshuang not change color.
"Grandfather, do you think he can become a person like Lin Hualong?" Ye shuangshuangshuang obviously can't believe it.
"Ha ha, to be like that? Silly girl, at least today he showed that hand, I think the strength is no longer under it Ye Zhengtian sighed and looked envious.
"Ah?" Ye Shuangshuang's pretty face suddenly turned pale, and his mouth opened as if he could swallow an egg.
"As long as he is in Tongzhou, he will spare no effort to win him over! Let's arrange a company and a luxury car for him first.

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