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Chapter 4 Previous girlfriends

Chapter 4 Previous girlfriends
Next to the train station in Tongzhou, a Chery QQ stops on the side of the road. Naturally, the car is quite ordinary. After all, for a big city like Tongzhou, the streets are full of Mercedes Benz and BMW, so Chery QQ is on the top of the table.
But the two beauties standing next to the car are very eye-catching, so that people can't help but look more.
Because of the maintenance, the big one looks like it's only about twenty-five-six years old, and it's very fashionable and bold to wear. It's short to the bottom of the thigh, revealing its snow-white thighs, with long golden hair and sunglasses. It looks very foreign and sexy.
And the small one is quite pure, with a light blue jeans and a vest, but the appearance is really outstanding, and the tall figure is even more extraordinary.
Naturally, this freshman is Zhang Xiaoman and her mother.
At the moment, Zhang Xiaoman's mother embraces her chest with her hands, and her face is discontented and unhappy.
"It's so sunburned. I'll be sunburned later. Please call again. I had an appointment to have my hair done." Zhang Xiaoman's mother complained impatiently that although the family is not very rich, she still cares about face. She always thinks that she should be a lady, so she cares about her image.
"Mom, the trains are in the station. They should come out immediately." Zhang Xiaoman has some helplessness.
"I've been waiting for three minutes. I've managed to maintain my skin. What can I do if I get sunburned later? My skincare products are imported from France. They cost thousands of dollars. " Just waiting for three minutes, but Zhang Xiaoman's mother has been very impatient.
"I asked you to bring an umbrella when I went out, but you didn't listen."
"What? How dare you talk back to your mother when you have a boyfriend? " Zhang Xiaoman's mother looks unhappy again.
"OK, I'll fight right now." Zhang Xiaoman had no choice but to dial Luo Chen's phone again. After all, it was her mother. She couldn't be too disobedient.
But just dial, see Luo dust has come out with a suitcase.
"Luo Chen, this way." Zhang Xiaoman waved.
"Xiaoman, long time no see." Although there is no special reason for Zhang's indifference.
"What? Shouldn't you say hello when you see me? " Zhang Xiaoman's mother said with a sneer.
Zhang Xiaoman's mother despised Zhang Xiaoman from the first sight of the boy. In her eyes, her baby daughter should find a person with a value of at least 100 million.
It is said that this boy came out of the county and has no value at all.
And it looks like it's a bit rustic.
Zhang Xiaoman's mother glanced at it casually. Even if she didn't know much about some of the young people's dressing, she could see the cheap jeans and short sleeves. Maybe they were just a few dozen pieces of stalls, and the pair of sneakers. At a glance, she knew that the total amount of the whole body was no more than 100 yuan.
So Zhang Xiaoman's mother's first impression of Luo Chen has been very disappointed.
Is such a man worthy to be his son-in-law?
Zhang Xiaoman's mother has a hundred unwillingness in her heart.
Chen Chao is not the same as Chen Chao, who is chasing his daughter. Chen Chao is the young master of the second leader's family in Tongzhou. He is handsome and rich. The key is his position and power.
Compared with him, Luo Chen is one in the sky and one in the earth.
"Come on, by the way, this is my mother."
"Good aunt."
"What's good? I don't know how to greet my aunt at first sight. Young people nowadays are really rude. And my aunt is very bad. I haven't seen it. In order to wait for you to stand here and bask in the sun for a long time, it's almost baked into black charcoal. " Zhang Xiaoman's mother complained impolitely.
"Mom, can you say less?" Zhang Xiaoman again helpless way.
"Well, what are you doing here? Get on the bus and go home. It's so dry. " Zhang Xiaoman's mother was not angry again.
On the car, Zhang Xiaoman's mother is naturally sitting in the co pilot, took out a mirror in makeup.
Zhang Xiaoman asked Luo Chen.
"How have you been?"
"Not bad." Because Luochen is no longer the former Luochen, so not salty back to a word.
"Ah, I said that you talk like this. You've been provoked by our little man. Talk to you well. What's your attitude?" Zhang Xiaoman's mother said again.
"Mom, you mend your make-up." Zhang Xiaoman didn't say anything more. The woman's intuition told her that it seemed that Luochen was a little different from before. When Luochen saw her in the past, her eyes were full of love, but I don't know why today she saw that her eyes were very clear, but a little cold.
Maybe it's because his mother is nearby. Zhang Xiaoman can only think like this.
At this time, Zhang Xiaoman's phone rang, Zhang Xiaoman did not answer, but did not hang up. Instead, he put the mobile phone down and covered it.
At the moment just passing a row of high-end community.
"See, daughter? This is the official residence of the times in the urban area. The scenery of the houses here is good. Mom doesn't ask you to be able to live in a villa in the future. Just get a duplex here. "
"Your mom and dad will have a good time. You live upstairs and we live downstairs." Zhang Xiaoman's mother said.
"The average price here is at least over 30000, isn't it?" Luo Chen meets him.
With the memory of his previous life, Luochen naturally knows the official residence of this era. It's located in the center of the city. The average price of a house is about 30000, and the recovery of a house will cost at least 200 square meters. In other words, a duplex house will cost at least 6 million.
"Look at what you said. Thirty thousand is too expensive? Can't young people pursue something? "
"The resettlement house in the countryside in the south of the city is not expensive. It's only over 3000 square meters. Don't you plan to let my daughter live there in the future?
"I tell you, we can't afford to lose that person. Urban hukou is not so simple as rural hukou." Zhang Xiaoman's mother is more and more dissatisfied with Luo Chen.
It seems that the bumpkin from the countryside is really not suitable to be a son-in-law. If his daughter marries him later, how much will she suffer?
Of course, Luo Chen didn't take it.
Soon the car passed through rows of residential areas and came to Zhang Xiaoman's home. In fact, Zhang Xiaoman's home is not rich. Now he lives in an ordinary residential area. A house of more than 80 square meters is still on the first floor.
Moreover, the house is mortgaged. It is said that it is still paying off the loan. Zhang Xiaoman's father is an ordinary worker who works in a factory and his monthly salary is only a few thousand yuan. However, Zhang Xiaoman's father and Luo Chen's father are classmates.
In fact, at the beginning, Zhang Xiaoman's father still likes Luo Chen, but he can't stand his wife's mischief, which eventually leads him to make trouble for Luo Chen.
Luo Chen looks at the place where he suffered humiliation in his last life. What will happen this time?

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