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Chapter 5 Revenge

Chapter 5 Revenge
Pushing the door open, Zhang Xiaoman's father Zhang Dazhuang came out of the kitchen with a spatula in one hand and an apron on his body.
"Oh, Xiao Luo, I haven't seen you for several years. You've grown up a lot. Why didn't your father come? I haven't seen him for years Zhang Dazhuang has a smile on his face.
"Good Uncle Zhang, long time no see. My father wants to take care of some things in the factory, so he didn't come this time."
"Come on, don't nag. You look like a woman with an apron on. Who's the old man making dishes at home all day? There's no masculinity at all. " Zhang Xiaoman's mother took off her high heels and complained.
"Her mother, Xiao Luo is here. Can't you save me some face?"
"If you want any face, I'm starving. Please bring up the dishes quickly. Later, I'll ask my sisters to do my hair together." Zhang Xiaoman's mother sat on the sofa by herself.
Zhang Xiaoman went to get the chopsticks, and Luo Chen went to the kitchen to help with the dishes.
"Xiaoman, you come here for a while. It's not my mother who said you. Your eyes are still better. Look at the day when I find such a worthless thing as your father. Look at the one you're looking for and go to the kitchen as soon as you come. My mother is really worried that it's a virtue to be with your father."
Zhang Xiaoman's mother saw Luo Chen go to the kitchen to help serve food, not only don't like it, but also said behind Luo Chen.
Although Zhang Xiaoman's mother's words are said in a low voice, Luo Chen is the soul of xianzun after all. How can he not hear them?
In fact, if Luo Chen doesn't serve the dishes, Zhang Xiaoman's mother will say, do you really treat yourself as a guest?
I don't know how to help.
Soon after the dish was served, four people began to eat together.
"Luo Chen, I want to ask you what you plan to do after you come to TongZhou?" Zhang Xiaoman's mother at this time began to speak, the purpose is very obvious, is to give Luo dust conditions.
"Mom, I'm eating."
"My daughter, I have to make some things clear. No matter what I do, I must give you the money."
"No plans for the moment." Luo Chen replied that he remembered that before he came, he had already arranged his work and went to work in Zhang Xiaoman's company, but he didn't bother to explain.
"Oh? When are you going to buy a house? I can tell you that the time residence I just mentioned is not a casual one, but a real request to buy a suite there. " Zhang Xiaoman's mother picked eyebrows and said.
"And my daughter is so excellent. If you buy a car, you have to buy a luxury car. I'm not embarrassed. After all, you just came out, but how can you get a million luxury cars?" Zhang Xiaoman's mother opened her mouth directly.
"Don't answer me either. I can tell you that a rich young man is chasing our family recently." Zhang Xiaoman's mother said again, it's obvious that my girl doesn't worry about getting married.
"Ma!" Zhang Xiaoman's face changed.
And Luo Chen looked at Zhang Xiaoman, but Zhang Xiaoman's eyes were flustered and dodged.
Just at this time, there was a sound of ringing the doorbell outside the door.
Zhang Xiaoman got up to open the door to hide his confusion.
"Hi, Xiaoman, you are at home! Why don't you answer my phone? " Outside the door, a man of about 1.8 meters in a Versace suit, wearing sunglasses, showed a watch worth hundreds of thousands on his wrist. At first sight, he was a rich man with flowers in his hand.
Behind the man is a black car.
"What are you doing here?" Zhang Xiaoman was even more flustered when he saw the visitor.
"Today is not a day off. Do you have time? How about going to the cinema tonight? " The man said softly.
"There's something to do tonight. I can't go." Zhang Xiaoman hesitated or refused. After all, Luochen is still here.
"Well, it's Xiao Chen. Why are you here? Don't stand outside and talk. Come on, inside, inside Zhang Xiaoman's mother suddenly appears very enthusiastic, directly push open the door of Zhang Xiaoman, and then hold the man called Chen Chao's hand, directly pull people in.
And Luo Chen sees that moment of this man, the heart suddenly a fury burns a sky!
Chen Chao!
All kinds of previous life and hatred suddenly poured into Luo Chen's heart.
Chen Chao in his previous life is like a nightmare of Luochen.
The son of the former vice mayor of Tongzhou is rich, powerful and powerful in Tongzhou.
Originally, although Zhang Xiaoman's family objected, Zhang Xiaoman's feelings for Luo Chen were good. Unfortunately, Chen Chao appeared later, and all kinds of luxury goods were smashed. Zhang Xiaoman finally couldn't stand the temptation and betrayed Luo Chen.
The most hateful thing is that Zhang Xiaoman and Chen Chaohao, while also hiding Luo Chen in the drum.
This makes people around look at Luo Chen's jokes. At last, after Luo Chen caught her in bed, Luo Chen knew everything. At that time, Luo Chen's million had been cheated by Zhang Xiaoman's mother.
Finally, unconvinced Luo Chen goes to find Chen Chao, but Chen Chao urges him to gamble with Chen Chao. Chen Chao sets up a scam and makes Luo Chen lose a total of 10 million yuan. When Luo Chen doesn't get enough money, Chen Chao finds someone to break Luo Chen's hands and knees, making Luo Chen a complete loser!
It can be said that the beginning of the tragedy of the previous life was given by the man in front of him. However, the present Luochen is no longer the former Luochen. Chen Chao gave it to him in the previous life. In this life, Luochen will give it back ten times, a hundred times and a thousand times!
"Xiao Chen, you didn't say hello in advance when you came here. You didn't prepare any good dishes. You sit down first. My aunt is happy today. She cooks two good dishes for you in person." Zhang Xiaoman's mother said and tied up the apron.
"Aunt, this is my friend brought perfume from France. I asked her to take a bottle, you see if you love it, if you don't love me, I'll let you bring it back." Chen Chao holds flowers in his left hand and a gift box in his right.
"Like, like, you say you just come here, what gifts do you bring?" Zhang Xiaoman's mother said with a smile.
But the eyes can't help but glance at it. She can see naturally that the perfume has to be worth ten thousand yuan.
"Who is this?" Chen Chao's eyes naturally fall on Luo Chen.
"He? It's Xiaoman's college classmate, his father and my once unpromising classmate. "
Zhang Xiaoman's mother changed her tongue. It is clear that Luo Chen is Zhang Xiaoman's boyfriend, but Zhang Xiaoman's mother deliberately didn't say it. Instead, she introduced her as a classmate.
But also deliberately Chen Chao's gift in front of Luo Chen shook, meaning has been very obvious.
"Hello." Chen Chao seems to see something, and then stretched out his hand to shake hands with Luo Chen, but his heart can not help but with a sneer.
But surprisingly, Luo Chen didn't even look at Chen Chao. He ate with his own food.
Chen Chao's hand is hanging in the air.
This made Chen Chao feel embarrassed and a little unnatural.

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