367 Something normal

Hearing Alix's question, Adora hesitated, she didn't know how to answer her and he didn't expect her to, but he indeed wanted to know the truth, but Alix was in no rush to get it, at least he wasn't at the moment.

Adora lowered her head and she smiled.

"Alix, what part of the night when my mother died did you see?" she asked and he glanced at her.

"I saw when she protected you, a part of Ifrit as well, I heard screams and I heard someone saying something else but I couldn't get what it is since it's your memory and not mine," he responded then she scoffed.

"I knew where my hunt would begin because of Ifrit and what happened that night, part of what he told me about my mother, the mark helped as well and on that night, a new part of me opened up, after my mother died, I was warned about what's to come," she said and Alix sighed.

"Adora, I am sorry, I didn't mean to make you talk about something you didn't want to," Alix replied and she looked at him then smiled.

"Relax, I am talking because I want to, this is not a secret, I won't just talk about secrets just like that, they don't wear mask much, the mark on their hands shows their loyalty to their leader, the mark doesn't mean much, but it helped me in my hunt, I gathered the teams to get stronger because over the years I found out they were a lot of them and Vellon helped me," she said and he sighed while cooking and listening to her.

"I understand how you started on the path you are on today as well as how Vellon what was a part of it but.." he replied and she smiled.

"I will talk the full truth about everything that I know and that my former source told me later on, I will tell you all together and I know what your "but" is about, whether Vellon is good or bad and why he did what he did, that's what you want to know as well, right?" she asked and he scoffed then nodded.

"Yeah, I want to know why because that's how his fate will be decided, you already gave me the permission from you that I needed, also, you are right to wait and tell us the truth all together at the right time, we can wait until then because now we are making more progress than ever, how much more do you know of the enemy?" he asked.

"Most I told you guys, their leaders is not quite known, but he has a name others call him I just haven't got it as yet, either way, he is powerful and connected to the past, we just need to figure out what way and how to stop him and he seems to know more about me and he knows a lot about some of the team members as well and we have interfered in his plans a lot so it's no wonder he hates us," she responded and he chuckled.

"You are right about all of that and every day we get closer to him and his plans, he knows it and I am betting that he will take more severe actions against us, I think we still haven't seen much of what he is capable of, he has a reason for everything," Alix said and Adora swallowed when she saw his eyes glowed red for a split second then returned to normal.

"Which means we will be entering the final phase of it all soon, the part where it all comes to life, the past, present and the future depends on whether we fail or win," Adora replied and Alix looked at her as he approached her and she looked at him then he smiled before sitting with her.

"Yes, we are going to enter the final phase soon, here, enjoy your meal, we will only have the full discussion about the truth when you are fully ready, relax," he said and she smiled then looked at the two mugs of chocolate, caramel brownies in front of her.

"Don't worry, it's baked thoroughly, I double checked, these are quite simple to make since it comes in packet all you have to do is mix, we have been in here for a while, it's long past midnight," he said and she smiled then collected a mug and he took the other.ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

Nessa took her first spoon of the brownie and Alix glanced at her as she ate it, then she sighed with a smile on her face before looking at him.

Adora then tapped him on the shoulder, then leaned in closer to him and placed her lip by his ear.

"It's delicious," she said before continuing to eat.

"Thanks," he replied.

"You are welcome," she said then he began eating as well.

"Alix, can I ask you something?" she asked and he nodded.


Alix waited to hear what she wanted to ask while he was eating, then noticed that she was a bit hesitant and a smirk appeared on his face, then he tapped her on the shoulder and she looked at him as he stared at her.

"Why are you so hesitant? Even if it's a personal question, I will answer," he said and her cheeks flushed a little.

"Do you want a relationship with anyone?" she asked and he smiled then sighed.

"I won't mind having one as long as it's with someone I like, what about you?" he asked as they finished off their small mugs of brownie, then she stood up and he collected their mugs then washed them and they both exited the kitchen and upon arriving in the living room.

She came to a halt, then looked at him and he smiled.

"So, are you interested in having one with someone?" he asked then she smiled at him.

"Yes, I think I am this time, I wish to have something nice like normal people," she responded then he patted her on the head, she was about to stop him, but did and when he removed his hand, she tiptoed and kissed him on the cheek and he flinched before looking at her.