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Adora then raised off of Alix and he looked her in the eyes as they shimmered and she smiled at him while holding one of his fingers and he smiled.

"Is there anything else you want?" he asked as he leaned in closer to her and her cheeks flushed as she pulled back.

"Huh? What do you mean?" she asked and he sighed as he passed his finger on her face, pulling a string of hair behind her ear.

'What the hell is this? My cheeks are warm, am I really....' Adora thought as she swallowed and Alix looked at her as she looked away then he moved away from her and chuckled.

"Adora, relax, I am messing around, go to sleep now, it's already late, we will be arriving there soon as well," he said and she exhaled deeply and then looked at him.

"You should as well, good night, Alix," she replied and he smiled at her.

"Good night, Adora," he said and she patted him on his shoulder before leaving, he looked at her then scoffed before going to his room.

After returning to their rooms, both of them got into their beds, a bit lost in their thoughts.

That night, both Alix and Adora felt a bit of ease and without any problems, both of them fell asleep since they were also tired.

The next morning, after everyone had awoken, they all went to the living room and looked at each other before greeting, good morning.

Adora sat beside Ifrit and he glanced at her and then smiled as he saw her wiping her eyes.

"You still sleepy?" he asked and she glanced at him.

"No, I am not sleepy, but I want to sleep for an entire day or go an entire day without having to think what happens next," she responded and he as well as the others began laughing and she smiled.

"We can understand how you feel," Serina said and Adora sighed.

"Hopefully, we will be able to have those days as well, won't you all like that?" Misran asked.

"I know, I would love that right about now," Kyllan responded and Misran chuckled as the others smiled.

"I am pretty sure we would all like that," Eliza added and Sarah nodded.

"I agree with her," Kyris said with a smile.

"So do we," Ayden said and the rest of the members of their team agreed with him, Adora chuckled then looked at Alix and he smiled at her.

"Guys, here, we got different types of things to eat for breakfast today, take what you want and relax," Nina said as she and Yan approached them with a trolley of things, they smiled at them and then thanked both of them.I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

"You guys relax while you can, who knows if we will be able to rest once we get to our destination," Yan said as he and Nina sat with Adora and the others chuckled.

"He is right, eat up and relax, do as you please in the meantime," Alix said as he took a croissant and the others nodded.

Adora then made herself a cup of coffee and collected a few things to eat since she was hungry, while eating, Scott's phone vibrated and he looked at it then picked it up and smiled.

"Guys, seems like we will be arriving in a few hours, the phone vibrates on certain occasions, to update the coordinates and so on, I use this as well as books to keep a track of things, can't only depend on the techs," Scott said and they smiled at him.

"You are right, we cannot always rely on tech, they can be shut off while something can't, not easily, at least," Alix replied and Scott nodded.

"But, magical techs, like the mechas that are being built right about now, those are quite great, don't you think?" Scott asked and Alix scoffed.

"Yeah, those are indeed great, their designs are top-notch, I have seen it myself, the mechas also help to protect their pilots and do a lot more things, when will they be finished though?" Alix asked as he looked at Adora and the others turned to her as well.

She then looked at them while eating, then sighed before smiling and took her phone out from her pocket, using her left hand.

Adora opened her phone and began swiping through a few long messages, then she sighed and placed the phone back into her pocket.

"Due to the last update, a few of them are finished, my father and the queen made sure of it, more will be finished in about a few weeks or so, they cannot give an exact date, those things are hard to create," she responded and Alix nodded as Scott smiled.

"That's amazing, I can't wait to see one," Scott said and Adora smiled.

"They are amazing, that much I can assure you," Adora replied and Scott sighed in relief then they continued eating their breakfast.


While eating, Alix realized that he was still hungry and Adora looked at him as he finished the one croissant that he took then he looked at the trolley and saw that there were many more.

Adora chuckled while looking at him and he glanced at her, wondering what she found funny.

"What?" he asked and she sighed.

"You think one would have made you feel satisfied? You guys are strong, you burn a lot, even while practicing simple things, you need to eat a lot as well to keep your body strong, take more, eat as much as you guys need to," she responded and he chuckled then scoffed and took a few more.

"You are telling him that, it's nice, but Adora, don't you think you should be telling yourself that as well?" Kyris asked and the others laughed.

"Leave me alone, I eat the amount I want to, I will eat as I please," she responded. Kyris chuckled and she finished off her coffee and Alix smiled at her.

After they all finished eating, some of them just lazed around while others played games and some relaxed in their own ways, waiting for the time to arrive when they will reach their next destination, after a few hours passed, they finally arrived at the place they were supposed to be, little did they know, a lot was waiting for them.