6 Chapter 06- The Useless Goddess (Part 2)

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Chapter 06- The Useless Goddess (Part 2)

"Sigh, I understand to some extent what you want to say, Lili."

Rin rubbed his chin and decided on his choice, if Elise accepted then he should accept too. There was still some skepticism but all in all, the matter looked legit to him. Besides, if he was really dead, he couldn't go back to his old world, could he?

[Really? I'm so moved! You believed Lili-pon even though you never met her before. This cute goddess is moved beyond words!!] She wiped some fake tears from her face. As a reward, I will give you a kiss on the lips.

Her lips pursed and she started approaching Rin. The latter felt a chill run down his spine and he immediately started retreating.

"Stay away from me." He said.

[Come here so this Onee-san can spoil you lots!]

"No! Stay away from me you NTR-loving pervert of a goddess!!"

[Horrible! How can you say that?! Besides, as I said, NTR always has the best art so you can't blame someone for enjoying it!]

"I don't care. Stay away, I don't want to kiss you."

Even though anyone would dream of kissing a goddess like Lili but Rin was certainly not keen on the idea since not only was Elise present but he also didn't feel safe around Lili and weird teasing.

[Weird teasing?! You call my cute and bubbly character weird?! Every manga I read stated that this is the best character for a goddess!] She retorted.

"As I thought, it was all a fake persona."

[You… you… Waaaahhh!!] Lili didn't find what to say so she started crying loudly.

Her tears fell down to the ground along with her body. If before she looked like a spoilt child, she now was acting like a crybaby.

[Waaah!!! Rin is horrible!! I'm not fake!! I am not acting! Waaah!]

Elise rubbed her forehead as she tried to ease the headache she felt. For some reason, she couldn't keep up with Lili at all. Their energies were just drastically different.

Elise was more of the quiet, introverted type while Lili looked like a crazy extrovert who likes fun and friends. They simply can't get along.

"Shut up." She finally had enough of this goddess.

[Waaaaaahhh!!] Lili obviously ignored that and kept crying loudly.

"Sigh, just stop it."


The duo had to close their ears from the sheer volume of her cries. She didn't care about making their eardrums explode.

"She won't stop like that."

"What should we do?"

"I have an idea."

Rin then approached Lili, when he was close enough he extended his hand to her head and started patting her on the head.

"There, there. I'm sorry for saying such a bad thing to you, Lili." He said gently.

This seemed to magically work as she went silent the next second.


"Yes, Lili is not fake. I was mistaken. Your cuteness and bubbliness are all real." He kept patting her head and saying whatever she wanted.

[I-I understand… Ehem, your apology is accepted! Now, give me a hug and a rub on the back.] She ordered with a small blush on her face.

"Yes, yes… Here, I will give you a good rub on the back." He rolled his eyes at her spoiled attitude and hugged her.

Any possible attraction he could've felt toward her was erased when he saw her crying loudly and even this hug where their bodies were close to each other didn't make him feel anything.

Rubbing her back, Lili purred like a satisfied cat and buried her face in his shoulder.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

After 2 minutes or so, he released himself from her grip and walked back to Elise.


The latter kept looking at him silently.


"How did you make her calm down that easily?" She asked with a weird look.

"I was always good with kids. She's no different than a small child who wants to be spoiled." He replied with a casual smile.


Rin was probably the only one in existence that actually gave a goddess a back rub and appeased her after making her cry.lightsnovel

[Ehem, anyway… Now that you have both accepted my offer. We can finally end this discussion. I will now send both of you to-]

"Wait a moment, are we going to be the main characters? Which world are we going to?"

[Ah! Obviously not! You won't be the main character! You will be reincarnated as side characters! The world you're going to is 'The fourth world: Divine Sapphire.']

"Divine Sapphire, huh? If I recall correctly it's one of the rather easier worlds. Still pretty dangerous though." Rin muttered.

"I played that world."

"Really? That will help us greatly, I didn't play that world, unfortunately."

[Enough, chit-chatting and let's finally start. I am sure both of you will become great figures soon.]

Light appeared under their feet and engulfed their bodies quickly.

[I left both of you a small gift along with your new powers. You don't need to thank me. Bye! Bye!] She waved her hand as their silhouettes vanished completely, leaving her alone in the void world she created.


Suddenly, she started laughing loudly. Her hands hugged her body again as she started rubbing her abdomen, back, and shoulders. It was as if she was trying to feel something that didn't exist.

[Rin's warm and big hands touched me… Rin's hands… His gentle touch on my body. Kyaaaa!!! I will never take a shower from this! Ah!! Rin! Rin!] She muttered to herself.

Her eyes were drowned in pleasure and her face was blushing furiously as if she just came back from a 200-mile marathon.

[Rin, my sweet darling. I can finally make you mine. I waited and waited for years and years until you became a great man. I am sure you will become a great god and then… you will… finally take me in your embrace forever!!]

Then, she licked her lips seductively and added.

[My sweet Rin deserves all the greatness of this world. I will give him everything he desires and make him the happiest man in the world. Even if it means sharing him with other women.]

Her mysterious words along with her weird behavior would've been a huge red flag for Rin if he was able to see it but unfortunately, he already left.

What did the goddess mean by that? What was she planning? Only she knew that in the entire universe.


"Ugh… My head.." Rin groaned quietly as he tried to grab his head. He felt as if someone was bonking him with a baseball bat for hours and hours. It was such an annoying pain that it made him incapable of thinking.

After a while, the pain started easing up and he could finally open his eyes. Instantly, strong light assaulted them and made him squint slightly. A few seconds were more than enough for his eyes to get accustomed to the light.

'Where… am I?' He asked himself.

The place he was in looked like a room, a very spacious room actually. It had a high ceiling, clean and beautiful walls, and some high-quality furniture scattered around the place.

Even the mattress on his bed that he was laying down on at the moment felt so relaxing and comfortable. It was definitely made out of silk or something of that level.

"Oh, right…" His memory finally got restored and he could finally recall why he was here.

"So this is where I will start?" He muttered with a dazed look.

It all felt pretty surreal for him that he was now inside a game.

"Now, where am I exactly? I don't recall everything about this world but I still know some general ideas about it."

From one glance he could deduce that he was in a luxurious house somewhere. That erased any suspicions about his social standing.

"I'm from the higher echelon. Ok, anything else I could take as a reference?"

His eyes wandered around the room and fell on a mirror on the other corner.

He walked there and checked his appearance just in case.


That was the shock of his life.

"Who the fuck is this handsome dude?!" He blurted loudly.

No matter how he looked, this was not him. His real face was average, with brown hair and black eyes. He was the most average joe you could find looks-wise.

The one in front of him, however, was a stupidly handsome teenager with mesmerizing violet eyes and short midnight-black hair that glistened under the warm light of the sun.

He then checked his body and equally shocking, he was now somehow 185 cm (6 feet approx)

"Why did she even change my features? I don't need to become a hot dude for the sake of becoming stronger." He sighed and shifted his eyes somewhere else. He didn't hate his new looks but he felt as if they were unnecessary, to say the least. The reason for these thoughts was…

Hot dudes are just big red flags!


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