19 Chapter 19- Two Faces Of The Same Coin (Part 2)

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Chapter 19- Two Faces Of The Same Coin (Part 2)

Since coming to this world, Elise had two goals in mind for this exact place. As she had a rough idea about Divine Sapphire and its story, she was able to quickly create an outline for the major events that will happen in this world and how she should use these events to her advantage.

The first and most important thing is to get stronger. While it may sound vague for a goal, the system she got from Lili made it easier for her to decide what to do. That by no means made the journey easier but it gave her a clear path she can take.

The next goal was equally hard if not harder than the first goal and was to finish this world in no more than 10 years.

Now, for most people, 10 years seem like a long period of time and it was indeed long. But, those same people don't know that this goal of hers was just simply absurd if not outright naive.

Divine Sapphire wasn't a clone of the earth but a full-fledged planet that was tens of times bigger than Earth. Ten years won't even be enough for someone to make a journey around the world let alone finish the story of this world.

But, she wanted to take this seriously and 10 years seemed like a good motivation for her so she went with it. Elise was a very ambitious person in contrast to the collected and emotionless attitude she had most of the time.

With that in mind, her first few days in the world passed fairly calmly. Being a princess was a headache but she could squeeze her way through this somehow.

The problem lies somewhere else, the fact that she was a princess meant that she had to deal with the political side of this position. That political side as most could predict had 'the battle for the throne'.

Elise had a total of 5 siblings from multiple women as the king had mistresses. She was the only one with a true royal bloodline coming from the queen and the king themselves.

That made her the target of jealousy and dark hatred from her siblings. In mere three days, she had already seen all kinds of treatments by them.

The previous soul that occupied that body seemed to be the weak-willed type so getting bullied became a habit for her.

'They sure are a tenacious bunch.' She thought to herself as she wiped the sweat from her face after completing the training for the day.

Her mesmerizing figure could make any sane man turn into a wild animal in heat from a mere glance. Her beautiful, snow-white skin was glistening because of sweat as it trickled down her body.

*Knock* *Knock*

Then, she heard a knock on the door. No one would visit her of their own accord except for her maid and the king if he wanted to check on her.

"Who is it?"

"It's me, Maria." The person answered.

'Sigh… This is really gonna be a pain.' She thought to herself.

The other party then came inside without even waiting for Elise to tell them whether they could enter or not. This rude behavior could only be tolerated because the other party was a princess too.

Her name was Maria Aviresion and she was Elise's half-sister who was 4 years older than her.

Elise didn't really care about that and merely wiped her face as she asked.

"What is it?"

The other girl gave her a glare before she replied with a cold tone.

"I heard that the duke's son, Phillipe came here today to propose to you."

"Did he? I don't remember." Elise shrugged her shoulders and continued wiping her sweat.

"Don't play dumb. The fact that you refused his proposal really impressed me. You really are such an arrogant bitch, Elise."

Then, Maria pointed her finger at Elise and continued.

"I don't even know why you are a princess in the first place. Your mother is dead and you barely leave your room. The only thing you are good at is eating and doing nothing like a pig. Yet, you are still admired by the populace as the 'sacred princess of Aviresion'. Why is that?"

Elise didn't reply at all to her words. All she could hear was the continuous whining of someone she didn't care about at all. Her words meant nothing.

But, after a few moments of contemplation, she replied.

"I do whatever I want."

"Sigh, that's it… that ignorant attitude of yours that really piss me off. People like you get all the glory and admiration yet they throw it away simply because they are not interested. Yet, those who seek that glory end up empty-handed. Why is that?!" Maria yelled angrily.

Her breathing turned erratic but she quickly calmed down and coughed a few times before adding.

"It's pointless to say this now. But, I did hear that you want to pay a visit to duke Silvereye. Quite interesting to see my aloof and cold sister go out of her way to pay a visit to someone. Or maybe because you are interested in his son. I must say he's quite good-looking. Why don't you spread your legs to him too?"

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

Elise's hands stopped moving for a second before she sighed and put down the towel before gazing at Maria.

"Repeat what you said again?" She asked.lightsnovel

"I said that you are a whore who will spread her legs to men."


Suddenly, Elise dashed toward Maria and swiftly grabbed her neck in less than a second. The latter was shocked by the weird development and tried to free herself.

"Listen here, woman. I can tolerate most of the insults I get from you and your worthless siblings. For the sake of my future, I can accept interacting with human filth so there is no problem with that. But, if… and I will repeat it… IF you ever spout this sentence again. I will drain you out of blood and send you to the pigs to eat for dinner. Understand?"

Then, she tightened her grip on her throat, making Maria squirm like a dying fish before throwing her to the ground.

"Stay away from me and the people I am close to. If I ever see trying to do anything funny, you better go dig your grave and commit suicide before I find you."


"Y-You…" Maria tried to speak as her eyes fell on Elise.

But, the moment she saw her eyes, her body froze as her heart stopped beating for a good second. Her eyes were so just pure terror. Maria felt as if she was staring at a dark abyss where her soul could get pulled inside at any second.

Then, she clenched her teeth and stood up before running away from the room.

"Sigh… I hate this place." Elise scratched her head and sat on the bed.

[Are you ok, Elise?]

The system spoke to her with a worried tone.

"Yeah. It's not that big of a deal. I want to leave this castle as soon as possible."

[Are you going to enroll in the academy?]

"Most likely. But, I will still need to see what Rin wants to do. Tomorrow is the journey so I should sleep."

[Don't push yourself, Elise.]

The system said with a complicated tone.

'Am I really pushing myself?' She asked.

[Those eyes you showed to that princess were… not you.]

Elise unconsciously traced her eyes. She didn't know what kind of expression she made but she was sure it was not good at all.

'That girl… she pulled a string that I don't like anyone to touch. I should've not lost my temper for a moment. It made me recall a bad memory that I am not fond of.'

[You are a human, Elise. I think it's fine to feel emotions. Learning how to control them is the key.]

'You are right. Where did you learn that?'

[I know more than you could imagine.]

Elise's face relaxed greatly as she laid down on her bed speaking with the system. Even though they knew each other for only a few days, she already started accepting this weird existence in her life.

'I will rely on you to tell me when I'm about to do something wrong.'

[If you trust me enough then I must oblige, master.]

'... Don't call me that.'

[It was a joke. I have a jokes system integrated into me so that I can be as funny as possible.]

'That wasn't funny at all.' Elise rolled her eyes.

"Anyway, I should sleep. Goodnight, system."

[Good night, Elise.]

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